Bird Flu: H7N9 Infection Risk Mapped
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    A map of avian influenza (H7N9) risk is now available. The map is comprised of bird migration patterns, and adding in estimations of poultry production and consumption, which are used to infer future risk and to advise on ways to prevent infection.

    As of today, there have been 127 confirmed cases of H7N9 in mainland China with 27 deaths. A lack of information about the virus and its mode of transmission has led to public concerns that H7N9 could be a pandemic waiting to happen.

    To quantify the risk of this happening scientists from the Hong Kong Baptist University and Chinese University of Hong Kong have generated a map of H7N9 risk in eastern China. The map is based on the northwards migratory patterns of birds (from the 4th February to the end of April) using environmental and meteorological data over the same 12 weeks - from Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Jiangsu, to Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang.

    The distribution of potentially infected poultry was also included in the model. The majority of early cases of H7N9 were found in Shanghai, but Shanghai is not a big poultry exporter so the model shows limited transmission via this route. In contrast, Jiangsu distributes poultry to Shanghai, Zhejiang, and beyond.


    Professor Jiming Liu who led the study explained, "By basing our model on wild bird migration and distribution of potentially infected poultry we are able to produce a time line of the estimated risk of human infection with H7N9. The preliminary results of our study made a prediction of bird flu risk which could explain the pattern of the most recent cases. By extending the model we will be able to predict future infection risks across central and western China, which will aid in surveillance and control of H7N9 infections. Since the effect of poultry-to-poultry infection is not really understood it may become necessary to regulate the activity of poultry markets."

    Professor Xiao-Nong Zhou from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention who was also involved in this study commented, "We are continuing to work on research into the sources of infection of H7N9 and the mode of transmission. However so far there is no evidence of the sustained human-to-human transmission required for a pandemic to occur."

    Citation: Shi B, Xia S, Yang GJ, Zhou XN and Liu J, 'The risks of H7N9 infection mapped', Infectious Diseases of Poverty 2013, 2:8 (3 May 2013) doi:10.1186/2049-9957-2-8


    A Brief Materialist Analysis of U.S. Biological Warfare Weapons:
    So-Called H1N1 “Swine Flu,” A(H5N1) Bird Flu and AIDS!

    The capitalist dictatorship keeps up a steady and relentless propaganda brainwash of its entire subject populations targeting especially parents to accept multiple and polyvalent vaccinations of their children for every conceivable organism EXCEPT the organisms which cause pandemics which the U.S.-led Biowarfare criminals want to employ to reduce specific populations such as AIDS, for example. But in 2009 when the capitalists designed a vaccine for the “First Wave” of the Swine Flu the masses smelled a rat and would not bite. That vaccine was rejected by over 90% of people (See above: Pandemrix) and the overwhelming majority now won’t even be vaccinated for seasonal influenza.” (See further below.) The 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu vaccines in Europe and Canada caused autoimmune disease almost immediately in the form of incurable narcolepsy in children and threaten a boatload of autoimmune disease in the future for those VICTIMS OF VACCINATION! As documented below and elsewhere the H1N1 “Swine Flu” and the Avian Influenza A (H5N1 Bird Flu) are examples of Biological Warfare. The planned Second Wave of the so-called “H1N1 Swine Flu,” as mentioned below, will probably be a variant of the 1918 Spanish Flu Virus and has nothing to do with swine except for those employed by the U.S. Department of Biowarfare—working in multiple centers around the world. The fact that the overwhelming majority of parents now understand that the so-called “childhood vaccinations” for Mumps, Measles and Rubella, specifically the MMR Vaccine is the direct cause of autism in genetically susceptible children has also helped build a healthy fear of unneeded vaccinations! So, instead it was decided by the capitalist dictatorship to try to accomplish their population reduction objective through economic war first by using the pretext of THE 2008 “Economic Crisis,” which existed for the capitalists themselves only very briefly, while they have temporarily held off on Biowarfare Population Reduction. The so-called “economic downturn” is the code word for their artificially created economic warfare aimed primarily at the Working Class and the Poor, where People of Color are the primary targets. The Working Class and Poor are subsequently experiencing a Second Great Depression (not “recession”) being used to bring down the U.S. living standard in accordance with: 1.) the capitalist dictatorship’s population reduction objective in the U.S. and worldwide, as explained above, and 2.) the requirements of Globalism—competition worldwide among the capitalists for the lowest salaried (most super-exploited) workers as explained above.

    The Capitalists Carry Out Bio-Warfare Completely
    Openly Under the False Cover of “Biodefense!”

    By carrying out the actual design of biological weapons openly the capitalists are able to 1.) Completely deny that they even engage in biological warfare (!) and 2.) Enlist the services of a much greater number of differently motivated researchers at multiple research centers. Today’s Bio-warfare crimes are so incredibly destructive and heinous and dangerous to all life on Earth that most top scientists will simply not go along with them on that basis. But if they are led to believe that they are working on something else then they are much easier to recruit, manipulate and control and are not that great a threat to the “national security” of the U.S. capitalist dictatorship. A prime example is the fact that Peter Palese, the same Chief of the Department of Microbiology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, who reported to the New York Times (November 5, 2005 that based on the 1992 paper of Kennedy Francis Shortridge (see below), 7% of the rural population of China (35 million of an estimated 500 million) have been subclinically infected with the H5N1 virus—a revelation which totally invalidates any claim that H5N1 “will evolve naturally” into a human-to-human strain (when that already occurs naturally!—is a co-author with biowarfare criminals Terrence M. Tumpey and Nancy J. (“Blabbermouth”) Cox and others, of the same October 7, 2005 Science paper: "Characterization of the Reconstructed 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic Virus." See below! Palese is a Biowarfare Criminal based at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York while Tumpey and Nancy Cox work at the CDC in Atlanta. Instant video conferencing makes their collaboration on the wide-ranging U.S. Biowarfare objectives quite simple. See above. The Internet make this close collaboration of many Biowarfare centers around the globe possible and facilitates the involvement of a vastly greater number of execrable and disreputable individuals and is another reason why the overwhelming body of Biowarfare is today being carried out completely openly and reported upon in the regular media and published in so-called ”peer reviewed journals,” all the boards of which are controlled almost entirely by United States’ so-called “intelligence community.”

    The big “debate” and then the decision by the U.S.-puppet, so-called “World Health Organization” to publish the specifics of the most recent FRAUDULENT Bird Flu “transmissibility” studies under the fraudulent pretexts of a “real and present danger” of such a “natural mutation” and the “need to widely share” such information in order to “prevent pandemics,” (New York Times, February 18, 2012) are designed to cover up the facts that: 1.) All Biowarfare is today carried out completely openly, 2.) That the ONLY actual “bioterrorists” carry out the Biowarfare “research” (Biowarfare Weapons Development) in the first place and 3.) Publication of such information, even though it is false as are the most recent “reports,” helps both to recruit more people to work on Bioweapons while legitimizing Biological Warfare! The fact that the Chief U.S. Biowarfare Criminal, Anthony “Big Tony” Fauci, voted AGAINST publication is an example of FALSE DISASSOCIATION whereby the U.S. pretends to be “opposed” to a crucial pillar of completely open Biowarfare research. (See below.) Note that on January 23, 2013 in an act of false disassociation Ronald Foucher an American Biowarfare criminal in charge of the “ferret research” in the Erasmus Medical Center Biowarfare Laboratory in the Netherlands said that those Biowarfare criminals in the Netherlands and also in at the University of Wisconsin Madison would start up their work again “without waiting for guidelines from the United States.” But the Number One USA Biowarfare Criminal, Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases AND the Department of Health and Human Services (!) said: “Other scientists could be given samples of the (newly created more highly infectious A(H5N1) bird flu variant) for research only (!?) with the permission of Erasmus Medical Center, the National Institutes of Health and virus experts at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan (Our old friend at Mount Sinai, Biowarfare Criminal, Peter Palese. See above.) (New York Times, January 23, 2013) What this really means in all likelihood is that more people will be recruited and brought in to work on the genetically engineered reassortment A(H5N1) Bird Flu Bioweapon, where work was first begun at the CDC under Nancy “Blabbermouth” Cox in 2005!

    On the other hand, as mentioned above, several score well-known and not so well known microbiologists and other weapons-connected scientists have been assassinated from the 1980’s to the present, undoubtedly because they knew too much or because they were politically opposed to the government and had a history of speaking out. Assassination of certain scientists is also carried out to intimidate and keep others in line. See: and, which are also hyperlinked on page 5 of the Dietary Supplement Analysis! Note that these websites actually cover up the material presented herein and its significance because they are run by the strictly conspiracy, anti-Communist fake “opposition,” meaning no genuine analysis—materialist or otherwise, complete with no motive or false motive proffered. And while these sites also do contain a certain amount of straw man disinformation—easily disproved or discredited claims which are deliberately attached to central information which is true in order to discredit the true information and its significance—these sites do provide important factual material which can be verified and is very useful. Dialectical and Historical Materialist analysis plus experience enable one to easily recognize the disinformation.

