Tesla On The Horizon: Wireless Power Now Works Over 15 Feet
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    Researchers have reported a big improvement in the distance of wireless power.   Their "Dipole Coil Resonant System (DCRS) boosts the extended range of inductive power transfer up to 5 meters between transmitter and receiver coils. 

    It's not quite the rumors about Nikola Tesla but if you think that's not a lot, ponder that Bluetooth is only slightly greater after 15 years in progress.

    And people want wireless power a lot more than they ever wanted Bluetooth.  Since MIT's introduction of the Coupled Magnetic Resonance System (CMRS) in 2007, which used a magnetic field to transfer energy for a distance of 2.1 meters, the development of long-distance wireless power transfer has attracted a great deal of attention. MIT knew that its initial CMRS had commercialization limits: a rather complicated coil structure (composed of four coils for input, transmission, reception, and load); bulky-size resonant coils; high frequency (in a range of 10 MHz) required to resonate the transmitter and receiver coils, which results in low transfer efficiency; and a high Q factor of 2,000 that makes the resonant coils very sensitive to surroundings such as temperature, humidity, and human proximity. 

    So the race has been on to make something for practical use. Chun T. Rim, a professor of Nuclear&Quantum Engineering at KAIST, and his team showcased their work yesterday at the KAIST campus in Daejeon, Korea. 

    The overall configuration of DCRS, showing primary and secondary coils. Credit: KAIST 

    Professor Rim proposed a meaningful solution to these problems through DCRS, an optimally designed coil structure that has two magnetic dipole coils, a primary one to induce a magnetic field and a secondary to receive electric power.

    Unlike the large and thick loop-shaped air coils built in CMRS, the KAIST research team used compact ferrite core rods with windings at their centers. The high frequency AC current of the primary winding generates a magnetic field, and then the linkage magnetic flux induces the voltage at the secondary winding.

    Scalable and slim with a size of 3 m in length, 10 cm in width, and 20 cm in height, DCRS is significantly smaller than CMRS. The system has a low Q factor of 100, showing 20 times stronger against the environment changes, and works well at a low frequency of 100 kHz.

    The team conducted several experiments and achieved promising results: for instance, under the operation of 20 kHz, the maximum output power was 1,403 W at a 3-meter distance, 471 W at 4-meter, and 209 W at 5-meter. For 100 W of electric power transfer, the overall system power efficiency was 36.9% at 3 meters, 18.7% at 4 meters, and 9.2% at 5 meters.

    A prototype of the Dipole Coil Resonant System, developed by a KAIST research team, turns a LED television on at a 5-meter distance. Credit: KAIST

    "With DCRS," Professor Rim said, "a large LED TV as well as three 40 W-fans can be powered from a 5-meter distance."

    "Our technology proved the possibility of a new remote power delivery mechanism that has never been tried at such a long distance. Although the long-range wireless power transfer is still in an early stage of commercialization and quite costly to implement, we believe that this is the right direction for electric power to be supplied in the future. Just like we see Wi-Fi zones everywhere today, we will eventually have many Wi-Power zones at such places as restaurants and streets that provide electric power wirelessly to electronic devices. We will use all the devices anywhere without tangled wires attached and anytime without worrying about charging their batteries."

    A simulation result of magnetic flux lines of DCRS coil configuration. Credit: KAIST

    Professor Rim's team completed a research project with the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd in March this year to remotely supply electric power to essential instrumentation and control equipment at a nuclear power plant in order to properly respond to an emergency like the one happened at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

    They succeeded to transfer 10 W of electricity to the plant that was located 7 meters away from the power base.


    Put the tranmitter in the middle of a cirkel from receivers

    Thanks for at least giving Tesla an honorable mention in this article. Too bad much of Tesla's work never surfaced after his death, (at the very least his credits have been completely trampled upon) reinventing the wheel is a sad commentary on modern academia and overall politics in general.

    Nearly 100 years after Tesla's working long distance large scale wireless power generation it is only now coming back into fashion? I guess it takes a century for academics and politicians to admit that they (Thomas Edison et. al.) were wrong to accuse Tesla of treason by communicating with German U-Boats which resulted in the US Congress ordering the military to bulldoze his Wardenclyffe site. His actual smaller scale working prototype was located at Colorado Springs. By the way, in addition to patenting the first data radio transmissions (Marconi only did a much cruder voice transmission) he also invented, but failed to patent before Carrier, the first practical working modern air conditioning system which cooled his massive air core coils.

    By the way Tesla's own lab was lighted by wireless AC power using fluorescent bulbs as early as 1889 which proved long, long ago the inefficiencies of Edison's power wasting DC powered incandescent light bulbs. The distances his power transmissions were certainly much, much further than 15 feet even in this very early stage of its development.

