Different HIV Rates Among Homosexuals And Heterosexuals Ignores Risky Behavior Data
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    Differences in sexual behaviours do not fully explain why the US HIV epidemic affects gay men so much more than straight men and women, claims research in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections.

    In 2005, over half of new HIV infections diagnosed in the US were among gay men, and up to one in five gay men living in cities is thought to be HIV positive. Yet two large population surveys showed that most gay men had similar numbers of unprotected sexual partners per year as straight men and women.

    US researchers applied a series of carefully calculated equations in different scenarios to study the rate at which HIV infection has spread among gay men and straight men and women. They used figures taken from two national surveys to estimate how many sex partners gay men and straight men and women have, and what proportion of gay men have insertive or receptive anal sex, or both.

    They then set these figures against accepted estimates of how easily HIV is transmitted by vaginal and anal sex to calculate the size of the HIV epidemic in gay men and straight men and women.

    The results showed that for the straight US population to experience an epidemic of HIV infection as great as that of gay men, they would need to average almost five unprotected sexual partners every year.

    This is a rate almost three times that of gay men.

    But to end the HIV epidemic, gay men would need to have rates of unprotected sex several times lower than those currently evident among the straight population. This is because transmission rates are higher for anal sex than they are for vaginal sex, say the authors.

    But "role versatility," whereby people adopt both “insertive” and “receptive roles,” also plays a part, they add. A gay man can be easily infected through unprotected receptive sex, and then infect someone else through insertive sex. Gay men are therefore far more susceptible to the spread of the virus through the population, even with the same numbers of unprotected sexual partners.

    - BMJ


    I am a gay male and I have no idea how they collected these stats, but many gay men have close to 25 sex partners a year, many don't use condoms. Their are bath houses and adult book stores with booths that they have sex in with strangers. Some men rack up 5 to 10 sex partners a day. There is also a subculture of givers and chasers...people looking to become infected or looking to infect. Also gay men lie about status and some purposefully infect others. This is why I gave up sex. The gay male lifestyle is anything but what is painted on TV.

    speak for yerself bro.
    5 to 10 a day? really? cmon dude.
    yer saying gay guys are never PICKY????

    I have about 5 gay friends and I'm gay myself.

    None of us do that so I don't really know where you are coming from. 5 to 10 partners a day? What the fuck. I'm pretty sure you're describing man whores more so than the gay community.

    My brother is gay, and though I'm straight I spend a lot of time with him and his friends. The "deliberate infection" game is an unfortunately common rite of passage for young gay males, for psychological reasons I don't pretend to understand. It's gotten worse since AIDS has changed from a short-term death sentence to a still-ghastly condition that can be managed for a long time -- if you, or your insurance carrier, has really deep pockets. As everyone freely discusses in the gay bars & hangouts, this is the primary reason for the political push for gay marriage, " partner benefits," and permitting gays -- and eventually their "wives," in the military.

    I love my brother, and am really fond of my friends in the gay world, but this phony pretense that their objective is for "equity" or "patriotism" is just a smokescreen so that someone -- usually taxpayers -- will subsidize the astronomical cost of their high-risk lifestyle.

    Wow. That's what I call a good case of homophobia, whether you accept it or not. Apparently, you've been exposed to a very narrow view of the gay culture through your brother and his friends. I know may individuals who are queer, and as a queer woman myself (that's right, there are women that want marriage that have lower STI rates than heterosexuals!) your perception is fairly inaccurate. Yes, many gay men engage in higher risk sexual behaviour than heterosexuals, but to claim that wanting equality is a smokescreen to cover health care costs... That's like saying that people who are Jewish want equality because they get Tay-Sachs disease or that blacks need healthcare for anemia.

    I would challenge you to get our of your brother's small group and that narrow perspective....

    Wow. That's what I call a good case of "truthophobia", whether you accept it or not. Proponents of the homosexual agenda are impervious to objective reasoning and are incapable of engaging in a constructive dialog without resorting to name calling. Guess what, you just lost the argument!

    So you just said that HIV is similar to genetically passing a disease through families? Wow. You're truly deluded.

    Reality check: the recently reported study suggesting that 20% of the gay population in cities is HIV infected is terribly flawed and biased. The sampling came from extremely high-risk subpopulations of the gay community that don't reflect the behavior of the VAST majority. So taxpayers can breathe a sigh of relief about that.

    How do you know what the behavior is of the VAST majority? You can only know the behavior of yourself and those close to you. I too have a dear friend who is gay and he had many sexual partners. To better understand his life he took me to some gay bars and also to a house where many gay man gathered and to get high and have sex. It was really baffling to me, but I cared about my friend and often took care of him when he got to high. I have other friends who know homosexual men and this behavior is very common in their lives too. I can't say all homosexual men behave in this manner, because I only am familiar with the ones I know or friends have known. I agree that the homosexual lifestyle shown on TV is not the norm from what I have witnessed.

