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    Well, he did it again.  

    The first thing you will be asking me is how Bloggy is off on another adventure with yet another blonde while I am stuck writing about it on the Internet.  It is a mystery of science.

    Yet the little Lothario is off indeed, this time at ScienceOnline 2010 with our favorite Science Cheerleader, Darlene Cavalier.   

    Bloggy at ScienceOnline 2010 with Darlene Cavalier

    If you aren't familiar with Science Online, it is organized by columnist Bora Zivkovic and 
    addresses a variety of issues and perspectives on science communication, including science literacy, the popularization of science, science in classrooms and in homes, debunking pseudoscience, using blogs as tools for presenting scientific research, writing about science, and health and medicine.
    For a full list of events (many are available to people outside the conference also) look here.

    So why is Bloggy there?   Well, Darlene needed a bodyguard, I suppose, and she just doesn't realize she will need a bodyguard from him.   But she is starting to get the message as this little mini-podcast attests:  (you need to click the little arrow if you want the inline player)

    And, since the football playoffs happen (for real, not that wildcard dreck) this weekend, she also hangs out with people like this, which makes him happy:

    Tomorrow is also supposed to be the debut of Darlene's newest venture,, which 

    will bring together the millions of citizen scientists in the world; the thousands of potential projects offered by researchers, organizations, and companies; and the resources, products, and services that enable citizens to pursue and enjoy these activities.   Think Craigslist meets in the realm of citizen science.   I think Bloggy will defect as soon as it becomes available.


    Bonus:  Science Cheerleader Darlene Cavalier gets some love from Penn&Teller!

    Gerhard Adam
    Hank, with these latest adventures, I'm wondering if Bloggy isn't simply going rogue on you.

    I thought I saw him the other day and got a quick picture, but I couldn't be sure .... what do you think?
    Mundus vult decipi
    Could be ... but there is fake California biker gang tough and then actual tough - Darlene Cavalier is actual tough. I hope Bloggy does not come back missing an eye or something.
    If he does, though, you absolutely must give him an eyepatch and dress him up like Snake Plissken. As if Bloggy didn't have a big enough ego, now we'll have to depend on him to save us from convicts from Haiti.
    "So, I says to him, 'what do you mean my wife is sleeping with a protoplasm!?'"
    you absolutely must give him an eyepatch and dress him up like Snake Plissken
    ... to feature in the new Hollywood blockbuster "Escape From Blogging."

    The president escapes from a crashing Airforce One by parachute, only to crash through the window of the offices of  Can Bloggy get him back to the White House in time for the state of the union address?  Will Bloggy get the Congressional Medal of Honour, or will there be a monumental cover-up?  Watch this space!
    It's certainly more tasteful than my "Escape from Port au Prince" synopsis, where Snake is vacationing on a beach in Haiti when the earthquake hits and it knocks down the prison walls and all the convicts escape, so he has to get out while fighting both criminals on one side and zombies and voodoo shamen and such on the other.

    I got dirty looks from people.  Too soon, I suppose?
    Gerhard Adam
    It could work, but you might need to add the arch-villain, Pat Robertson to control the zombie army.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Well, what did you expect, Hank? After all, Bloggy is now a Nobel laureate. To a lot of women that's very, very sexy. Look at what it did for Albert Einstein's love life! LOL : )
    Jonathan Eisen, UC Davis Professor and PLoS Biology Editor-In-Chief (and really, isn't that the one we read the most?), and Darlene Cavalier, Science Cheerleader and co-founder of, share the stage with Bloggy, who is artfully turned away from the camera, since I am pretty sure Darlene's dog bit out his eye.