Less Than One-third Of Adults With Depression Receive Treatment

NEW YORK, NY (August 29, 2016)-- New findings suggest that most Americans with depression receive...

The Brain Performs Feats Of Math To Make Sense Of The World

Even if we find it difficult to calculate complicated probabilities on the spot, our brains constantly...

Dogs Understand Both Vocabulary And Intonation Of Human Speech

Dogs have the ability to distinguish vocabulary words and the intonation of human speech through...

IPads As Effective As Sedatives For Children Before Operations

New research presented at this year's World Congress of Anaesthesiologists (WCA) in Hong Kong (Aug...

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A dynamic gel made of DNA mechanically responds to stimuli in much the same way that cells do. This DNA gel, at only 10 microns in width, is roughly the size of a eukaryotic cell, the type of cell of which humans are made. The miniscule gel contains within it stiff DNA nanotubes linked together by longer, flexible DNA strands that serve as the substrate for molecular motors.

We won't have artificial muscles and self-propelled goo just yet, but Omar Saleh and Deborah Fygenson of UC Santa Barbara feel like they have gotten a lot closer.

Blasting over two million lights years from the center of a distant galaxy, PKS 0637-752 is a 'supersonic jet' of material that looks a lot like the afterburner flow of a fighter jet - but in this case the jet engine is a supermassive black hole and the jet material is actually moving at closer to the speed of light.

This megaparsec, galaxy-scale jet has bright and dark regions, similar to the phenomenon in  afterburner exhaust called ‘shock diamonds.’ This new image of the previously studied jet reveals regularly spaced areas that are brighter than the rest of the jet in a pattern that echoes the way the afterburner from a jet engine has brighter diamond-shaped areas in its general glow.
Psychology of Women Quarterly, the scientific, peer-reviewed journal of feminism, contends that there are gender stereotypes in the media - photographs of men focus on male faces while photographs of women are focused on female bodies. Such "face-ism" is even more extreme in cultures with less educational, professional, and political gender discrimination.
57 percent of dietitians say nutritional success  only happens if people can indulge once in a while; in foods where taste is the priority.

A survey of 200 dietitians and attendees at the Food&Nutrition Conference&Expo on Oct. 6th-8th by online retailer FreshDirect determined that a majority of respondents said they would acquire a taste for anything that's good for them and like it, 65 percent admit to cooking or seasoning their vegetables to tolerate the taste.

The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has adopted a positive opinion, recommending the granting of a marketing authorization for BETMIGA[ (mirabegron) for the symptomatic treatment of urgency, increased micturition frequency and/or urgency incontinence as may occur in adult patients with overactive bladder (OAB) syndrome. 

The opinion now needs ratification by decision of the European Commission which is expected within the next 74-90 days. If approved, mirabegron will be the first in a new class of OAB treatment, offering healthcare professionals an alternative option to antimuscarinics (currently the only licensed oral treatment option) when treating patients with OAB.