    Also I have gone to the Ukraine and they have a big problem of young boys prostituting themselves to men and often they are foreign men. Other countries have reported this problem also. Many of these young boys are now infected with HIV or other STD's. I have several friends there who work with the children providing food and medical care. One friend works in a hospital.

    The truth is that there are many more homosexuals with HIV than straight men. There has to be a reason for it and unfortunately it is the way the disease is transmitted more easily through anal sex. You can say all that you want to that it's a lie, but that does not change the fact that a lot of young men are dieing. My homosexual cousin died at age 35 from aids. If you have a better explanation supported by the facts I am open to hearing it.

    Here is the link to the US government Center for Disease Control (CDC) fact sheets about Aids and the statistics siting that homosexual men have a 44% higher rate of infection of aids than straight men. The last update posted on this subject at this site is 2010.

    Keep in mind, when they are looking at gay men, they are looking at both partners involved in the sexual act. Therefore, it would only make sense to include heterosexual men AND women in their statistics to also include both hetersexual partners. Otherwise, of course heterosexual men would be less - it's only half the picture.

    Nicole, I don't understand what your trying to say. The government statistics is for everyone who has aides, gay or straight. And homosexuals have a higher percentage of HIV and Aides. However, the Gay Activist groups and even News Reports have made claims that it's the same as for straight men. That's simply ridiculous to insinuate that because there are two men in the homosexual group that comparing with straight men is only half the picture. Since there are far more straight couples, if the HIV problem was just as prevalent among straight as gay, there should be a tremendous amount of men with HIV. But that simply is not the case. HIV is a very serious problem for the Homosexual community. Our government should be issuing warnings. Has are country become so protective of the homosexual community that they refuse to tell them the facts in order not to hurt their feelings or "profiling." Warnings went out about the flu epidemic last year and how there weren't enough vaccines etc. But they refuse to warn the gay community of the serious health risk that results from anal sex. Yes, you can contract aides from contaminated blood donations, or contact with a bi-sexual person. But the statistics prove that anal sex among men is dangerous. Turn a blind eye if you wish, but I'm only trying to alert men to the risk they are taking. It can be a life or death situation. Even as a heterosexual I'm am aware of the various kinds of STD's and choose the be faithful to my husband and not take the risk of a few moments of pleasure that could destroy my health for ever.

    Sorry, make that HIV positive in the above link, not aids.

    @Maureen - prevalence of HIV is not 44% higher among MSM - it is 44 TIMES higher (4400%). The incidence of syphilis is even higher than that..

    @Nicole - look at the evidence. Don't be fooled by what you are told by the LGBT activists. The evidence indicates that a mere 4% of the population is responsible for over 53% of the HIV cases in the country - and this number is growing. The rate of spread of HIV among the homosexual population has actually increased year on year since the 1990s.

    If anything the percentage quoted - 1 in every 5 MSM having HIV, is actually a very low estimate - because that means that a mere 0.8% of the population (1/5 of 4%) is responsible for 53% of HIV spread across the nation.

    For your information - the 4% number is the percentage of MSM in the country (US) as a percentage of the overall male population as calculated by the CDC. The overall percentage of homosexuals - both men and women, is considered 2% of the overall population. Please feel free to look up the CDC reports on this - these are available ont their website.

    @ Brian and Veronica

    Givers, Chasers, and making a 'game' of intentional infection? That is the most completely deranged and flagrantly untrue thing I have ever heard in my entire life. This little bit of hokum came up once before when a man claiming to be straight and recently diagnosed with HIV trying to convince us that gay men somehow magically knew he was infected and came by literally the dozens to pester him to have sex with them, calling him 'gift giver' of all things. Turned out to be some blogger who also claimed he was a lesbian named Tina (like adding a name would give it legitimacy) that ruined her family life and was part of a group of lesbians that made a game of seducing men's wives and hooking them on drugs, which were used by all the lesbians in this little story. Your tall tales are no more realistically sound than his.

    If you actually knew anything about the gay community or hot button issues from any group that isn't Focus on the Family you'd know there's no push to let gays 'into' the military. They already serve but risk dishonorable discharge if they ever admit to being gay. Everything you two just said (if you're even two different people) paints you Fox News addicts shamelessly unafraid to make up an entirely bogus story to 'warn' people about the dangers of the moral crisis of the week.

    The conspiracy theories, claims of open discussion of a secret gay agenda that makes no sense and has no discernable goals, and physically impossible claims of promiscuity aren't the only things that sunk your stories. Want to know what really gave you away? Not a single gay, lesbian, bisexual, or asexual person I've met calls their sexuality (or lack thereof) a "lifestyle" as you just did Brian. When you spoke of bath houses and adult book stores with owner endorsed booths for anonymous sex (you've never even been inside either kind of building, have you?) you chose language that separated yourself not from the people having meaningless sex with strangers, but from gay men entirely and suggested they were the only ones using the made up booths. There is no "Rite of passage" of deliberate infection with a lethal disease or more tellingly a single insurance provider that pays out for lifetime treatments of HIV/AIDS medication Veronica. Nobody that's had any personal interactions with an HIV positive individual of any sexual orientation would be under the illusion that they still qualify for health insurance in the US or imagine that anyone but a psychopath would want to contract and spread a life-ruining disease.

