EV Infrastructure Validation: World Record-Breaking Electric Vehicle Journey Complete
    By News Staff | April 30th 2014 01:30 AM | 4 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
    Earlier this month, the Epic Electric American Road Trip, a 24-day, 12,183-mile battery-powered journey sponsored by electric vehicle (EV) software and information services company Recargo Inc., was completed.

    They expect to be awarded Guinness World Record verification for the longest vehicle journey ever taken using 100% electric power. The goal was to emphasize the possibilities of the nation's current electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

    Norman Hajjar, Managing Director of Recargo's driver research division, PlugInsights, crossed the finish line in a stock Tesla Model S sedan. At the trip's end, Norman had ventured across a 27-state route spanning the four corners of the lower 48 states: Washington, Maine, Florida, and California, ending at Recargo's offices in Venice, California. Hajjar took advantage of Tesla's newly built, proprietary string of cross-country "Supercharger" stations, in order to make the coast-to-coast electric venture.

    Credit: Recargo Inc.

    Hajjar navigated via PlugShare, the company's mobile app directory of public electric vehicle charging stations which helps drivers pinpoint charging locations from a database of over 48,000 worldwide. The Epic Electric American Road Trip was powered by a new version of PlugShare for Tesla drivers, uniquely adapted to the Model S's 17" touch screen monitor.

    "We wanted to illustrate what's possible with the nation's charging infrastructure, and draw attention to needs for further improvement," said Hajjar. "The plausibility of a mass switch to EV usage in America simply can't be separated from the need for a robust fast-charging network. I've traveled over 12,000 miles in under 3.5 weeks. With the proper infrastructure, there's nothing an EV can't do."


    They stopped up the road, twice on this trip.
    Never is a long time.
    I imagine they stopped a lot. With gas, 3 minutes and you are gone.  It wasn't "Oregon Trail" levels of time but all of that charging couldn't have been easy. Probably very relaxing - a lot of time at the hotel pool.
    They say 30 minutes to "Top" off the the charge.

    Tesla has a proprietary network of what they call “Superchargers” that run up and down the East and West Coast as well as across the middle of the United States. A Supercharger can top off the Model S’s battery in less than 30 minutes, normally. Supercharger sites are averagely spaced about 130 miles apart along the route. Almost the entire journey uses these Superchargers. The one exception is the leg from Warwick, Rhode Island to Kittery, Maine, where we need to rely on a single slower, “Level 2” style charger.

    One of the supercharger station is up the street. I had been thinking that wasn't much good as i'm 5 miles from home, what do I need a charger there for. But:

    Incredibly, nothing. Tesla makes the use of its Superchargers free to Tesla drivers who have paid to enable the vehicle’s “fast charging” option. The Level 2 charger we will be accessing is also free to use.

    Can't imaging they'll keep this up, but free charge up's is nice, though:

    Tesla Superchargers are external chargers designed to replenish half of a charge in as little as 20 minutes. When enabled, there is no charge to use a Supercharger. This allows you to drive for free from coast to coast or anywhere our growing network of Superchargers will take you.

    Included with the 85 kWh battery
    $2,500 after delivery

    How much gas does $2,500 buy (~21,000 miles @ $3.60/gal 30mpg)? If you drive a lot, near superchargers, and can afford one, not a bad deal, but the difference between a loaded up S model @$116k vs a nice Audi (or Caddy depending on tastes), that difference still buys a lot of gas.

    Never is a long time.
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