    Those scientists who are spared assassination are much more easily controlled to never ever reveal, for example, that AIDS, H1N1, H5N1 and H7N9 are all USA Bioweapons, as explained in detail herein, or that the fossil fuels global warming runaway greenhouse effect is on line to raise the temperature of Earth to that of Venus, namely 932 degrees Fahrenheit, for example and annihilate all life on this planet sooner rather than later unless fossil fuels are totally eliminated as a source of energy and supplanted by the oil company-suppressed Tidal Energy Lagoon Technology Plants. (NOT Tidal turbines found to be a dead issue over 60 years ago!) Canada has an open official secrets policy which prevents scientists who work in publicly funded research from speaking to…the media (?), a policy which was challenged (BBC, April 2, 2013) in order to falsely disassociate the government from its media brainwash tool and raise the credibility of understated media reports which tangentially mention the fossil fuels global warming runaway greenhouse effect. This constitute a Big Lie of Omission to begin with! The media itself is an arm of the capitalists’ misnamed, so-called “intelligence community” and brainwash apparatus and is sworn to never tell the truth about the true state of affairs regarding anything much less the environment, or AIDS Biowarfare or H5N1 Biowarfare, or H1N Biowarfare, or H7N9 Biowarfare, etc.!

    The U.S. Bio-Warfare Department, which OFFICIALLY does not even exist (!) after the 1969 pronouncement of Richard Nixon supposedly ended it (!), but which actually still has its main center at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland (renamed the “Frederick Cancer Research Facility!”) and the National Institutes of Health and Infectious Disease, is now spread out worldwide with its work carried out for the most part completely openly under such false pretexts as “investigative research” and “biodefense activities,”(!?) with the bizarre claim that “(developing Bioweapons!) is important for public health(!) and is conducted safely”(!) and is being carried out “where the benefits clearly outweigh the risks.”(!) Right! Sheepish naiveté in the most reactionary period in all human history—End Stage Capitalism—allows the bulk of today’s Bio-Warfare research to be carried out without the requirement which exists at the upper levels of the U.S. Government’s Bio-Warfare program: that all personnel who knowingly work on Bio-Warfare projects must know the actual general and sometimes specific objectives of their research and are thus required to be brought into confidence and agree with the actual objectives of research—how to develop the most effective Bio-Warfare agents which will kill the most people, or target primarily People of Color, for example, such as AIDS. In addition to the Fort Detrick Bio-Warfare Center, 2 key U.S. Bio-Warfare sites are located within the National Institutes of Infectious Disease run by Anthony Fauci and Centers For Disease Control run by Julie Gerberding. But bio-warfare operations are carried out in many government and university research centers. In Europe the Pasteur Institute has been the premier Bio-Warfare center, sharing personnel and materials with NIH. The Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, Nederland is also an important player and all of the recent Biowarfare “research” at Erasmus was paid for by the United States NIH! (New York Times, February 18, 2012). Erasmus claimed in January 2013 that it now has additional funding. So what is wrong with the “ferret research” reported from the Netherlands and Wisonsin-Madison?

    Bird Flu Has ALWAYS Been Highly Transmissible
    In Humans! Transmissibility was Never the Problem!
    The Problem was Releasing it and Credibly Blaming China!

    Going forward Biowarfare will indubitably play a significant role in the U.S.-led world population reduction/mass murder efforts: H5N1 Bird Flu, in the news for supposedly “being made transmissible in ferrets” is apparently being readied for release…finally? LOL! The fact is that Bird Flu has always been highly transmissible in humans, with 7% of the 500 million rural Chinese exhibiting antibodies—35 million people—who experienced “colds” or sub-clinical infections! See: Shortridge, K.F., 1992: “Pandemic influenza: a zoonosis?” Seminars in Respiratory Infections, 7(1), 11-25. The ONLY ones who have expressed virulent symptoms or died from Bird Flu were those with the specific genetic susceptibility and that is the reason that virulence and death has always been confined to family and relatives. It has nothing whatsoever to do with simple “transmissibility!” The December 20, 2011 New York Times report that Ron Foucher from the Erasmus Medical Center/Biowarfare Laboratory in Rotterdam, Nederland and Yoshihiro Kawaoka at the University of Wisconsin Biowarfare Laboratory had created “transmissible” A(H5N1) Avian Flu viruses in September 2011, in as yet unpublished articles, the first virus more virulent than the second is thus a total fraud and cover-up of the reality. Their work, which combined the H5 haemagglutinin (HA) gene “with the remaining genes from the pandemic 2009 H1N1 so-called “Swine Flu” in gene reassortment genetic engineering and supposedly measured “transmissibility” in Ferrets, was no great breakthrough. That work and much more had already been done in 2005! (See below.) The virulence of the 1918 Spanish Flu virus was also traced to the haemagglutinin gene which helps the virus enter the cell and the 3 polymerase genes which allow the virus to replicate. Work with the haemagglutinin gene is thus not something new or special and all ACTUAL work on VIRULENCE of the A(H5N1) Bird Flu virus had already been carried out in 2005 well before the most recent high-profile January 2012 reports of supposed “Bird Flu transmissibility.” Apparently because of the fact that Nancy Cox at the CDC had blabbered the truth in 2005 she may have been taken off the case and it was turned over to the above-mentioned ferret creeps in the Netherlands and University of Wisconsin, who have hidden the truth this time behind a cascade of lies designed to turn everything on its head and leave the average person totally confused. See below.

    The Capitalist Dictatorship Openly Admitted in 2005 to Genetically
    Engineering the Already Highly Transmissible H5N1 Avian Flu Virus

    The capitalist Bio-Warfare criminals at the Orwellian Newspeak-named Center For Disease Control and Prevention (which should be understood as the Center for Disease Creation and Propagation!) in Atlanta openly admitted in a highly detailed report in the Wall Street Journal, March 23, 2005, Page B1, entitled “CDC Aims to Create Experimental Pandemic Bird-Flu Virus,” that they used a form of gene reassortment genetic engineering to create an A(H5N1) Avian Flu virus which will be maximally virulent for ALL genotypes, meaning ALL people! Using the natural (wild type) H5N1 Avian Flu virus as their prototype the U.S. government reports that they had begun to design what is known as a reassortant virus by systematically:

    “swapping genes of an H5N1 avian virus with the genes of an H3N2 virus, the strain behind the most recent flu outbreaks…Over the next six months, CDC scientists plan to substitute the eight genes of each virus one by one with the eight genes from the other virus in order to see which of more than 250 possible combinations create viable viruses. They will then incubate the viruses in canine tissue cells to see how well they grow. Eventually, the viruses which thrive in tissue culture will be tested in animals. Similar experiments are planned for later this year at Erasmus University, another major influenza-research center in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.”

    The Bio-Warfare Criminal directly in charge of what is actually a Biowarfare Bioengineering Operation at the CDC, Nancy J. Cox, stated further that she is searching “to find some gene combinations (which) work well together” and “We’re really hoping that by switching genes out one by one we’ll see which genes or gene combinations confer lethality.”(!) These were her exact words! Yippee! Ain’t SHE a go-getter! We can all jump for joy! Cox is also a collaborator and coauthor with Terrence Tumpey and Peter Palese of the 2005 paper carried out on the Reconstructed 1918 Pandemic Virus. See below. Cox who fully understands that her objective is to create the virus which will be used in a Global Pandemic, falsely justifies this open quest to use the genetic engineering technique of GENE REASSORTMENT to cause the naturally highly transmissible H5N1 virus to infect ALL genotypes—meaning ALL people—in the shortest amount of time with the disingenuous clumsy lie: “This will help us assess the pandemic risk.”(!) Oh, yes, yes! “Assess the pandemic risk!” The hilariously absurd reason proffered for Cox’s “research” was “BIODEFENSE!” Right! This painstakingly difficult research demonstrates that the recent claim: “…the (wild type—naturally occurring) H5N1 virus could naturally mutate into a form that could spread rapidly among the human population.” (BBC, February 17, 2012) is just one more Big Lie!

    At several points, in 2005 and 2006, the capitalist tyranny was about to release their H5N1 reassortment virus worldwide, most recently in Indonesia, but then backed off. The original objective included blaming the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC) for the pandemic. But China quickly developed a virtually 100% effective vaccine and IMMEDIATELY vaccinated ALL 14.2 billion (!) of their poultry and were ready to vaccinate all their people even more rapidly if the U.S. released their hopped-up gene reassortment Bird Flu Bioweapon! At that point the masses of the entire world smelled a rat, not a ferret! “Biowarfare” was on everyone’s lips and still is! So the media-hyped ferret story is a complete red-herring and is really only an announcement of a PRETEXT for stepped-up research and the possible release of their genetically engineered reassortment bioweapon (which they have had in some form at-the-ready since 2005!), either through e.g. “terrorists” (them) or “escaped ferret (them),” or “ACCIDENT! (THEM!)” The various fraudulent claimed origins of the AIDS virus should now be recalled. First it was little Green Monkeys and now it is Chimpanzees. In 1986 the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons absurdly tried to brainwash its medical students into believing that “400 years ago a Green Monkey caught the AIDS virus supposedly from a cat (!) who was raped by the monkey!” This writer kids you not! (See below!)

