Ancient DNA Study Finds Phoenician From Carthage Had European Ancestry

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Female Meerkats Compete To Outgrow Their Sisters

Meerkats live in groups of up to 50 individuals, yet a single dominant pair will almost completely...

Scientists Discover How Supermassive Black Holes Keep Galaxies Turned Off

An international team of scientists has identified a common phenomenon in galaxies that could explain...

Out Of Tune: Mismatch Of Vascular And Neural Responses Suggests Limits Of FMRI

In an article published online ahead of print on May 25, 2016 in Nature, investigators at the...

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Around 27 million Americans have arthritis, three million of which began with a joint injury that provokes slow and steady cartilage deterioration.

A new study from MIT suggests that glucocorticoid dexamethasone, a steroid drug currently used to treat inflammatory diseases, could also prevent osteoarthritis from ever developing in those people if given soon after the injury.

Feel lazy?  Maybe you can blame your genes.

Specially-bred mice which had two genes removed, which control the protein AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), an enzyme that is switched on when you exercise, didn't want to run a ny more.

"Mice love to run," said Gregory Steinberg, associate professor of medicine in the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University.  "While the normal mice could run for miles, those without the genes in their muscle could only run the same distance as down the hall and back. It was remarkable. The mice looked identical to their brothers or sisters but within seconds we knew which ones had the genes and which one didn't." 
People communicate in bursts. In communication, our behavior does not happen in a homogenous way over time, but rather there is universal behavior in which there is no communication, followed by short intervals, says a new study.

A new study analyzed around 9,000 million calls throughout a nearly one year period and identified  features of the communication process and attempted to quantify their impact in the diffusion of information.  
Everyone agrees what the LHC needs is more art.

Okay, no one actually thinks that.  What the LHC needs is to find a Higgs boson or a whole bunch of Europeans outside physics are going to be annoyed they spent $10 billion to find the "God particle" and will now be told 'we advanced science by not finding it'.   Most people don't think in terms of negatives, they think in terms of positives, so in a bad economy the political questions will be 'why did we spend billions of Euros to confirm the non-existence of something a lot of physicists didn't think existed anyway?'
The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL), a free, online collaborative tool, is expanded in its second edition released today, offering information on more than one-third of all known species on Earth.

EOLv2  has 20 times as many pages as when the first launched in 2008 - 700,000 today. The global partnership of 170 content providers behind wants to build a site with 1.9 million pages, one for every species known to science. 

Breast-feeding mothers are far more likely to demonstrate a 'mama bear' effect', aggressively protecting their infants and themselves , than women who bottle-feed their babies or who are non-mothers, says a new study in Psychological Science.

To help mama bear out, breast-feeding mothers register lower blood pressure than other women when behaving aggressively - the researchers say suggests breast-feeding helps dampen the body’s stress response to fear; breast-feeding mothers are more likely to be courageous.