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    By Tommaso Dorigo | November 9th 2009 02:49 PM | 6 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    Today, having little inspiration to write anything original myself, I decided to have a look at what other sites held by colleagues or friends are dealing with. I offer below a few interesting links, with minimal commentary.

    • Peter Woit is always more informed than anybody else, with more precise data available earlier than anywhere else, on the status of the LHC project. I advise you to keep an eye on his blog in the near future.
    • Jester reports on the closing of an important low-mass gap in the parameter space of the Higgs boson, this time made possible by digging out of its burial site the ALEPH data. 
    • Kea discloses that a paper she submitted for blind review got accepted for publication: this flies in the face of the troubles that the Cornell ArXiv site posed in the past.
    • By the way, she also discloses that she is applying for post-doctoral positions. If you have one to fill on a research topic close to her interests, I highly recommend her.
    • Marco Frasca has an interesting post on the running coupling constant in QCD. Not for beginners, though.
    • Marco Delmastro reports on the LHC sabotage by a bird with a baguette. You may have heard it elsewhere, but this one is in Italian. Plus, it's from Marco.


    Gee, thanks Tommaso ... you're a wonderful help, if my blog hits today are anything to go by. At 42, and having tried to be an honest Theoretical Physicist since I began working at the age of 15 ... I suppose I should look on the bright side: while waitressing for the next 10 years (if I survive), at least I won't have to put up with 'advice' from self confessed superior male academics.

    Hi Tommaso,

    Thank you a lot for pointing out my link.



    Thanks for your great job of promoting crackpots and their 5th class blogs so that their conspiracy and pseudoscientific theories are treated (at least) on par with serious science and they will never be discriminated again!
    I guess you need to include Lumo next time.   He sounds a wee bit jealous?
    Dear Hank, I am more upset than jealous. Jealous means to have a bad feeling about someone else's having something good that they have deserved. I am upset because what they are receiving is not deserved in any way. ;-)

    At any rate, I only picked Tommaso as a textbook example to make this point. It is just an academic exercise because his blog's impact is roughly 1 order of magnitude below mine so it really doesn't matter whether he would include me among his crackpot friends - which is a company I am not particularly eager to be at. 

    What matters is the overall intellectual atmosphere in these corners. And it's just not good because standards no longer mean anything.
    Lubos, you forced me to edit your comment. In general, I allow offenses to myself, but if you want to offend other people please use your order-of-magnitude-louder snake pit, I will edit them off of my columns.