    Some day Tesla will be acknowledged for the real genius that he was, by far more brilliant, in my humble opinion, than even Einstein ever was. Tesla's treatment is a perfect parallel to how academia, and those motivated by politics, treat those that are currently skeptical of AGW, or who are at least appalled at the unethical ends justify the means mentality, tactics, and logical fallacies used to defend their opinions involved with AGW promotion.

    Also, by the way, Tesla's radio patent was commingled with his first patented Remote Piloted Vehicle (RPV) for which he was laughed at by the military (coerced by Edison). Over one-hundred-twenty years later and guess what is the most dynamic area of military research? You guessed it, RPV's. Thats right, although Tesla's prototype was a radio controlled model of a submarine he probably would have used an airplane had it been invented at the time. Such as it was it was over a decade before Orville and Wilbur were to invent the first successful airplane. Yes, it has been said, quite appropriately, many times before that Tesla was indeed a "man before his time".

    hi there, i am interested in the idea of the wireless provision of power, yet i have no knowledge on the subject. can any prescribe a good source of information in order to get good background knowledge on nikola tesla's work and why he (such a seemingly brilliant mind) never progressed on the provision of wireless power, and also (if anyone can answer) what is the greatest problem facing the development of a more efficient means of power transportation?

    Unfortunately we may never know for sure. Much private research funding dried up after the U.S. government began providing funding for scientific research. Tesla never was able to obtain any of this money, again due to Thomas Edison's influences, I think Edison may have actually sat on one of the first boards that decided who received funding and for what reasons. Westinghouse also stopped funding Tesla after the shutdown of his Wardenclyffe site. There are a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding the U.S. government seizing all of his work, some even give Tesla credit for providing breakthrough concepts that influenced the success of the Manhattan Project.

    After reading his autobiography I personally think that Tesla himself destroyed much of his own work being very bitter at the accusations of treason after his greatest achievement was destroyed. I believe that he felt that humanity would misuse his later inventions, and indeed we certainly have.

    “Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.”
    Nikola Tesla

    “We are whirling through endless space, with and inconceivable speed, all around everything is spinning, everything is moving, everywhere there is energy. There must be some way of availing ourselves of this energy more directly. Then, with the light obtained from the medium [luminiferous aether], with the power derived from it, with every form of energy obtained without effort, from the store forever inexhaustible, humanity will advance with giant strides. The mere contemplation of these magnificent possibilities expand our minds, strengthens our hopes and and fills our hearts with supreme delight.”
    Nikola Tesla

    The medium, or luminiferous aether, that Tesla refers to may actually turn out to be what todays scientists refer to as dark energy and/or dark matter. But that would be a very hard pill for modern theorists to swallow. Remember that the Earth is nothing but a giant capacitor with the firmament being one charged plate and the ionosphere being the oppositely charged plate(s). Lots of free potential energy there just waiting to be tapped.

    Also if indeed you really are interested you may wish to look up T. Townsend Brown since he was one of the rare people whom Tesla discussed his work with in great detail prior to his death. Beware though, Brown's extension of Tesla's work in the defense industry clouded his own work with many conspiracy theories and the then newly acquired practice of disinformation by the so-called military intelligence departments. (lookup the Philadelphia experiment)

    Hint: If you look at many "peer reviewed" papers (I know of two such papers from NASA) trying unsuccessfully to reproduce Brown's experimental results they all use air ( dielectric constant k = 1) as a dielectric when Brown himself was using capacitors with dielectric constants of well over 5000. Brown also recommended minimum voltages of 50,000 to 70,000 volts before the effect became noticeable whereas in the published papers authors never used voltages that high. Brown figured that dielectrics with k values of upwards of 10,000 would probably be necessary before any practical device could be used to do any useful work.

    Good Luck!

    Sorry to beat a dead horse but I also think that it is very interesting that Lockheed produced an inferior "stealth" fighter (F-117) which only uses a mathematical model that simply reflects radar waves from returning to the source. It is common knowledge that by simply placing the receiving antennae some distance from the transmitting antennae the "stealth" effects can be completely wiped out. This is contrary to the actual "stealth" design of Northrop's B2 Bomber which most likely uses T.T Brown's accidental stealth properties. Northrop experimented with capacitorizing their wings in the 1960's to obtain more efficient laminar flow designs and stumbled upon the "stealth" qualities of such a design.

    This is remarkable since T. T. Brown worked for Lockheed, their own data is most likely buried so deep in their "military intelligence" controlled archives that their current engineers probably don't have access to this remarkable research. Hilarious when you think of it ;-)

    To people who were actually around at the time, this does not hold up. The government bought the Stealth fighter they bought, it was not a secret effort to produce rubbish by Lockheed which, let's face it, had produced terrific stuff but was hardly a technology leader when the spec went out from the government. They worked their butts off for that.

