QUEST is launching a new series  on the science of sustainability with a half-hour television special, "Lake Tahoe: Can We Save It?" at 7:30pm on Wed. Oct. 16th.

Award-winning journalist and educator Simran Sethi focuses on the many ways in which science, technology, engineering and sheer ingenuity are being used to address sustainability issues related to food, energy, water, climate and biodiversity.

Simran Sethi. Photo Credit: Amanda Friedman

The program features Geoffrey Schladow, director of the University of California at Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center (TERC) and TERC’s Brant Allen, who drops a plastic disc into the lake every ten days to monitor its clarity. Also featured are the US Forest Service’s restoration of an important Tahoe wetland, and inspectors who make sure boats don’t carry invasive mussels into the lake.