Farewell - I Quit Blogging
    By Tommaso Dorigo | April 1st 2011 05:32 AM | 45 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    This is my last post of my blog.

    I have decided to totally quit my blogging activities after the last incident. My participation in the scientific collaborations CDF and CMS has always been a problem, since whenever I discussed a topic here even mildly related to their business there was the potential of receiving heat from those colleagues of mine who believe that the scientific integrity of the experiment can be harmed by a blog post, or who imagine that grant reviewers be influenced by what is written by a collaborator in a private blog.

    If I look back at these six years of blogging, I can see that in the beginning life was much easier, but trouble arrived once two things happened: 1 - my blog became visible, i.e. popular, and journalists started to pick from it and call me for information; 2 - I started to write more about the physics results of the experiments. There has been a string of incidents in the past, which caused spokespersons to take action against me, colleagues to insult me publically and privately, and a series of other less than pleasant outcomes. But I tried to resist and dodge the bullets.

    For a while it worked, although in the more recent past I was finding myself re-reading two or three times every post before publishing it, to check whether I was breaking the "blogging rules" of the CDF and CMS experiment in any way. I was applying a self-censoring policy. This by itself should have made me quit, but stronger events have taken the decision off my hands.

    By the way, you should note that the blogging rules of CDF and CMS are the result of my activities ! (ok, this sounds a bit overstated, but it is actually a good representation of matters).

    After the last incident, I am forced to leave the scene. I can unfortunately disclose no more detail on this - as I said, I am not a blogger any more. Sorry, Hank.

    So with my last lines let me thank all of you who have followed this blog and contributed to its growth by visiting often and commenting in the thread. By now there are other good experimental physics blogs out there, so I do not think I will be missed after all.


    I have a better option: why don't you resign from CDF and CMS instead, and take up full-time blogging?

    Anyway, good post! You would have had a good chance to fool somebody, if not for the fact that EVERY physics blogger is running an April fool today... ;-)

    Cheers, Ptrslv72

    I am sorry to see you go.

    [Faithful to the principles of the Invariantentheorie, my comment is an April fool's joke whether or not your blog entry is one haha.]

    You will be very greatly missed, Tommaso!

    Fervently hoping that this is a joke...

    reading any news on 1 April is too darned confusing!!


    This is either a brilliant April 1st joke, or sad news...

    You have many I sincerely hope for the former, if not, well, .....good luck in your future!

    Dodging bullets has always been hazardous, but with a job like yours, par for the course, I'd have thought

    The title had me for a quarter of a second! :)

    It surely was not your own decision ...

    IDIOT, n. A member of a large and powerful tribe whose influence in human affairs has always been dominant and controlling. The Idiot's activity is not confined to any special field of thought or action, but "pervades and regulates the whole." He has the last word in everything; his decision is unappealable. He sets the fashions and opinion of taste, dictates the limitations of speech and circumscribes conduct with a dead-line.
    -- Ambrose Bierce, Devil's dictionary

    Thanks for all the interesting posts.

    Well, I see Tommaso hasn't weighed to resolve our confusion, so to me that means only one thing... Happy 1st April!

    I hope this is a April's Fool's Day joke.

    Mi dispiace, Tomasso....I miei genitori sono da Avellino. Di dove sei?
    Ok Ok guys, yes. This IS an April's  Fool post! I am NOT quitting blogging ;-)

    Lubos, ok - you are sorry to see me go, which means you would have preferred not to see me go - which does not imply I would be going or not; only that you are sorry to see me. I think this is an April fool on your part, since you'd be very happy to see me, I'm sure. I certainly would be happy to see you.

    Enrico, sono di Venezia.

    Cheers all,
    Whooh.  You had me worried for a minute there.   I would be really sad to see you go. 
    Science advances as much by mistakes as by plans.
    It's my impression that you have tried to construct a negation of a simple proposition but you utterly failed. It's kind of frustrating to realize that the Roman empire was producing some high-quality philosophical thought just two millenniums ago - but the Latin language has deteriorated into Italian and the Romans have degenerated into the Italian feminist gipsies who can't even figure out what is the opposite "sorry to see you go". So sad to look at the evolution of the human civilization. ;-(

    There's a rather well-selling book in the US, "Shit my dad says", based on a guy's Twitter feed of things his dad would say that were outrageous.
    the Roman empire was producing some high-quality philosophical thought just two millenniums ago - but the Latin language has deteriorated into Italian and the Romans have degenerated into the Italian feminist gipsies 
    tells me a "Shit my Luboš says" book would also be a big hit.
    Just kindly notice, Hank, that I am the only cultural and decent person on your server who always talks about higher values, philosophical musings, and - in this case - ancient Roman scholars. It is the other people, starting with you, the webmaster, who always prefer to discuss things like, well, feces. It's a sign of an unlimited egocentrism for you to talk about feces all the time.

    Well, I am against feces on food and calling it okay because it's "organic" - surely I am not doing the world a disservice by objecting to feces in food?  And I endorsed the shit you say.   That's two cultural wins, right?
    That's two cultural wins, right?
    No, just one. Lubos talks organic shit. Do try to keep up.
    lol, good one as I expected, thanks Tommaso. Not as many charts and graphs as last year's, but very nice.