    And Lockheed didn't invent that stealth technology, much less some better version hidden in a desk; that was Hughes.
    The F-117 has the aerodynamics of a flying brick shithouse. That being said, in most radar used today the receiving and transmitting antenna are one-in-the-same and in these instances the F-117 is stealthfully effective. However, very early on Russia figured it out, that is why it has been suggested that the first strikes during the "Shock and Awe" attack were done with the B2's on the Russian radar sites which then paved the way for the F-117's to do their thing.

    The Philadelphia experiment was headed by T.T. Brown and I do believe that he worked for Lockheed at the time. I don't doubt that Hughes was also doing extensive stealth research. The Biefield-Brown effect or ionic wind was what the NASA papers confirmed but they (intentionally?) stopped short of reproducing his later research which was an actual capacitive lifting device which possessed secondary radar stealthiness effects, again I do believe at least some of this research was accomplished during Browns tenure at Lockheed.

    In the Philadelphia experiment the stealth properties included the visual light wavelengths, it was abandoned presumably because of the nasty psychological side effects of the incredibly intense magnetic fields required.

    I also read that Lockheed's F-35 is very "shiny" to radar in the VHF frequency ranges and yes this is not Lockheed's fault, rather it was the pentagon who wrote the specs for the order. In my opinion a very, very bad idea to put all one's eggs into one basket.

    After doing some research i see what you mean about many conspiracy theories surrounding his work. However, am i correct in understanding that Tesla was working on a way to use the actual earth as a conductor to transport his electricity? thank you so much for the feed back!

    Yes, in fact the destruction of the actual Wardenclyffe tower was not the actual death blow to the project. The greatest cost was the number and depth of the copper grounding rods required, the tower could have easily have been rebuilt for minimal costs. The fact is that congress prevented him from performing further research. Tesla said something like: 'you have to have a firm grip on the earth' meaning a very solid, very low resistance ground connection at the tower site.

    Did Tesla leave behind blueprints or experimental drafts? i have read that much of his work was seized and suppressed by the government after his death, however, in more recent years, has any of his actual writings on wireless electricity transportation come to light? if so, have people tried to replace the copper rods with carbon or something with less of a resistance and the repeated the experiment? Surely by combining modern technology and Tesla's basic principles we can recreate or even improve on these monumental ideas?

    He lost a lot of paper in a fire. The other things are conspiratorial mythology that built up around him. 
    Yes Hank, disinformation is an incredibly powerful transformational tool, it transforms some incredible events into garbage that makes it very difficult to discern any facts from the chaff which then helps to discredit the entire story which then causes otherwise intelligent rational people to throw the baby out with the bathwater. This is exactly what Tesla dealt with his entire life and why he died nearly penniless.

    Lets take another "conspiracy theory" that just happens to be turning out to be a conspiracy fact right before our eyes, that is the reason for, and who perpetrated, the Benghazi attacks were "conspired" by the White House and the current administration to have been the reactions and protests caused by a California YouTube poster when the facts rolling in every day are proving that it was a terrorist attack by an Al Qaeda related terrorist group. The video cover up story was 100% pure fabrication by the White House. The White House used this cover up story for the sole purpose of retaining political power in an election year.

    All conspiracy theories have some elements of truth, The term "conspiracy theory" has simply become a tool for those heavily steeped in philosophical Logical fallacies used to acquire and protect their own circles of political power. Academia and Mainstream media are no exceptions to this conspiracy fact.

    That's a good question. Fact: The U.S. government confiscated all of Tesla's possessions after his death. sometime after WWII the government released many of his possessions to interests, if I remember correctly, in Croatia, since Tesla had no living relatives in the U.S.A. I believe that if one wishes to study these materials they are on occasion made to be available. The conspiracy is that the U.S. government retained all of the papers valuable to its own military research interests, the fact is that no one knows for sure.

    Carbon does not have less resistance than copper, silver on the other hand does, but this is not the issue. The materials in the upper crust of the earth do have a relatively high resistance, so any low resistance ground requires a lot of surface area therefore in actuality any material with a lower resistance to the dirt, rocks, saltwater, or whatever would probably do.

    Be warned, as has been demonstrated here by Hank, there is still a lot of resistance from academia, and therefore scientific research funding agencies will be very hesitant if not outright hostile to any such grant requests. So I may have been wrong, it may actually take longer than a century for academia to admit that it was wrong about Tesla :-(

    A great place to start any research into Tesla's work is with Tesla; Man Out of Time by Margret Cheney.

    Again, Good Luck!