Yesterday, I wrote a post about how facebook is a rapid, easy way to spread misinformation and pseudoscience, and the difficulties in figuring out how to respond to pseudoscience when you see it. I wasn't specific about what triggered it, but I reached out to a few who shared the link and provided additional information, I placed a comment where I was invited to do so, and I flooded my facebook wall with information about facilitated communication.
We engage in wishful thinking all the time. Infomercials continue to exist because people continue to buy the products. Diet pills fly off the shelves because we want an easy fix. The HCG diet is popular because, of course, the weight falls off when you restrict your calories to 500 a day--drops be damned.

After marriage your well-being dips and after divorce it rises; after childbirth, relationship satisfaction stays permanently below its pre-birth level -– so says a meta-analysis of 2,159 studies, published this week in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Sound dire? It is. But keep reading – the reasons for these dips and rises give us married-with-children guys hope.

As a society, we Westerners exalt individualism and self-reliance, and yet our biology moves us in other directions. Humans evolved as social animals, and we posses a number of behaviors that motivate us towards group conformity. The feeling of wanting friends, of desiring a peer group, and of needing to feel like we are valuable members of that group is something we all can directly relate to, and we usually experience those feelings as a positive thing. Yet there is a bit of a dark side to our social nature that we might not notice, particularly because so much of its action goes on underneath the level of conscious awareness.
A randomized controlled trial showed that fear of flying can be cured independently of drug condition after 4 sessions of virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET).

The study introduced a new treatment for fear of flying. Research suggests that yohimbine hydrochloride (YOH), a noradrenaline agonist, can facilitate fear extinction. It is thought that the mechanism of enhanced emotional memory is stimulated through elevated noradrenaline levels.
"Humans are Social beings." ~ Wikipedia on the word "Human". Duhh!! As if we never knew that!! From the Monkeys, to the Apes, to the Neanderthals and finally to Sapiens, we are all Social beings. We Live as a Group, Hunt as a Group, Eat as a Group, F***, yeah sometimes that too, though I personally don't prefer so. Sorry about the inclusion of Not-so funny topic in a Not-so-serious post. 


Intelligence is a topic that has been discussed on this site recently. Defining and describing intelligence can be a difficult thing, there are no shortage of definitions. There are obviously levels of what we may call intelligence going all the way from bacterial behavior to consciousness and self awareness. I will write a series of articles on intelligence, starting at the level where organisms can learn, and call it basic intelligence. Asking whether simpler organisms or evolving systems of such organisms have basic intelligence is a valid point, however I won't go into that here.
If scientists could develop modelling system to predict the yield of a crop in particular area and time by calculating parameters of soil moisture, soil pH, rainfall, temperature range etc there should be some psychological method to gauze the mind of a voter or how to win heart of a voter in a democratic system by permissible means ? Perhaps its too early to suggest this but sooner or later this is going to happen that science will be able to read mind of person opposite to you.