    With Their Phony “Ferret Research” to Supposedly Make the (Already Highly Transmissible) H5N1 Bird Flu Virus “Transmissible” Exposed as a FRAUD (!)
    The Capitalist Dictatorship Now PATHETICALLY Seeks to Use La Nina (The WEATHER!) as THE SUPPOSED CAUSE of the GENE REASSORTMENT Already
    Documented to Have Been Carried out at the Centers for Disease Control in 2005!

    In a truly pathetically desperate paper published in the wake of the “ferret paper” and in preparation for what may be actual release of their H5N1 Reassortment Bioweapon an article appeared in the January 17, 2012 issue of the presently discredited Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) entitled “The El Nino—Southern Oscillation (ENSO)—pandemic Influenza connection: Coincident or causal?” by one Shaman and Lipsitch who try preposterously to blame the weather patterns of the El Nino Southern Oscillation, specifically La Nina, for the genetic reassortment of the A(H5N1) Bird Flu Virus, which has already been openly documented to have been carried out at the so-called Centers for Disease Control in 2005 as described in consummate detail by that Biowarfare Blabbermouth Nancy J. Cox (Thank you Nancy!), who done let the cat out of the bag in the March 23, 2005 Wall Street Journal (see above) and elsewhere! This article is an example where the Biowarfare Criminals such as Shaman and the rest of them count on the weight of their coordinated media coverage to push their truly absurd and truly documented Big Lies. Their article is a textbook example of the Big Lie Technique as described on page 2 of this analysis. The capitalist dictatorship has always insisted that virulent influenzas and all influenza for that matter have had their origins in China and this paper is no exception! The authors claim that it is “possible” that “sea surface temperature changes during La Nina in the equatorial pacific (and the effect on bird migration) bring divergent influenza subtypes together (primarily in South East Asia) and possibly favor the reassortment of (the) influenza (virus)…” The paper ironically takes most of its space attempting to refute the simultaneously published claim by Mazzarella et al. that the El Nino not the La Nina leads to gene reassortment.

    Shaman’s high profile, media-hyped claim that La Nina conditions “may favor gene swapping” is proved NOWHERE in his paper or anywhere else! The A(H5N1) Avian Flu Bioweapon, now possessed by the compatriots of Jeffrey Shaman, has been shown to have been painstakingly first developed in the BioWarfare Laboratories of the so-called “Centers for Disease Control” in 2005 through the highly complex genetic engineering process of gene reassortment to be able to produce a strain of the already highly transmissible (A)H5N1 Avian Flu which is virulent for all human genotypes. So even if Shaman’s claim were true that could NOT ERASE or SUPPLANT what we already know to be THE DOCUMENTED TRUTH. Shaman and Lipsitch are UNDOUBTEDLY fully aware of the above information published in the 2005 Wall Street Journal, which they cover up and make no mention of in their above-cited paper. But they would have to be completely familiar with the entire body of H5N1 reassortment literature in order to write their paper and would have had to have mentioned it if their paper had been written in good faith, which it clearly was not. Shaman and Lipsitch are clumsy liars through omission as well as commission and are themselves clearly part of the H5N1 Biowarfare Project. They have been KNOWINGLY assigned to try to cover-up and supplant the above-documented information about the true origin of the H5N1 Bird Flu reassortment virus Bioeweapon. Their origin from the Columbia and Harvard Schools of Public Health shows how wide the US Biowarfare network actually is!

    In other matters, the January 2, 2012 announcement (AP) by the PRC China that the “Bird Flu which killed the Chinese bus driver is not transmissible to humans” is simply an announcement that that virus was of the so-called “wild type,” meaning naturally occurring—NOT a “mutant,” or “spreading” as falsely alleged by the U.S. and NOT genetically engineered as are 2 of the viruses here under discussion. The Chinese report should rightly avert any panic, which the U.S. avidly seeks to spread. The Chinese bus driver had the genetic susceptibility to develop virulent symptoms. But even the “wild type” H5N1 Bird Flu in humans with the genetic susceptibility to develop virulent symptoms is NOT all contracted from birds, but also from person-to-person between those who are genetically related to the original sick individual even in rural settings! “Transmissibility” is thus a false issue being used to cover up the fact that the easily transmissible A(H5N1) virus was painstakingly genetically engineered through gene reassortment techniques way back in 2005 (!) to now apparently infect ALL genotypes as DOCUMENTED above!

    The USA Department of Biological Warfare has Developed the A(H7N9)
    So-Called “Bird Flu,” Designed to Spread Easily and Widely in Birds but
    Which China has so far Quarantined like it Did with SARS a Previous USA
    Biowarfare Agent which the USA Released in China in 2002-2003! Unlike
    H5N1 “Bird Flu,” H7N9 Does Not Kill Birds, but does Kill a tiny Percentage
    Of Genetically Susceptible People at the Same Level of Virulence as A(H5N1)!
    40% of Victims of Virulent A(H7N9) Infection Had NO Contact With Birds!

    In March 2013 a new H7N9 supposed “Bird Flu” was reported in China, where it was indubitably released in Eastern China by USA operatives, who now have easy access there into China. The Xinhua News Agency reported that of 47,801 samples which had been collected from 1000 poultry markets, habitats, and farms across China, ONLY 39 (!) TESTED POSITIVE FOR H7N9! China has stated that at this point in April 2013 that H7N9 is confined almost entirely to a tiny number of live poultry markets—where USA Biowarfare operatives apparently first released it. From other reports it has to be assumed that the USA also infected some pigeons, where it was first discovered, and perhaps some other birds in China, which USA operatives have been able to infect, in order to make it appear to be “widespread among birds,” exactly as they did with the AIDS lentivirus (see below)) The USA Biowarfare Department used cell culture adaptation techniques explained herein to infect cats (!), and other species, which never ever had any lentiviruses in all recorded history prior to the USA launching of the AIDS Biowarfare operation in 1979 in order to make it falsely appear that AIDS-type lentiviruses were widespread in nature! A(H7N9) spreads easily and widely in birds, but unlike H5N1 does NOT kill birds. This accomplishment took a LOT of work by the depraved USA Biowarfare criminals at Fort Detrick and the Center For Disease Control (creation actually) and Prevention (propagation actually). Forty percent of the victims of virulent H7N9 infection had NO CONTACT WITH BIRDS! (New York Times, April 19, 2013) This fact was then covered up in virtually all subsequent articles and reports and is known as a BIG LIE OF OMISSION! The USA Department of Biological Warfare has designed this A(H7N9) so-called “Bird Flu” to use birds merely as a vector of transmission, but which does not kill its bird vector in order to allow this new H7N9 Bioweapon to spread more easily they hope and much more widely than its H5N1 creation because its spread is NOT blocked by the death of the birds it infects. But the Peoples’ Republic of China has caught it early to quarantine it. The only recourse for the USA is to continuously re-infect other birds and poultry.

    Although it has been reported that H7N9 does not spread from person to person that is another BIG LIE, the same Big Lie that falsely claimed that H5N1 was not spread from person to person. The H7N9 and the H5N1 both cause virulent symptoms including death in people with the genetic susceptibility. That means that the H7N9 now in circulation (!) undoubtedly spreads between humans who POSSESS that genetic susceptibility in the same way that H5N1 spreads between humans with the genetic susceptibility! This includes family members and some relatives of infected victims and anyone else with the genetic susceptibility. A supposed “expert W.H.O. spokesman,” Gregory Hartl, a deliberately chosen total nonentity, falsely insisted otherwise with the ludicrous Big Lie: “If 2 family members develop H7N9 they probably got it from the same bird!” (New York Times, April 18, 2013) Yes, he really said that! The newly created H7N9 “Bird Flu” is also undoubtedly just as highly contagious in humans who are NOT genetically susceptible to developing virulent symptoms as is the H5N1 Virus, where 7% of the 500 million rural Chinese exhibit antibodies—35 million people—who experienced “colds” or sub-clinical infections upon their initial contact with that virus. (See above: Shortridge, 1992!)

    CHINA Reveals that A(H7N9) is a Creation of Genetic Reassortment Involving Genes
    From Four (4) Rare Bird Flu Viruses: H9N2, H7N3, H4N9 and H11N9 Indicating that
    The USA’s Newest A(H7N9) Bioweapon Could NOT Possibly Have Evolved Naturally!