    Six years blogging? I heard this on Facebook the other day:

    "Blogging is so-o 2005. The new hot media is podcasts."

    Shrug, what can you do? Kids!

    Shrug, what can you do? Kids!

    Get a PS3, CoD (Call of Duty for the old folks), and get beat soundly by 10-12 year old with sailor mouths.

    Oh, wait that wasn't what you meant..........
    Never is a long time.
    A few April Fools' ago, I wrote Goes On Acquisition Trail, Buys and Tommaso saw through it by paragraph 2.   I am happy to report that in the ensuing years I have gotten to know him well enough I saw through it when he mentioned CDF.     Scientology slipping ads in on his articles, maybe, but pressure from others would just make him write more, we all know that.
    Bonny Bonobo alias Brat
    Tommaso it is imperative that you decide that this blog was an April fool day joke, please?
    My article about researchers identifying a potential blue green algae cause & L-Serine treatment for Lou Gehrig's ALS, MND, Parkinsons & Alzheimers is at
    Helen, see above. Yes, it was an april's fool!
    Bravo, Tomasso. Sei meglio di un pescatore Napoletano.
    ... pescatore Napoletano

    Io non capisco. Tommaso è la pesca come Napoleone?  ;-)

    Mi scusi. Forse il mio traduttore elettronico bisogni nuovi tubi a vuoto.
    Maybe so, maybe so Patrick.
    Translation of joke: He's from Northern Italy but he has caught more fish(with his April's fool's blog) than a Neapolitain fisherman.
    Horrified- I was about to write a lengthy post Tommaso pleading for you to reconsider, stressing how important your blog is etc. I don't even have a lame laugh left for a ridiculous April Fool's joke.

    Cheers Graham

    I check your blog every day and am glad to hear that it will continue. Happy April Fool's Day!
    Best regards,

    i could kill you. not really but...figuratively. but still. oh my, my stomach dropped and my heart sank. i was glad to continue to read the post to find that it was a joke. good one! but had me sick for a minute you jerk! :-) much love to the Dorigo's.


    Vladimir Kalitvianski
    You are leaving us without saying a word of an expert about my second atomic form-factor? ;-)
    Maybe he assumes your second atom form-factor is also an April Fool's joke?
    Vladimir Kalitvianski
    Although it was not in April when I first asked him this question, he said he was afraid to be fooled and escaped answering. It was not a joke though, it's a published but hardly known classical result.
    I was going to ask if it was something I'd said - but ...

    Nice one!  ;-)
    I'm glad it's an April Fool joke. I come from Theory, where the lunatics have long since taken over the asylum and it's reassuring to find that in some areas, i.e. Experiment, this has not yet happened. Having said that, I cannot, in all honesty, claim to understand everything you write, but I can normally get the gist.


    This one almost gave me a heart attack. It was a hard one indeed, but very well played.
    I am sure you know I rejoice in reading your blogs and I learn a lot from them, that's why I almost had this attack.


    It would be a serious blow to the armchair-blog-reader-science-buff community if you quit T.D.. I know I look forward to reading your posts, and your patient explanations of the events you cover, I prefer the April fools post over at Arcadian Pseudofunctor!

    Well, I'm glad it's a joke!


    Tommaso, I was hoping this would be an April Fool's tease. I'm glad it was since I would have been sorry to see you go, and so would lots of readers. Carry on.

    The Stand-Up Physicist
    I say good bye, and welcome back. I am not skeptical enough to catch any of these April fools day jokes. I was unable to install Gmail motion. Over at the blog Not Even Wrong, Peter Woit is taking about politics, New York, biking, and dessert. Notice that he has decided not to aggressively delete posts (good news for me since one of mine got cut, so now I only read, and don't participate).

    The part I liked best was that you, a blogger, would refuse to embellish the incident that drove you from your high position as a science blogger. I guessed that you were told by 2 people that the Higgs was spotted at 4.3 standard deviations to have a mass of 124.21 +/- 0.01 GeV. Since that is a palindrome, everyone would learn it quickly, and all of physics was basically known. If this is wrong, please repeat it anyway.
    Greetings Tommaso,

    Very convincing, that is even more so than if you having claimed that new LHC data just confirmed the existence of the Higgs or particles supporting super symmetry:-) More importantly however, I’m grateful it was all just a rouse, as I would have missed the increased luminosity you bring to such matters, along with other concerns;-)



    April Fools!

    I didn't buy this for a second, but that's only after reading another blog entry earlier that day, where the theoretical physicist guy told the world he'd quit physics and go into financial analysis. On that one, I *was* taken for a short while.

    OK, what would be really funny is if Tommoso made this post just before going on an extended Spring break.
    I have a dark, dry sense of humour sometimes.
    You are out there aren't you?
    or was your reassurence of the joke the actual joke?

    It's not a problem with your sense of humor Sphere, it's just that your mind is twisted ;-)
    Tony Fleming
    Dear Tommaso
    From the perspective of my own work, I am so pleased this is an April Fool's joke.  Good one , had me fooled there.  You see how much you would be missed by many and varied?

    sincerely Tony
    Tony Fleming Biophotonics Research Institute