    There's the phenoms of the 'Glory Hole' and 'Poz Parties' that you might have heard of in garbled rumors spread around at meetings for 'rightly concerned' citizens that you've probably mutated into your horror stories but anyone with firsthand knowledge, a membership at any debate forum, or a passing knowledge of internet pornography wouldn't be fooled by them.

    I'd say nice try, but the fact I wasn't convinced at all goes to show how completely crappy an effort it was.

    You sure do waste alot of words. When it's all said and done, we'll see how this all shakes out. The truth of 20/20 hind sight will be evident for all to see. Denial isn't a river in Egypt.

    Actually, it is a river in Egypt.  But that's not all it is.
    The river you are refering to is the Nile.n
    My statement still holds true.

    Wow, no almost-homonym jokes allowed.  Tough crowd.
    Uhm, Rolling Stone magazine ran an article about "bug chasers" some years ago. I am currently reading a book called " The Epidemic" by Jonathan Engel which verifies this same behavior. On top of that, the taxpayer foots the bill for the majority of HAART cocktail drugs to treat HIV infections, as most people can't afford the 30,000+ cost per annum. I would suggest you read "And The Band Played On" by Randy Shilts if you want verification of the behaviors listed by Brian.

    I recall no such claims in reviews of either published work. However...

    Bug Chasers: Fact or Fantasy? The verdict: Fantasy.

    Anyone trying to pass on HIV is a psychopath attempting murder (there actually are a few of those, many of them straight) and anyone actually trying to catch HIV is suicidal or freakishly desperate for attention. HIV is practically a death sentence and hellish to live with. No sane human being would actively seek it out. The chaser myth is just that: a myth. You don't have to be gay to know that. Hell, you don't have know anyone that is gay to know that. The only 'evidence' of bug chasers were internet chats and 'conversion party' sites that turned out to be bogus. Likely a scare tactic to frighten the general public and anyone thinking of coming out of the closet.

    I don't have access to the books that were recommended but I went online to research articles on bathouses. They are gathering places for gay men but there appears to be conflicting accounts of whether or not the facilites were meant for the purposes of illicit sex. Thus far I can only infer that they share similarities with the bathrooms in a bar: People screw there. The proprieters may try to stop it, they may not give a crap, or they may think it's awesome and high five when the patron's exit, but ultimately that's not what the bathrooms are there for despite their frequent use in that capacity. I also discovered that bath houses are apparently banned outright in certain states.

    I've yet to see anything to convince me of the 'Givers and Chasers' spiel and after following that link above I'm now even more certain it's a load of garbage.

    I'm straight, and when I go in to donate blood, I'm always asked if I've ever had sex with another man even once. Is it homophobic to ask them why they ask me this?

    I ask them anyway, and I'm told it's a very unhealthy behavior; not just for HIV infection, but for several other STDs as well. If my answer to their question is yes, then I'm not allowed to donate blood.

    Are they just being homophobic to answer me in this way, or are they telling me the truth?

    You know, more and more it's beginning to seem like this term homophobic gets thrown around by those individuals who can't pose a valid and rational argument.

    Truth is truth. Men who have sex with men account for over half of all new HIV infections. Men who engage in anal sex are 18 times more likely to contract HIV than those who engage in vaginal sex with females. 1 in 5 gay men are infected with HIV and half don't even know it.

    Bigot is also thrown around a lot when people don't want to accept and accommodate gay behavior as a healthy and beneficial one. If we don't accept their ideology, we're deemed bigots. If we accept their ideology, then we're considered forward thinking and open-minded.

    1st. AIDS is thrown on ANY suppressed minority, but it is spread among many Homosexuals b/c of DL behavior (Mainly in the Black community). Also, AIDS does not discriminate. It is just as easy spread through Vaginal sex as well as Anal sex, any unprotected sex.

    Truth be told: Most people who disapprove of the Homosexual lifestyle will go the lengths to find all the negativity in it to oppose it just to say it's so wrong & their right. Percentages don't speak for all gays, straights, Blacks, etc.

    It's rare that someone gets the data exactly wrong in so many parts of a single comment.  First, black gay couples are far more responsible about condom use than whites. Second, anal sex leads to more transmission because it is more dangerous than vaginal sex.

    AIDS is not 'thrown' on anyone, much less oppressed minorities - or Asians in America would have more AIDS than anyone.  Gay people and blacks are far less treated with stereotypes and discrimination than Asians.