    There is also no “natural host” of the H7N9 “Bird Flu” any more than there is a “natural host” for the H5N1 virus. These are laboratory creations by the USA being developed as population reduction weapons of worldwide mass murder. By May 1, 2013 the USA decided to re-report what the Chinese had discovered about the new A(H7N9 Bird Flu, namely that their newest A(H7N9) “Bird Flu” creation is “a ‘quadruple reassortment’ virus with a mixture of genes from four (4) “Rare: H9N2, H7N3, H4N9 and H11N9 Bird flu Viruses.” (, April 29, 2013) The original April 15, 2013 Chinese citation: Shi JZ et al. 2013. “Isolation and characterization of H7N9 viruses from live poultry markets – Implication of the source of current H7N9 infection in humans.” Chin Sci Bull, 58; doi: 10.1007/s11434-013-5873-4. China found that “H7N9 viruses were only isolated from live poultry markets and NOT from poultry farms.” (Ibid) This finding alone supports the claim that A(H7N) is a Biological Warfare agent. The title of the Chinese article alone is the real giveaway: “…Implication of the source of current H7N9 infection in humans.”

    Because it does not want to damage diplomatic and economic relations with USA, the Chinese paper covers itself in typical Stalinist opportunist fashion with the DISCLAIMER: “…(poultry markets) MIGHT be the origin of the emergence of the novel H7N9 viruses” while pretending that the H7N9 reassortment could have occurred in the market: “Live poultry markets COULD bring together a number of bird and poultry species from different sources in a high-density setting, thus providing an ideal environment for reassortment among avian influenza viruses of different subtypes.” But anyone familiar with genetic reassortment knows, that it would be virtually IMPOSSIBLE for a virus to “evolve” naturally in a poultry market (!) or anywhere else to target humans in the precise manner as characterized in the Chinese article making it just one step away (see below) from being the most virulent virus on the planet (!), as was the stated goal of Nancy J. “Blabbermouth” Cox and Co. way back in 2005 while working feverishly on A(H5N1) in her Atlanta Biowarfare Lab..

    Flu viruses possess only 8 single stranded RNA segments. China found that 6 of the 8 gene segments of the A(H7N9) virus were derived from H9N2 viruses! The implication from findings summarized below is: “H7N9 has partially acquired human receptor specificity.” BUT as explained above by the blabbermouth Biowarfare Criminal herself, Nancy J. Cox, GENETIC RE-ASSORTMENT IS A LONG AND TEDIOUS TYPE OF GENETIC ENGINEERING, described above, which the capitalist dictatorship openly admitted that they used to create the most virulent strain of the A(H5N!) Bioweapon! (Above, cited) Not at all something which might occur spontaneously in a poultry market! Far from it geographically (!) as well as in degree of difficulty!

    The Chinese research paper revealed in addition: 1.) The 226L MUTATION, “a critical residue in the receptor-binding sites of the HA protein” was “already present” in the virus samples which had not yet infected humans and facilitated both infection and replication of the H7N9 samples in humans. This supposed “mutation” obviously was deliberately designed enhancement of the virus, and 2.) “The three human H7N9 viruses all acquired the 627K mutation in their PB2 protein during their replication in human hosts, which (was) in clear contrast with the avian and environmental H7N9 viruses,” which they sampled. “This suggests that the novel H7N9 viruses can adapt well to humans. In fact, the adaptability of the H7N9 viruses appears to be superior to that of the H5N1 influenza viruses, which seem to acquire PB2 627K less frequently than the novel H7N9 viruses.”

    This paper from the April 15, 2013 Chinese Science Bulletin cited above concludes extremely ominously in what must be understood as a warning to the USA Biological Warfare Criminals:

    The HA gene of the three human H7N9 viruses and the avian and environmental H7N9 viruses in this study
    lacked the stretch of multi-basic amino acids at the HA cleavage site, which is the signature of highly pathogenic H5 and H7 influenza viruses [5,6]. However, human infections with this H7N9 virus still cause severe symptoms and a considerably high fatality rate… Currently, the novel H7N9 influenza viruses lack the multiple basic amino acids at the HA cleavage site but are already considerably pathogenic to humans. It will be DISASTROUS if these viruses acquire the multiple basic amino acids during their continued circulation in poultry and humans. (Emphasis added.)

    Influenza Hemagglutinin (HA) is the antigenic glycoprotein of the virus which is responsible for binding the virus to the cell which is being infected! The “unknown origin (!)” of the HA (hemagluttinin) antigen combined with the above findings indicate that “the stretch of multi-basic amino acids at the HA cleavage site” missing at the HA cleavage site was not missing by accident and could be re-inserted at a moment’s notice! The USA-led world capitalist dictatorship apparently hopes that their new A(H7N9) virus will be somewhat harder for the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to contain and defend against. That is undoubtedly the true limit of their concern! In 2005-2006 the PRC immediately vaccinated all of their 14.2 billion poultry TWICE against the H5N1 “Bird Flu” and in less than a year exported millions of vaccine doses for poultry to multiple countries where the USA had already released H5N1! The PRC has also manufactured millions of doses of human vaccine for H5N1, which they have at the ready! In comparison the capitalists say that they could only have a small amount of vaccine “for (their new) H7N9 “Bird Flu,” or for ANY other of their “Bird Flu” (Bioweapons), which would take months to manufacture privately.” (Associated Press, April 4, 2013) See above.

    After H7N9 was first discovered in pigeons at a market in Shanghai, the PRC has taken the initial short-term measure of closing poultry markets and “culling” poultry and bird flocks in China (BBC, April 5, 2013) before developing a vaccine for the H7N9 virus, which hopefully may not be necessary. (Don’t count on it!) Pigeons were no doubt chosen by the USA Department of Biowarfare because of the fact that they can fly greater distances than flightless chickens and would presumably have more contact with other bird species, thereby providing more credibility to any supposed “spread” of their H7N9 “Bird Flu” Bioweapon. The USA undoubtedly has at the ready a strain of their brand new H7N9 “Bird Flu” which causes virulent symptoms for all those it infects, not just those with the genetic susceptibility, but is holding back from releasing it presently for several reasons. The USA wants to gauge the Chinese response and also undoubtedly there is debate between the USA Biological Warfare Establishment and the Obama Regime over how and when precisely they should release one of their genuinely super virulent viruses—and which virus? (See below)—as an adjunct to their Economic War of Extermination now begun in earnest in the USA and Europe with their “Sequester” and “Save the Euro” campaigns, despite recent false claims of a “partial reversal of policies.” USA Biological Warfare must be understood in context with Economic Warfare both of which are targeting the entire world. The capitalists’ economic warfare has four (4) targets in the USA: 1.) Targeted Depression of the Working Class and Poor, 2.) A non-stop Escalation of home foreclosures, 3.) Obamacare, the so-called “Affordable Care Act,” which is the precise opposite and is the textbook definition of a scam, which turns all healthcare over to the HMO parasites, which take over 35% or more in PROFITS accounting for virtually ALL of supposed “increased healthcare costs,” and cuts $716 billion from Medicare and 4.) “Biofuels,” which has nothing whatsoever to do with “energy independence” or “energy efficiency,” while destroying internal combustion engines. “Biofuels” is nothing but a CONSPIRACY designed to raise food prices, create food shortages and cause mass starvation, which has already begun in Africa. Capitalism is fundamentally based on war, mass murder, crime and subjugation to steal new resources and new markets to increase private profits. If the capitalists have a weapon they will invariably use it. End-Stage Capitalism is an extremely dangerous period where all technology is used against the masses.

    The Second Wave of the So-called “Swine Flu” will
    Undoubtedly be a Variant of the 1918 Spanish Flu Virus!

    The as yet unreleased “Second Wave” of the so-called “Swine Flu” will undoubtedly actually be a 1918 Spanish Flu Virus VARIANT! The U.S. Dept. of Bio-Warfare has also dug up and completely sequenced, published, reconstructed and tested the 1918 Spanish Flu virus! See: Science, Vol. 310, October 7, 2005, "Characterization of the Reconstructed 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic Virus" by Terrence M. Tumpey et al. (See above.) Those published “test results” document a maximally high virulence on the same level as the original Spanish Flu! The 1918-1919 Spanish Flu had a splendidly high death rate among healthy adults aged 15 to 34 years, which consequently lowered the average life expectancy in the United States at that time by more than 10 years! See: America’s Forgotten Pandemic by Alfred W. Crosby, Cambridge University Press 1989. Just what the Biological Weapons “doctors” ordered!

