42 Million Years: Central Asia Is Used To Westerly Winds By Now

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Study Explains Mechanisms Behind Glioblastoma Influence On The Immune System

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Paleo: In A Clinical Trial, Bread Made With Ancient Grains Could Benefit Heart Health

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Brown Adipose Tissue Can Secrete Factors That Activate Fat And Carbohydrate Metabolism

Brown adipose tissue – important for generating heat in the body- also secretes signaling factors...

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It's election day in America, which means by midnight up to 47 percent of the USA will have tremendous cerebral pressure and a conviction the country is ruined.

It's unknown why cerebral pressure in certain people suddenly increases but the consequences are better understood: The blood circulation is disrupted and after a while parts of the brain may die off, similar to what occurs in a stroke.  And dementia.
New single laser devices that are the size of a virus particle can also operate at room temperature. These plasmonic nanolasers could be readily integrated into silicon-based photonic devices, all-optical circuits and nanoscale biosensors. 

We're going to need ultra-fast data processing and ultra-dense information storage by the time Halo 8 comes to a holodeck near you, so reducing the size of photonic and electronic elements is critical.
Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the Universe, which makes keeping it in one place difficult. To tap its tremendous potential as a fuel, spacecraft must be able to store liquid hydrogen at extremely low temperatures and then feed it smoothly to rocket engines.  

When ESA was developing its hydrogen-fueled Ariane rockets, they got Austria’s MagnaSteyr to build tightly sealed fuel lines and double-walled storage tanks capable of trapping and holding liquid hydrogen and oxygen. Now MagnaSteyr has adapted the technology developed for Ariane to build clean-burning cars that can use hydrogen instead of gasoline for fuel. 
Did the flood waters from melting of the Laurentide Ice Sheet in the last major cold episode on Earth about 12,900 years ago flow northwest into the Arctic firs, or east via the Gulf of St. Lawrence to weaken ocean thermohaline circulation and have a frigid effect on global climate?

It's a debate that has gone on for decades but new, high-resolution global ocean circulation models claim to have an answer/  The researchers report that the flood must have flowed north into the Arctic first down the Mackenzie River valley. They also say that if it had flowed east into the St. Lawrence River valley, Earth's climate would have remained relatively unchanged.
At the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2012, a study showed that genetically engineered tomato plants produced a peptide that mimics the actions of good cholesterol when eaten 

In the study, mice that ate the freeze-dried, ground tomatoes had less inflammation and reduced atherosclerosis, plaque build-up in the arteries. 
An experimental device converts kinetic energy from beating hearts into electricity than can power a pacemaker, meaning the chance for no more batteries in the future, according to a talk at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2012.

The study is preliminary but a piezoelectric approach is promising for pacemakers because they require only small amounts of power to operate. Batteries must be replaced every five to seven years, which is costly and inconvenient.  Piezoelectricity might also power other implantable cardiac devices like defibrillators, which also have minimal energy needs.