Brivaracetam In Epilepsy: Added Benefit Not Proven

Brivaracetam (trade name: Briviact) has been approved since January 2016 as add-on therapy for...

Vismodegib In Basal Cell Carcinoma: Added Benefit Not Proven

Vismodegib (trade name: Erivedge) has already been approved since 2013 for the treatment of patients...

Baby Talk Words With Repeated Sounds Help Infants Learn Language

Babies find it easier to learn words with repetitive syllables rather than mixed sounds, a study...

Genomic Study Tracks African-American Dispersal In The Great Migration

An assessment of genomic diversity in the United States of America clarifies the role of pre-Civil...

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Using one of the most sensitive neutrino detectors on the planet, the Borexino instrument, an international team are measuring the flow of solar neutrinos reaching Earth more precisely than ever before. 

Canola, a specific edible type of rapeseed developed in the 1970s, contains about 40 percent oil and became popular as a substitute for traditional cooking oils. The name is derived as “Can” (for Canada) and “ola” (for oil low acid) and Canola oil is the lowest in saturated fats of all commonly used oils.  While much is imported, North Dakota leads the U.S. in canola, approximately 92 percent of domestic production.

A new review has found evidence that a specific gene is linked to suicidal behavior, which may be one of the many complex causes of suicide. 

In the past, studies have implicated the gene for brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in suicidal behavior. BDNF is involved in the development of the nervous system. After pooling results from 11 previous studies and adding their own study data involving people with schizophrenia, scientists writing in the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology  found that among people with a psychiatric diagnosis, those with the methionine ("met") variation of the gene had a higher risk of suicidal behavior compared to those with the valine variation. 

It took years of mismanagement, printing Monopoly money by the federal government, and runaway unemployment to get groups claiming to represent 99% of Americans protesting progressive fiscal policy on Wall Street and in other cities.

You may disagree on the purity of that movement, since the Teamsters and the education unions are funding this stuff and are not exactly friends of the little guy (try to get a job in NYC without being in their union) but one thing no one will disagree with; if you take away coffee, 100% of Americans will riot.

Hypothetically, if someone told you that a hypothetical question can influence your judgments or behavior, would you believe them?

It's "Second Life"...for monkeys.  And a lot more real.   Scientists have demonstrated a two-way interaction between a primate brain and a virtual body - they learned to employ brain activity alone to move an avatar hand and even identify the texture of virtual objects.