    All work on that Reconstructed 1918 Spanish Flu Virus also in 2005 was deliberately done in the lower level BSL-3 laboratories, rather than in the highest level BSL-4 laboratories, precisely in order to provide a pretext for later escape! A paper published simultaneously in the October 6, 2005 Nature magazine complained about the choice of the BSL-3 Lab with its lower level bio-safety requirements. Richard H. Ebright, a “bioweapons expert” from Rutgers University stated in that article: 1.) “Tumpey et al. have constructed a virus that represents perhaps the most effective bioweapon agent now known,” 2.) “The risk that the recreated strain might escape is so high, it is almost a certainty.” But that same Richard Ebright said NOTHING about the CDC’s Nancy Cox, “Nancy with the big mouth,” who revealed that the CDC Biowarfare Laboratory had effectively developed a genetically engineered reassortment A(H5N1) Bird Flu virus in 2005 which is FAR more virulent than the reconstructed 1918 Spanish Flu virus. And that is the same Richard Ebright who lamely stated in regards to the ridiculously-hyped ferret experiments by his fellow Biowarfare Criminal in Rotterdam, “Ron” Foucher, which were apparently carried out on THAT very same 2005 genetically engineered reassortment H5N1 Bird Flu Bioweapon (courtesy of the CDC’s Nancy Cox & Co.): “This research should not have been done…It will inevitably escape and within a decade.” (New York Times, December 27, 2011). Duh! At least we have a time frame! Ebright claims that Foucher’s ferret experiments were also done in lower level BLS-3 labs, while Foucher claims they were done in the highest level BLS-4 labs. In an article mentioning Yoshihiro Kawaoka’s letter to the February 9, 2012 Nature, “Flu transmission work is urgent,” (!) Ebright points out the obvious: “the first experiment done (on Kawaoka’s less virulent version of the H5N1 Bird Flu virus) will be an effort to increase its lethality.” (New York Times January 26, 2012) Ebright could have gone much, much further obviously and given the actual population reduction/mass murder objectives of developing the Bird Flu in the first place pointing out that reassortment genetic engineering carried out in 2005 (!) had ALREADY made the Bird Flu MAXIMALLY virulent for all people and that H5N1 Bird Flu has ALWAYS been highly transmissible! But no! He remains silent! Note that the capitalists’ “intelligence community” puts its own people at the front of ALL issues and political groups in order to control the issue itself and the opposition on the issue and lead that opposition to defeat usually by establishing limits to that opposition. For example, James Hansen is the capitalists’ chief go-to cover-up climatologist on global warming. See: Materialist Analysis of Biofuels, Global Warming and the Runaway Greenhouse Effect.

    On the other hand genetically engineered reassortment H5N1 Bird Flu has also been ready to go for release since 2005 (!) and arrangements are now apparently being made for its release so it can “go to work” (Isn’t it just so exciting!) with a 52% to 70% fatality rate! The targeted population is the entire population of the planet Earth! The putrid sick minds of End-Stage Capitalism think: “Let the chips fall where they may!” Propaganda movies like “Contagion” were brought out to condition the population to accept their future as victims and deal with what the capitalist dictatorship appears about to do, perhaps in the next year or sooner or even a bit later if we factor in Ebright’s comments. The U.S. capitalist tyranny wants to build up the supposed INEVITABILITY of such a totally implausible supposedly “natural (Malthusian) plague!” But take heart, the capitalist tyranny indubitably has already developed OR MORE OBVIOUSLY already STOLEN the Chinese Bird Flu vaccine and vaccinated or will have vaccinated most of THEIR own key personnel by the time of their little H5N1 Bird Flu Pandemic! Vaccination does NOT include YOU or ME of course! The Peoples’ Republic of China already has manufactured a highly effective vaccine for the H5N1 Bird Flu and has vaccinated ALL of their 14.2 billion (!) poultry, as mentioned above, and the poultry of all countries which have requested the vaccine! The misnamed, so-called U.S. “intelligence community” broke into one of the factories in China and with inside help as reported in the Peoples Daily and actually sabotaged several shipments—some destined for China itself and some for Indonesia, where the U.S. then falsely trumpeted the Big Lie: “Bird Flu Outbreaks DUE to Chinese Vaccine!” (!!!!!) But other countries, such as Vietnam, had almost 100% successful results from that same Chinese vaccine! This writer has documented each and every twist and turn of the U.S. capitalist dictatorship’s moves with the H5N1 Bird Flu during the entirety of 2005-2006 as well as the Reconstructed H1N1 Spanish Flu and has also written extensively on SARS, AIDS, the Hanta Virus episode and also the 2001 Anthrax Provocation carried out by the United States government. At their last big high profile outing in 2005 with the H5N1 Bird Flu the capitalists, rather than encourage countries to VACCINATE their bird populations as China did for all of its 14.2 billion poultry (!), instead pressured countries in the Far East and elsewhere, especially in developing countries in Africa, instead to mass murder (“cull”) hundreds of millions of birds, not only 1.) in order to help foment world hysteria and to help condition the masses to expect a human World Bird Flu Pandemic as supposedly naturally inevitable, but also 2.) in order to reduce the human population in developing countries by depriving them of one of their main sources of high quality protein! “Biofuels” is also fundamentally a scheme and conspiracy to divert food crops from being eaten to being burned and has already caused massive famines in Africa, while having NOTHING WHATEVER to do with solving the energy crisis. See: Materialist Analysis of Biofuels, Global Warming and the Runaway Greenhouse Effect.

    It should be noted that routine Smallpox vaccination was halted in 1972 when it was claimed the risks of complications from the vaccination outweighed the threat of the disease. In 1982 Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) blocked development of the Panicali/Paoletti Recombinant Vaccine for genital herpes in 1981 under the false pretext that the risk of meningitis from the vaccinia-based recombinant vaccine was “so great” its use was contraindicated. See: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 79(16):4927-31,1982. But the vaccinia-based Smallpox vaccine had been used previously to vaccinate hundreds of millions of people worldwide for generations and eliminated the scourge of Smallpox with very few side effects and very few fatalities. The same false pretext was used by Anthony Fauci as part of the ongoing operation to prevent development of a recombinant vaccine—those which employ the Smallpox vaccine, which has permanently blocked development of an effective AIDS vaccine. (See below.) Anthony Fauci is not only the head of the NIAID and but also the Director of the U.S. Department of Biological Warfare, and presently the world’s Number One Biowarfare Criminal, who has also insinuated himself as the Editor of Harrison’s Textbook of Internal Medicine (!) in order to be in a position to censor all authoritative textbook articles on basic medical practice which appear in Harrison’s, which is a compendium from different medical practitioners. At this time he is still the editor and the world’s number one biological warfare criminal! The U.S. government has gone to great lengths to prevent development of an effective AIDS vaccine. See below under AIDS Biowarfare.

    The U.S. government has gone to great lengths to prevent development of an effective AIDS vaccine, first permitting work to be carried out only on vaccines which used the AIDS envelope lipoprotein, which the capitalist dictatorship knew would be entirely ineffective. The U.S. government (NIH) refuses any funding of an AIDS vaccine which utilizes the viral RNA itself under the false pretext that the vaccine might infect people. This is despite the fact that deleting the SOR gene makes it impossible for the virus to replicate and would permit use of virtually all of the AIDS RNA to be used in the vaccine, minus the SOR gene. This would make an extremely effective recombinant vaccine but BioWarfare Criminal Anthony Fauci, & Co. and the U.S. Department of Biological Warfare do not permit that to occur. The field of AIDS vaccine “research” has been deliberately misled by various red herrings and has presently degenerated into multiple ridiculous dead ends. The most recent media-hyped deliberate dead end is wondrous discovery that the cellular protein SAMHD1, which is produced by macrophages and dendritic cells breaks down intracellular building blocks of DNA called deoxynucleoside triphosphates which makes it totally useless in CD4 cells targeted by the AIDS virus! Before that we had phony studies of “new neutralizing monoclonal antibodies.” Such TOTAL RUBBISH! Previously the misnamed so-called “intelligence community” had sidetracked research with the V520 “vaccine” which contained a weakened adenovirus (an adenovirus—a cold virus—seriously!?) which supposedly “produced T-cells to kill HIV-infected cells.” Right! That “vaccine” and others like it were a ridiculous, hilarious joke and resulted in total failure but it has been good for a multiple year delay! Ever since 1980! String them along, Anthony “Big Tony” Fauci!

    To take it even further, on February 22, 2006 the immunization advisory committee of the falsely named Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommended (by unanimous vote—no disagreement is tolerated in this club!) that all children between 6 months and 5 years old should be vaccinated against influenza. That means every child in this age group could be compelled to undergo flu vaccination every year! Look for an even greater increase in autoimmune disease and cancer in those who receive these vaccinations, which of course are to be added to the other vaccinations they are now sometimes forced to receive. Children in the U.S. are routinely vaccinated for about 13 different diseases (!) with multiple courses for each vaccine spread over several months and or years! That is BIZARRE, totally UNNECESSARY and RIDICULOUS! No wonder there is such a huge increase in autism and other autoimmune disease, which was virtually UNKNOWN when this 71-year old writer grew up! (See below.) The claim that 153 children in this age group died in 2003-2004 from flu is a false argument for vaccination when the circumstances of those deaths are not described and where other complicating factors could have contributed to the fatal outcomes, and when it is known that a FAR HIGHER PERCENTAGE will go on to develop life-shortening autoimmune disease and/or cancer as current statistics reveal! Which happens to be the actual objective of the ever-hardening capitalist dictatorship—namely, population reduction! Recall that the so-called Center for Disease Control is where the capitalists described in the March 23, 2005 Wall Street Journal how to go about creating a human-to-human strain of the H5N1 Bird Flu virus through genetic reassortment techniques and where all work on the Reconstructed 1918 Spanish Flu virus has been carried out.

    Oppose Mandatory Vaccination! The so-called “Model Emergency
    Health Powers Act” is Illegal, Unconstitutional Police State Legislation
    Passed by 39 States (!) and was Written by the Biowarfare Criminals
    At the CDC! After Declaration of a “Public Health Care Emergency”
    This Law Requires Incarceration of those who Refuse Vaccination!

