AMSTERDAM, January 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- As of today Slidejockey launches a presentation tool to give presentations in a nonlinear way. A tool that creates a virtual wall for all your presentations. Slidejockey puts your presentations under your fingertips and makes way for interactive presentations. The presenter swaps his slides with his iPad to the screen. The audience can participate via their iPhone. With Slidejockey you sync all your presentations to your iPad and 'throw' your slides on a screen of your choice, draw on them and swap slides instantly.

Ben van der Burg, CCO Slidejockey: 'While most things in live became digital in our 21st century, presentations are still linear. A presenter goes from slide one, to two, to three, etc. A disc jockey plays his records depending on the mood of his audience, a presenter would also like to choose his slides depending on the mood of his audience. With Slidejockey the presenter can make the presentation much more interactive. Being the audience you can save the slides you like or you can influence the presenter by asking questions or send them direct to the presenter via their iPhone.'

'As a child I always wondered how David Copperfield threw a piece of paper in the audience, how a beautiful woman draws an arbitrary image on it and how Mr. Copperfield conjured the same image on a screen. With Slidejockey you can do practically the same. By using your iPad as the whiteboard, you can swipe the picture you draw on your iPad to your big screen so the audience can see the picture and react on it.' Van der Burg continues.

The Slidejockey application for the iPad is available for euro 4.99, the iPhone and the Mac application are for free. You can download them from the App Store ( or at See how it works on