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About Aubhishek I am Aubhishek Zaman, currently working in Professor Haseena Khan's Molecular Biology Lab in University of Dhaka. from the same university I did my MS in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in year 2012.

I wish to adopt a career in academic profession as a researcher. My research interests lie in molecular drug designing, gene therapy, cell signaling and cancer. If you are interested to know about my works please check out Research Corner and Curriculum Vitae sections for an elaborate overview. There you can also find out about several other works that I am currently pursuing. I have also authored two books. One of them- titled 'Drug Designing Approaches Using In-silico Techniques' has earned me notice in web forums and book review journals.

You can buy the book in Amazon via this link-

Apart from my studies, I prefer to travel around, debate,take photos, listen to music and write indiscriminately almost about anything. I have been linked to community services sporadically and that saw me appeared in some Leadership programs too.

My strong points are definitely my straightforwardness, dedication and perseverance and weak point is my restlessness. As a person I rate myself as an ambivert individual. To my close group I am very expressive whereas to a new community I am equally introvert. I am generally helpful and value friendship above all.

Like many others from this part of the world, I dream that one day my country will be free from hunger and disease. However, above all, I would fight till my last breath for a more rational and humanitarian world free of fundamentalism, racism, ignorance and illiteracy.

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