    It is NO accident that the U.S. capitalist dictatorship effectively forbids developing an AIDS vaccine or a vaccine for herpes as explained further below, but uses the full force of its media/“intelligence community” to intimidate and try to dupe parents of totally unsuspecting children to accept the extremely dangerous MMR, DPT and other childhood vaccines and to force adults into accepting “vaccinations.” A new law even gives the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services broad police state powers: the so-called “Model Emergency Health Powers Act” was written in 2001 for the misnamed Centers for Disease Control by Biowarfare Criminal-CIA lawyers from Georgetown and John Hopkins Universities. By April 15, 2006 32 states had passed legislation based on it. For example, in 2002 Wisconsin made “any vaccination series” legally mandatory and called for a $10,000 fine and/or nine months in prison for those who do not get vaccinations” by attaching it to a budget bill. On April 26, 2009 the CDC and homeland Security actually declared a “national public health emergency” because of the “First Wave of the “’H1N1 Swine Flu,” but there were very few deaths and the overwhelming majority of Americans smelled a Biowarfare rat and refused to “get vaccinated.” There was no basis for incarceration in 2009 but the next time may be different because the masses do not trust the capitalist dictatorship and are likely to continue to refuse to be vaccinated even if the deaths increase for the planned H5N1 Bird Flu or “Second Wave H1N1 Swine Flu!” The majority of the population may have to be incarcerated as the U.S. capitalist dictatorship continues to escalate its war against its own people.

    Understanding AIDS Biowarfare Puts H5N1 Bird Flu Biowarfare and
    “Swine Flu” Biowarfare into Perspective! Some Basics of the U.S.

    In order to put the most recent totally false and misleading information regarding the supposed “newly developed transmissibility” of the A(H5N1) Bird Flu virus into perspective and to understand the magnitude of the Big Lies being told about Bird Flu and “Swine Flu,” etc., it is instructive to recall the highly elaborate Big Lies the U.S. capitalist dictatorship keeps on telling regarding the transmissibility of AIDS and the true origin of the AIDS virus: AIDS has already been documented to be Bio-warfare by the U.S. government, and other cooperating governments, directed primarily against People of Color, Gays and those with blood dyscrasias (e.g. Factor VIII clotting disorders) deemed to be genetic liabilities for the human species. IV drug users also appear to be targets of the AIDS virus Biowarfare. (See 1986 AIDS Poster and 1987 AIDS newspaper and other documentation published by the United Front Against Racism and Capitalism-Imperialism. Note that by default there is no other honest source of the truth about AIDS Biowarfare because the capitalists run their own “opposition” on all issues including AIDS! All published texts on AIDS read by this writer, a physician by training, including, “The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS” by Fumento are full of absurd lies of commission and omission.) The AIDS virus is actually the Icelandic Sheep virus, known as the VISNA-MAEDI Lentivirus, which has been adapted to the human T4 helper lymphocyte (CD4) through standard cell culture adaptation techniques. (See below.) The AIDS virus should never ever be referred to as “HIV” because AIDS is not a human virus! It should always be referred to as “the AIDS Virus.” Do not use the capitalist dictatorship’s false terminology otherwise one becomes complicit with their Big Lies and the entire AIDS Biowarfare Operation! The AIDS virus is a Bioweapon designed by the United States government with assistance from the French during the 1970’s. The supposed “dispute” between Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute and Robert C. Gallo of the National Institutes of Health (the point man on the AIDS Biowarfare Operation at that time) over the supposed “discovery” of the AIDS virus was carried out in order to cover up and divert attention from the reality that the AIDS virus was not “discovered” at all, but is actually a Bioweapon painstakingly DEVELOPED by adapting the Visna-Maedi Lentivirus, to the human T4 Lymphocyte through standard cell culture techniques in order to bridge the species gap. The National Institutes of Health and the Pasteur Institute are essentially one organization, not competing entities! Do not allow yourself to be bamboozled or hoodwinked.

    The Complete Published Citations in Sequence!

    From its origin in Icelandic sheep and goats the Visna-Maedi Lentivirus was then passed through bovine species in 1972 (“Isolation of a Virus From Cattle With Persistent Lymphocytosis,” Journal of the National Cancer Institute, M.J. Van der Maaten et al, [1972], 1647-59), before finally adapting it to the human T4 lymphocyte—the master cell of immunity—in the middle and late 1970’s (“Infection of Human Cell Cultures with Bovine Visna Virus,” Journal of General Virology, J.A. Georgiades et al, [1978], 38, 375-381). This created the AIDS virus for the first time!!! This is also easily documented by comparing the sequences of the proviral DNA of the 3 viruses. Proviral DNA is created when the AIDS virus enters a cell and uses its reverse transcriptase to make DNA proviral copies of its RNA genome. The copies are found in the cytoplasm or become part of the infected cell. The Visna Virus and AIDS virus are also absolutely identical under transmission electron microscopy. (“Sequence Homology and Morphologic Similarity of HTLV-III and Visna Virus, A Pathogenic Lentivirus,” MA Gonda, F Wong-Staal, RC Gallo, JE Clements, O Narayan, RV Gilden, Science 11 January 1985: 173-177. [DOI: 10.1126/science.2981428]) The genomes of the Visna virus and the AIDS virus were also published in a similar comparative fashion and were found to be very closely related which would be expected given the above documented parent-child relationship: (“Nucleotide Sequence of the Visna Lentivirus: Relationship to the AIDS Virus,” P Sonigo, M Alizon, K Staskus, D Klatzmann, S Cole, O Danos, E Retzel, P Tiollais, A Haase, S Wain-Hobson, Cell August 1985: Vol. 42, 369-382). The reasons these papers were published by the very Biowarfare criminals, Robert Gallo, Ashley Haase & Co., who turned the Visna virus into the AIDS Bioweapon is because: 1.) Virtually all Biowarfare is now being carried out openly. 2.) There is a huge number of legitimate microbiologists who would otherwise become suspicious as they made the connection independently and began to understand its significance and draw the conclusion that AIDS is Biological Warfare. 3.) By publishing the incriminating documentation themselves the Biowarfare criminals control that information through LIMITED HANG-OUT of key information and are thus able to raise the issue of the “sequence homology and morphological similarity” and “Nucleotide Sequence Relationship” of the 2 viruses, while then laying it to rest. This also has an intimidating effect and is an example of Controlled Release of Information. But the capitalist dictatorship and its misnamed, so-called “intelligence community” could not prevent Communists/physicians trained in microbiology with a special interest in primate viruses dating from the early 1960s (!), from exposing their entire Biowarfare operation except by arrests, censorship and murder.

    In nature, Lentiviruses are found only in ungulates (hoofed animals) and are found in no primate species normally, which can easily be confirmed by books on viral taxonomy published before 1980, after which date they were all rewritten by the Bio-Warfare criminals. It is further incriminating that the so-called “bovine Visna-like virus” was first documented at the U.S. Biowarfare laboratory in Ames Iowa in the above paper by MJ Van der Maaten, who later wrote papers with the Chief AIDS Biowarfare Criminal at that time: Robert Gallo! The Visna-Maedi virus had never been reported previously in the thoroughly and exhaustively studied bovine species! It had not been discovered because it is not FOUND in bovine species in nature. Nor is it found in nature in primates of any kind, cats or any other species including humans! As mentioned the VISNA-MAEDI Lentivirus, is also known as the Icelandic Sheep Virus, where it was first found and studied and where almost all of the literature originates. “Visna” means wasting and “Maedi” means LUNG in Icelandic, which is how the virus is transmitted in nature—through the air in crowded herds of sheep! The VISNA virus was thus adapted first to humans in 1979 using the technique of cell culture adaptation, and several other animal species around the same time, in order to give the sudden impression that the AIDS virus was “widespread.” Techniques for growing lentiviruses and specifically for adapting the Visna-Maedi virus to cells of different species while simultaneously increasing its cytopathogenicity have been published previous to the key papers by Van der Maaten and Giorgiades mentioned above: (Sigurdsson 1960, Thoemar 1962, 1967; Sigurdardottir 1962; 1967; Harter 1968; Macintyre 1972, 1973, 1974). The Biowarfare Criminals expect us to simply suspend disbelief in such phony “discoveries!” Today leadership of the AIDS Biowarfare Operation has been passed to Anthony Fauci. (See below.) The VISNA virus was chosen for its long incubation period (normally 1 to 2 years) and its pH growth requirements (pH is a scale of acidity and alkalinity running from 1 to 14 where 7 is neutral. Below 7 is acid and above 7 is alkaline). Visna and AIDS are relatively stable between 5.1 and 10.0 but are optimally infective at a slightly alkaline pH. This allows AIDS to grow in the blood and semen, which are both slightly alkaline, and also in the anus (pH 8.0 to 8.5), but NOT in the vagina (pH 4.5) where it is inactivated! (H. Thormar, 1960) See further below.

