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Children's television is 'problematic', according to a new paper in the Journal of Communication.

While there is no physical bullying in these shows, what the authors consider an 'alarming' amount contain behaviors like cruel gossiping and manipulation of friendship.  There aren't many ways for shows to be funny in 2012, it seems.

What to give the person who has everything? A clock that will keep perfect time  even after the heat-death of the universe. 

Such a "space-time crystal" has periodic structure in time as well as space. Why haven't we built those? With such a 4D crystal, scientists would have a new and more effective means by which to study how complex physical properties and behaviors emerge from the collective interactions of large numbers of individual particles, the so-called many-body problem of physics. A space-time crystal could also be used to study phenomena in the quantum world, such as entanglement, in which an action on one particle impacts another particle even if the two particles are separated by vast distances.

The muscle-building dietary supplement creatine helps women battling depressions, according to a study from South Korea and the University of Utah. It reports that women with major depressive disorder (MDD) who augmented their daily antidepressant with 5 grams of creatine responded twice as fast and experienced remission of the illness at twice the rate of women who took the antidepressant alone.

Sharpless 2-292, a stellar nursery called the Seagull Nebula because it seems to form the head of the seagull, glows brightly due to the energetic radiation from a very hot young star lurking at its heart. Now it has gotten a new look courtesy of the Wide Field Imager on the MPG/ESO 2.2-meter telescope at La Silla Observatory.
Active video gaming using dancing and boxing were associated with increased heart rate, oxygen uptake and energy expenditure in a study of 18 school children in England, according to a report in Archives of Pediatrics&Adolescent Medicine.

It sure beats rest and sedentary video game play, anyway.

Low levels of physical activity have been linked to obesity. Active video game playing compared with traditional sedentary video game playing encourages more movement and could help children increase their physical activity levels, according to the study background.
New research may offer some hope to women whose fertility has been compromised by the side-effects of cancer therapy or by premature menopause.

In a new study, researchers from Monash University and Prince Henry's Institute of Medical Research found that two proteins, PUMA and NOXA, cause the death of egg cells in the ovaries.

Blocking the activity of the proteins may lead to new strategies to protect women's fertility.

They focused their studies on primordial follicle oocytes,
egg cells which provide each woman's lifetime supply of eggs. Low numbers of these egg cells can also cause early menopause.