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    Aitzaz, 14 Years, Hero
    By Tommaso Dorigo | January 10th 2014 03:01 AM | 3 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
    The 14 year old kid in the picture on the right was named Aitzaz Hasan Bangash. His name is a difficult one to remember for westerners, but that is a pity, because he ended his life as a true hero.

    Last Monday Aitzaz was lingering out of school with two friends in the small shiite town of Ibrahimzai, near the Pakistani capital Islamabad. Just before getting in they were approached by a 20-year-old who claimed he wanted to enrol to the school. The students realized that he was concealing a bomb and planned to blow up the school.

    While Aitzaz's two friends ran away, he instead chased the terrorist, and as he caught him the bomb exploded, killing both. With his act Aitzaz saved the life of many of the 2000 students in the school.

    Lashkar-e-Jhangvi group, a sunni radical movement, later claimed responsibility for the attack.

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    I'm sure, both people killed will be considered heroes by their camps... :-\

    It's very sad, but not quite new in human history, the people killed another innocent people
    just because of their religion (and fight for power of their leaders).

    Sponsored by Saudi Arabia.

    If Aitzaz had been in the military, his actions would have earned him a medal of honor. He deserves recognition and praise for his selfless sacrifice for his fellow students.