    In order for AIDS Biological Warfare to be maximally efficient in order to be able to kill the highest number of the targeted population, which as mentioned for AIDS is People of Color, Gays, IV drug users and those with blood dyscrasias (clotting disorders), it has been crucial to keep the masses ignorant of how AIDS is actually transmitted and distributed and the actual incubation period, and that has been fairly easy. This general rule also applies when the targeted population is the general population as in the case of the A(H5N1) Bird Flu or “Swine” Flu, etc! It should be noted that documentation of the release of AIDS into the Gay population was recorded in a video that was made of “the first AIDS so-called ‘Typhoid Mary’” (so-called patient 0) and was ironically played on the evening news revealing that the capitalists’ “intelligence community” had deliberately infected a promiscuous male airline steward with the AIDS virus through his “doctor” then followed him, videotaping him going from one assignation to another unknowingly spreading AIDS. But what these Biowarfare enthusiasts, who could not have made the film for any other reason than to document their Biological Warfare handiwork, did not realize was that the film actually implicated those who made it! The questions immediately arose: 1. How did the video tapers know that person had AIDS? and 2.) Why didn’t they stop him? 3.) And what about all his contacts?

    AIDS is Naturally Self-Limiting in Any Heterosexual Population, which Requires that the Capitalists’
    Misnamed, So-Called “Intelligence Community” Continually Re-infect those Targeted Populations!

    AIDS is naturally self-limiting in any heterosexual population, excluding IV drug users, because AIDS is spread sexually ONLY with difficulty even from male to female! (Annals of Internal Medicine, May 1985 and British Medical Journal, September 14, 1985). And Women almost NEVER transmit AIDS except to their babies during pregnancy. First of all, women can only contract AIDS sexually by anal sex or by vaginal sex during their menstrual period or if they have open vaginal sores or abrasions. Despite deliberately falsified and sensationalized media accounts women do NOT spread AIDS sexually! Fraudulent “experts” – panic mongers - deliberately omit that the normally high vaginal acidity (pH 4.5) inactivates any amounts of virus sometimes found in vaginal or cervical secretions and also helps neutralize virus in semen from AIDS victims during sexual intercourse. In addition, factors in vaginal mucous (also found in submandibular saliva!) also inactivate the AIDS virus, and the vaginal lining of stratified squamous epithelium is impervious to the AIDS virus. AIDS is NOT transmitted by the oral route—including semen and breast milk—except through open sores in the mouth or esophagus. Normal stomach acidity kills the AIDS virus! Further eliminating any possible infectivity during oral sex is the fact that semen forms a weak coagulum (clot) almost as soon as it is ejaculated. This helps entrap AIDS virus containing T4-Lymphocytes in the semen, which is then usually either expectorated or swallowed. Saliva contains NO detectable AIDS virus in 99% of AIDS victims! In the remaining 1 per cent the amount of virus is 1/10,000 less than in AIDS victims’ blood—much too low an amount to spread AIDS. The AIDS virus is a very weak RNA virus which must be spread by a direct blood to blood or semen to blood route (primarily anal sex without condoms) to cause disease in those with a normal immune system.

    The capitalist dictatorship is using the TB skin test (PPD) as one method to infect large sections of the targeted population worldwide. In the U.S. the PPD is required at methadone clinics and has for years been required of convicted prisoners. It is also strongly pushed at STD clinics and blood banks. Thirty-five year old IVDAs do not normally shoot up with 19 yr. old IVDAs. The common denominator is the TB skin test at these clinics where AIDS is PULSED into the targeted populations in line with the desired kill ratios, which must be in line with what must appear to be normal “expectations,” which also factors in needle sharing and male to female (anal and during menstruation only) as well as male to male sexual transmission. For the reasons presented above there is no legitimate female to male or female-to-female transmission. The fact that AIDS was for a long time confined primarily to the upper-income urban strata in African cities indicates that unlike a sexually transmitted disease which is found in all population strata, the inoculation pattern was artificial and not entirely by sexual means. The upper-income urban strata were attracted to the more modern clinics in the central African cities run by the Agency for International Development (AID)—a CIA front group and W.H.O. which has been penetrated for decades by U.S. “intelligence” agencies. Later the deliberately created “healthcare” emergency served as the justification for an enormously increased presence of these agencies which also sponsor rural “healthcare” teams to seek out and infect vast areas of sub-Saharan Africa. An artificial repeating pattern! The false claim that AIDS is transmitted easily and equally by men and women of Color (or lack of Color) during heterosexual (non-anal) intercourse is a Big Lie used to cover up the U.S. government-led mass murder of millions of People of Color worldwide. Prostitutes are primarily infected not by Johns but by government run STD clinics where in many countries prostitutes must by law come in for monthly check-ups. Needle sharing, especially in the U.S. simply increases the number of those infected.

    The World Capitalist Dictatorship has Blocked Development of an
    Effective AIDS Vaccine and Blocked an Actual Cure Which Can
    Completely Remove the AIDS Virus from All Infected Cells in the Body!

    The U.S. government has gone to great lengths to prevent development of an effective AIDS vaccine, first permitting work to be carried out only on vaccines which used the AIDS envelope lipoprotein, which the capitalist dictatorship knew would be entirely ineffective. The U.S. government (NIH) refuses any funding of an AIDS vaccine which utilizes the viral RNA itself under the false pretext that the vaccine might infect people. This is despite the fact that deleting the SOR gene makes it impossible for the virus to replicate and would permit use of virtually all of the AIDS RNA to be used in the vaccine, minus the SOR gene. This would make an extremely effective recombinant vaccine but Chief BioWarfare Criminal Anthony Fauci, & Co. and the U.S. Department of Biological Warfare do not permit that to occur. The field of AIDS vaccine “research” has been deliberately misled by various red herrings and has presently degenerated into multiple ridiculous dead ends. The most recent media-hyped deliberate dead end is wondrous discovery that the cellular protein SAMHD1, which is produced by macrophages and dendritic cells breaks down intracellular building blocks of DNA called deoxynucleoside triphosphates which makes it totally useless in CD4 cells targeted by the AIDS virus! Before that we had phony studies of “new neutralizing monoclonal antibodies.” And fake researchers (Barouch et al) ridiculously claim that infecting monkeys with a live Vaccine against cytomegalovirus (CMV!?) protects 50% of monkeys on the basis of “raising their immune response,” but gives the monkeys another disease in the process and would not work for humans either especially for pregnant women, which would help the U.S.-led capitalist dictatorship reduce the population from yet another angle! (Nature, February 2, 2012, Vol. 482) Such TOTAL RUBBISH! Previously the misnamed so-called “intelligence community” had sidetracked research with the V520 “vaccine” which contained a weakened adenovirus (an adenovirus—a cold virus—seriously!?) which supposedly “produced T-cells to kill HIV-infected cells.” Right! That “vaccine” and others like it were a ridiculous, hilarious joke and resulted in total failure but it has been good for a multiple year delay! Ever since 1980! String them along, Anthony “Big Tony” Fauci!

    The Synchrotron particle accelerator has been used to create an entirely synthetic vaccine for foot and mouth disease, a picornavirus. The chief claims for the vaccine is that it is very stable and entirely safe because it uses no genetic material, DNA or RNA. The vaccine consists of a synthetic protein envelope alone thus minimizing the chances of accidental release of any genetic material, which does not exist in this process. (See: PLOS/Pathogen, March 2013, Volume 9, Issue 3) This sort of vaccine would undoubtedly not work with the AIDS virus. First of all the foot and mouth disease virus possess a coat which is apparently composed entirely of protein which is strongly antigenic causing it to illicit a strong immune response, while the AIDS virus has a lipoprotein coat, which alone has a very weak antigenic response. In addition, this sort of approach has already been attempted previously in the 1980s, namely using artificial segments of the lipoprotein coat and was completely unsuccessful. A successful AIDS vaccine would require use of the RNA genetic material—minus the SOR gene as described above. But the capitalist dictatorship has blocked all serious efforts for an AIDS vaccine!

    The Capitalist Dictatorship has ALSO Blocked an Actual Cure Which Can
    Completely Remove the AIDS Virus from All Infected Cells in the Body!

    Two teams of investigators discovered way back in 1988 that it was possible to remove the AIDS virus from all cells in the body which might be infected with the AIDS virus. If an AIDS victim is transfused for a period of time with either recombinant human CD4-Pseudomonas exotoxin hybrid protein or by rCD4-ricin A chain the AIDS virus can be completely removed from the body! (See: “Selective killing of HIV-infected cells by recombinant human CD4-Pseudomonas exotoxin hybrid protein,” VK Chaudhary, T Mizukami, TR Fuerst, DJ FitzGerald, B Moss, I Pastan, EA Berger, Nature 1988; 335:369-72 and “HIV-infected cells are killed by rCD4-ricin A chain,” MA Till, V Ghetie, T Gregory, EJ Patzer, JP Porter, JW Uhr, DJ Capon, ES Vitetta, Science 1988; 242:1166-8. This approach was also sabotaged entirely! One way of sabotaging a line of investigation is to use highly influential people to sidetrack even principal investigators on such a promising approach. A Citation Index Search by this writer, which among other things can provide previous and future articles by the authors of a scientific paper, indicates that is what may have happened here.

