Thank You America
    By Tommaso Dorigo | November 7th 2012 05:19 AM | 22 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    Today I feel as American as I've ever felt.

    I've lived there for a while, and of course as a foreigner I have many things I love and many I hate about this remarkable country. But today, Americans electing Obama as President for four more years send a message. They say that the attempts at creating a more just society, one where some basic rights of citizens are not ran over by the interests of big corporations, are valued by the American people just as some of us living in another continent do. 

    Of course anybody can disagree about the way Obama has led the country in the past four years, and anybody is entitled to their own opinion. However I think it is hardly arguable that the result of this election is a more united nation -if not in political views at least in intent-, one trying to fight inequalities rather than fostering them. So I am glad of this result, and anybody who deep inside  is not driven by selfish feelings should also be.


    Daniel de França MTd2
    I thought you were being serious, but then I read 'where some basic rights of citizens are not ran over by the interests of big corporations'. Haha! :D So, not all of them are not run!
    +1 :) I personally don't see the antithesis between Obama in power and the interests of big corporations.

    (And I was going to sign off here when unfortunately I saw a flashing advertisement talking about the rise of the unscientific left, a book by Hank Campbell I guess. Sigh. This site with the uncomfortable design that never changes, the uninteresting principal articles -I've never come across or read about it anywhere while surfing the net-, the strange attractor for uninteresting discussions, the only place that doesn't let me read it on an older mozilla version... I'll never understand... I guess I just have to learn to read T's posts without looking around and then straight to the address bar :p )

    I think it is hardly arguable that the result of this election is a more united nation
    Methinks perhaps you should wait for the fiscal cliff to be resolved/gone over in a barrel before making that call...

    We created the fiscal cliff to force them to compromise. The president has promised he will not punt this down the road and we can only hope he sticks to that promise.

    No one wants their sacred cows slashed equally, though that is certainly the fairness approach, so they will have to negotiate.  The president can't blame an obstructionist Congress this term.  Clinton got hammered in a mid-term election and still won re-election and worked with Republicans who were a lot more intransigent (Newt Gingrich and a whole lot of other conservatives too conservative for the party now, like Rick Santorum) so someone with Obama's people skills can do it too.
    Hang on now, am I being the cynical one while you are optimistic about politics?
    Being critical doesn't mean I am not optimistic.  I actually think this re-election does more harm to science as a neutral endeavor for the public good than it does to the economy, which will be fine.  The politicization of science in the last 4 years exceeded that of the previous 8 and that is not a good trend, Republicans just suck at PR so scientists still think this president is pro-science.
    Now that's more like it!  ;-)
    bunga bunga

    Wishful thinking, Tommaso, whisful thinking. Certainly seen from Pakistan or Afghanistan it does not make the slightest difference who runs the White House.
    Let's get back to science...

    And in fact I did not touch the issue of foreign politics, on which I agree with you that democrats and republicans are practically instinguishable.
    So I do not understand your comment about wishful thinking.

    In the most recent issue of The Economist, they endorsed Obama but not exactly with the greatest enthusiasm. They wrote,
    So this newspaper would stick with the devil it knows, and re-elect him.
    By the way Tommaso, before we get back to science, one more political tidbit. As you may have heard, Berlusconi, who makes any American president look like Jesus Christ, saw his party trounced in an election for governor of Sicily*. The anti-mafia Rosario Crocetta won....Maybe the world is changing!
    *Of course, the mob power-base is no longer in Sicily but in Calabria and Canada! I haven't see any anti-mob crusaders getting elected there.

    No wonder that Berlusconi's ex-party is losing ground. The mafia in Sicily is there waiting and watching right now. I do not take the elections there as a sign of change.

    The socialist american dream

    isnt this supposed to be about physics?

    It's his blog.  I just wrote about a James Bond girl. Stuff happens.
    No need to thank us, Tomasso. Re-electing President Obama and defeating the right wingers and the would-be oligarchs was a gift we gave ourselves. The struggle isn't over yet -- the big corporations and the obscenely wealthy remain very powerful here -- but the arc of the moral universe still bends toward justice in America, I am happy to say.

    There was a gift given, but it wasn't to people wanting to improve their lot in life.
    Never is a long time.
    Hi Tomasso,
    If only liberals took the House! They did get more votes nationally, but redisticting protected many conservatives.
    The main difference between democrats and republicans is that the former is more liberal while the latter is more conservative.
    This in contrast to the 1860s, when democrats were the more conservative. The southern democrats even referred to Lincoln as the "black republican".
    I recommend the Speilberg movie "LINCOLN" focusing on Linoln's effort to pass the XIII Amendment through the House.
    The language on the floor was mean with some liberal republicans referring to some democrats as "reptilian".

    good lead - I haven't seen the movie, will do.
    Idealizing a one-party totalitarian rule is the antithesis of democracy. The last time Democrats controlled all 3 branches was during Jimmy Carter, and people old enough to recall that don't want to go back. Redistricting actually added seats Democrats would not have gotten. I live in California, where redistricting reduced 36% of the voters to now 20% of Congressional seats.  I hope that manipulation has not suddenly become a liberal value - but California is progressive rather than liberal and manipulation is most certainly what the tyranny of the majority does here.
    Gerhard Adam
    Funny how democracy is defined as "rule of the majority" [Merriam-Webster] but becomes tyranny when one disagrees with that rule.
    Mundus vult decipi