Cosmos Ratings Are Not A 'Disaster' For Fox
    By Hank Campbell | March 17th 2014 08:07 PM | 13 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    The Drudge Report is saying that "Cosmos" ratings are a disaster and, I as I discussed in Is "Cosmos" Suffering From Unrealistic Expectations? the overnights showed numbers down from the premiere, but that is hardly a disaster.

    1) It's a science show. That a science show was on a prime time broadcast network - and took third place in its premiere - I would say is bordering on miraculous.

    2) The overnights for "Cosmos" showed more viewers watched it than watched either "Family Guy" or "The Simpsons".  "Family Guy" is, of course, "Cosmos" producer Seth MacFarlane's keystone program. Ordinarily it would be the lead-in and anything following would show some drop. Instead, "Cosmos" had more viewers than those longtime fan favorites.

    "The Simpsons" had just over 4 million viewers, Family Guy had almost 4.6 million and "Cosmos" was 4.91 million, down from 5.8 million the week prior. Yes, it was fourth this week. But Fox was fourth in every single time slot. A recap of "The Voice", so basically a repeat, got twice as many viewers as Fox did in its timeslot.  That can't be blamed on "Cosmos".

    "Bob's Burgers" - now that is a disaster. But it doesn't get on the front page of The Drudge Report every week when it is clobbered.

    Where "Cosmos" dropped was adults 18-49, to 1.9, which might make Fox a little worried. But it was the same as "The Simpsons" and there is no way "Cosmos" costs as much as "The Simpsons" at this point. They even had an advertisement for "Noah" on "Cosmos", you can bet that was found money.

    Plus, those numbers might go up. Once DVR views were factored in, the adult 18-49 rating for "Cosmos" last week jumped 33%, from a 2.1 to a 2.8. If a similar DVR bump happens this week, then suddenly "Cosmos" is number two in its time slot for the demographic advertisers prize most.

    And "Cosmos" is more of an international product than other shows it is competing with - it could get 3-6X its total viewers when international numbers come in, and that all brings revenue too.

    Some drop off is expected. Some people won't like that it is not the original "Cosmos", some people will think it is too much like the original "Cosmos", some will not like that militant atheists are using it to attack religion and think that is the point of the show. Some will think it is not complex enough.

    But analyzed empirically, it was a terrible night for most of the networks. All of ABC's shows dropped from the week before, and the NBC competitor to "Cosmos" plummeted 50 percent its premiere. In that light, "Cosmos" looks pretty darn good. 


    I think these ratings indicate that so many people love to hear about science but don't want the fine details. Consider that since the cancellation of StarTrek Enterprise their hasn't been any scifi on broadcast network TV. People like science and scifi. No matter how much Hollywood execs think all people want debased, least common denominator TV all the time ... we don't. The same public that clicks on Kim Kardashians latest booty pic, and loves Channing Tatums abs also likes Cosmos, and scifi.
    Science advances as much by mistakes as by plans.
    Cosmos perpetrates the Global Warming scam, a fraud that was fully revealed in 2013 when skeptics plotted the input data for the latest temperature hockey stick, seen in a single glance here:

    Viewers are not unaware of Climategate and its aftermath!

    So your argument is that it's doing fine because other shows tanked??'re going to need a better argument, one that's at least semi-logical.

    My points were clearly:

    (1) A science program is rarely going to surpass a ghost show.
    (2) Almost all shows dropped so why would this one program make the Drudge Report, when it wasn't anywhere near the biggest drop of the night and not even the biggest drop on Fox?
    its up against The Walking Dead, i dvr it. ratings will jump when walking dead is done in two weeks. Cosmos should of waited til walking dead was over to start.

    I would ordinarily be skeptical of that but a show that says Bruno was a martyr for science and that polar bears got white fur through natural selection may be watched by people who believe in zombies.

    But DVRs do count in ratings, they just don't show up in the demographic overnights that come out Monday morning. 
    More proof that Drudge is an ignorant piece of s****

    People who watch TWD do not believe in zombies idiot.

    Speak for yourself.

    That's a lot of justifying low ratings. 10 networks on the opening!? No wonder the expectations were high. Like it's some kind of epic showing and only 8 million saw it. That's sad.

    Never cared for the show myself. Wasn't nearly enough lasers in it to suit my fancy. But that's just me.

    too bad the host of the show is an arrogant atheist ... i probably would have watched it if he didn't try to preach so hard about is denial of God. So good luck fox next time try to make a show that is neutral at least ... don't choose an angry atheist as host.