    The Reason Why U.S. Led Biowarfare Criminals
    Have Revised the False “Monkey Theory” of AIDS:

    It should be noted that the U.S.-led Biowarfare criminals originally falsely claimed that AIDS had an elaborately concocted “natural origin” in African Green Monkeys. On the basis of this phony claim a huge body of false literature was built up over almost 20 years with literally thousands of entirely fraudulent articles published using what was actually the genetically-engineered (genetically-adapted) Visna-Maedi Lentivirus adapted to Green Monkeys in hundreds of “peer review journals” such as Science, Nature, Nature Genetics, Nature New Biology, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS), Cell, The New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, Lancet, the British Medical Journal, etc., etc., etc., as well as thousands of media articles in order to brainwash the masses! In 1999 the capitalists suddenly discarded their ridiculous Green Monkey Theory (Species jumping—bestiality and eat monkey meat-bushmeat theory! Good Grief!) and introduced the equally absurd Chimpanzee Theory! The reasons for this was that 1.) Green Monkeys are ubiquitous in Africa but 2.) So-called “Simian AIDS (SIV)” does not appear in Green Monkeys anywhere in nature—only in the capitalists’ biowarfare laboratories.) and 3.) African countries were in the process of building up their own modern research facilities where it was certain to be reported that Green Monkeys do not naturally carry the “simian AIDS” virus (so-called SIV). Chimpanzees on the other hand are an endangered species and their locations and their much smaller populations are all conveniently known down to the last chimp and controlled and monitored by the U.S.-led Biowarfare criminals. So these Biowarfare perverts then went and infected a group of their Chimpanzees “in the wild”(!) in Camaroon with their genetically-adapted “simian AIDS” virus in order to be able to falsely claim that “fecal samples (in the half of the chimp communities which they were able to deliberately infect) prove”(!) that it was actually those Chimpanzees all along! (Science, “Chimpanzee Reservoirs of Pandemic and Nonpandemic HIV-1,” B.H.Hahn, et al., 25 May 2006 [DOI: 10.1126/science. 1126531] (in Science Express Reports) and the New York Times, May 26, 2006 by Biowarfare propagandist Lawrence K. Altman. One more Big Lie! Repeated over and over and over again like all Big Lies in order to make it appear to be “true.” Another huge body of concocted literature is now in the process of being accumulated to “prove” this phony new cover story for the capitalists’ AIDS Biowarfare Weapon. During the last 20 years prior to the decision to falsely accuse Chimps as the culprits the capitalists infected 26 species of African monkeys with the AIDS virus in a desperate attempt to support their false claim that lentiviruses are naturally found in monkeys. But lentiviruses cannot infect other species because of “heat stabile, non-specific inhibitors in the serum which neutralize lentiviruses.” (Thormar & Sigurdardottir, 1962 and Thormar & von Magnus,1963). Similarly no other species can be infected with AIDS! Chimpanzees develop swollen glands but recover completely. In order to overcome the serum factor in humans and to guarantee fatality, AIDS virus had to be “evolved” by multiple passages of Visna Virus through cell cultures of Bovine species and then this artificially created virus (“Bovine Visna Virus”) was grown in cell cultures of human T4 lymphocytes (the master cells of immunity) in gradually increasing serum concentrations. This is documented in the 2 key papers cited above by M.J. Van der Maaten et al, and J.A. Georgiades et al.

    Those who understand the above brief explanation of AIDS Biowarfare should have no problem understanding why the U.S. government would want to deliberately infect Magic Johnson—probably by a TB skin test administered at the annual physical exam by team physician, Michael Mellman. The Flu-like illness which caused Magic to miss the first 3 games was very likely the flu-like illness which follows a whopping dose of AIDS virus and which gives a strong antibody response, but Mellman kept insisting this could not be the case! Right! The incubation period for AIDS is only about 2 years. That is when the victim usually develops lymph node enlargement and/or candidiasis. The U.S. government has introduced the Big Lie that the incubation period is 10 to 20 years in order to help prevent victims from being able to pinpoint when and how they were infected. The purposes of infecting Magic Johnson were to use and manipulate him in order to push 2 Big Lies: 1.) That just anyone can get AIDS and 2.) That women transmit AIDS sexually. The incident is used to reinforce racism by threatening women who want to date Black men and also to achieve a false panic around active heterosexuals as a “risk group.” This works to help conservatize the general population politically by first conservatizing it sexually, which was one of the original objectives of the AIDS epidemic—to help conservatize the entire population in this way. By refusing to make a vaccine for Herpes Simplex—see above—the capitalist dictatorship has used Herpes similarly to AIDS to help politically conservatize the masses. The only way to end the AIDS epidemic is to begin at the beginning. The beginning is that AIDS is Biological Warfare by the U.S. capitalist dictatorship. Only by organizing around this central fact can a movement be built which will finally bring the AIDS epidemic to an end. That will require a Socialist Revolution in the center of world capitalism-imperialism, the United States, the first step to World Socialism. Let’s get rid of capitalism!

    William H. Depperman, Coordinator
    United Front Against Racism
    And Capitalism-Imperialism
    New York, N.Y. 10003
    Revised May 4, 2013

    Thanks for posting the numerous references.
    Adds a lot to credibility. I've had subscriptions to Nature & Science
    and follow up references to biologicals & bioWar,
    such as Ken Alibek, aka Kanatjan Alibekov, even though
    my experience was more as a Nuclear Technical Specialist (AFTAC lab).

    Thanks for the updates, also, since I followed the Usenet writings from Bay Area
    in 1988 - 1993 on the AIDS numbers rising dramatically.
    Then the video tapes from Dr. Robert Streicher came along to alert us to
    SIV-40 & other "unknowns" in our vaccines.

    At age 68+, I've seen a lot of "connect the dots" happenings,
    beginning with the Army testing of "jackrabbit fever" tularemia
    over my home county in West Texas in the middle 1960's.

    more later. Keep up the good work.

    Quick!  Someone call the Guinness Book of Records!
    The comment by William H. Depperman (not verified) is the longest stream of riff-raff I ever saw.
    Mr. Depperman, man do you need a copper colander with chin strap. I think the foil hats are to thin to with stand the heat in your head.

    Governments around the world have got it all wrong when it comes to the eventual emergence of the human-to-human mass killer avian flu. This is why only a Source' Strategy will ever defeat the human-to-human mass killer when it eventually emerges around the world. It is the environment that birds are reared, sold and slaughtered in is the reason why a 'Source' Strategy is only the strategy that can stop the eventual human-to-human killer emerging. How many more times does the world need prompting before it is too late.

    For the only way to stop this mass killer and we will state it again, is to address it at 'source' for this is the only way to stop this human-to-human killer virus. Why does the world contend that a vaccine will come in time? Because Big Pharma says it will. This is the biggest lie of all time and where because governments are like sheep and accept this premise, 100s of millions will die this next time around. Margaret Chan has said many times that it is only a matter of time not when. The only strategy that has worked and stopped the killer virus in its tracks in 1997 was -

    When will the world wake up and see that only by addressing the virus at its 'source' will we stop several hundred million dying - The ‘prevention is better than cure' strategy and not the ‘let it happen and then we will try to cure it’ strategy, like the mindset we have presently. We have to turn that thinking around and use the same strategy as was used in Hong Kong in 1997 and kill the virus in its tracks.

    Are we so dumb to believe Big Pharma and that a vaccine will come in time. Apparently we are and where the time horizons for the Spanish Flu that took up to 100 million lives and the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic response where a vaccine came four months after in time that the Spanish Flu did its worst. Indeed only after 7 months 1 week from the first human-to-human death was the vaccine actually authorized by the US authorities and where after 6 months the 1918 killer pandemic had killed most. Logic and intelligence says that a vaccine will come too late so let’s start adopting the only strategy that stopped it in its tracks. The reason why this has not been adopted is because there are not the tens of billions in drug sales. Who says that big Pharma is only interested in profits and not the human race - I do for one. Indeed Nature Magazine published an article at the same time that the 'Source' strategy was being outlined to the world in 2008 in Thailand and killed it off -
    The only strategy that has worked and stopped the killer virus in its tracks was outlined in 2008 -
    ,when Nature Magazine killed it off. They did this for their paymasters the global pharmaceutical industry and therefore despatched 100s of millions to their deaths eventually and where it has to be said that their holding company has its roots in the Nazi era. Therefore this company has learnt nothing from the Holocaust and where this time they will destroy over six times the people the Nazi regime killed over the whole period of WW2.

    When it comes as it will according to Margaret Chan D-G of the WHO, it will completely decimate the world economy (it will make the global financial meltdown look like a storm in a teacup) and the big pharmaceutical companies in its wake. That is the irony of this dreaded killer that will be the greatest in the history of the world by far.

    Dr. David Hill
    World Innovation Foundation