Today I feel as American as I've ever felt.

I've lived there for a while, and of course as a foreigner I have many things I love and many I hate about this remarkable country. But today, Americans electing Obama as President for four more years send a message. They say that the attempts at creating a more just society, one where some basic rights of citizens are not ran over by the interests of big corporations, are valued by the American people just as some of us living in another continent do. 

Of course anybody can disagree about the way Obama has led the country in the past four years, and anybody is entitled to their own opinion. However I think it is hardly arguable that the result of this election is a more united nation -if not in political views at least in intent-, one trying to fight inequalities rather than fostering them. So I am glad of this result, and anybody who deep inside  is not driven by selfish feelings should also be.