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Despite the wide use of sentences beginning with a word ending in -ly  and despite the acceptance of such usage by people who know how language is used in the real world: despite these facts there are still some people who throw up their hands in horror at such "abuse" of language.  Having been taught no doubt by repeaters of that Latin-based snobbery which was once peddled as English grammar, such people insist that -ly words are adverbs and as such they must, must, must - on pain of death - modify a verb.  "Where is the verb?", they cry.  That is woo of the first water.

With the recent rescue of three young women in Cleveland, held for over a decade by a kidnapper, we are now subject to the useless speculations of the media.

Why the news media feels compelled to ask inane questions and foment greater misunderstandings isn't clear.
In light of some recent posts that have introduced an increasingly diverse set of viewpoint through music links, I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of music surfaces.  So, I don't have any specific criteria, except that whatever song you post it should be one that has somehow impacted your thinking, or been something you consider influential on yourself.

Perhaps it will introduce some new music to people, or help in conducting an informal study about what the general themes are that people post.

I'll begin with four that I have always felt were a significant influence [yeah ... today is a Rundgren kind of day].

Trouble Coming Every Day
Your Move

Your Move

May 02 2013 | 2 comment(s)

Last weekend I participated in a chess tournament in Mogliano. This year the event was not as strong a tournament as this used to be - only 24 players, two of them international masters.  Anyway there was room for fun, since the time control was of 90 minutes for the whole game, with 30 second increments per move. This fostered a livelier play with lots of blunders especially during the second half of the games: of course the quality of the games was low with so little time to think, and younger players were favoured with respect to older ones like myself.
Love: An Almost Scientific Investigation

What Is Love ?

If I could answer that long-standing question in precise scientific terms with error bars I would be sure to get a Nobel prize and lynched.
Content Is King

Whether writing or making videos, create content that will appeal to your chosen demographic and then make it fun.  Even better: present it in Dave's unique non-scripted overly enthusiastic style!
David L. Jones - inventor of the beesdick as a new S.I. unit - knows how to appeal to electronics aficionados almost everywhere.  I say almost because there are some who don't like the way he does what he does.  And the threat from one viewer to "beat him to death with a teaspoon" should have attracted the attention of Interpol.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is continuing its long-standing policy of defending dead animals by exploiting live human women.

Well, clearly it works, since I am giving them free publicity by hammering on their lack of ethics in my blog once again, but at least this time it is not about their being anti-science crackpots or killing animals they say they want to protect, it is about about their annual effort to make vegans sexy by objectifying attractive women in their Sexiest Vegan Next Door contest.
Why Science Needs Pete Williams

Way To Go Pete!

Pete "I dont want to be trending" Williams is currently trending worldwide on Twitter despite having tweeted very few times. The reason? He has proven to be very accurate in his reports on the Boston Marathon bombers.

Where others rushed to report any wild rumour, Pete Williams has applied caution, honesty and ethics to his profession, so much so that he has become the "go to" source for accurate information.
FBI Releases Images of Two Suspects

The FBI today released images of two males suspected of planting the Boston Marathon bombs.

Shortly afterwards the FBI website crashed, no doubt due to demand for these images.

As a public service I am posting the images in my blog and I encourage other bloggers to please do the same.  Copy from this blog if the FBI site is still down: there can surely be no copyright issues.

Let's all help catch these unspeakables.

If you recognize these scumbags, call 1-800-CALL-FBI

Apres un long silence

Apres un long silence, dont je ne chercherai pas a m'excuser,
j'ai le plaisir de vous communiquer ...

After a long silence, for which I will not try to apologize,
I am pleased to inform you ...

On the Electricity excited by the mere Contact of conducting substances of different kinds. 
In a letter from Mr. Alexander Volta, F.R.S. Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Pavia, to the Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Banks, Bart. K.B. P.R.S.
Read to the Royal Society June 26, l800