Did Vikings Bring Native Americans Back To Europe?
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    It's common belief that Vikings visited Newfoundland, therefore reaching the New World from Europe before Christopher Columbus, but a new genetic analysis claims not only did Vikings visit North America, they brought natives back to Europe with them.  And had babies.

    The report in the latest edition of the American Journal of Physical Anthropology says researchers sequenced the complete mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) genome of 11 people with haplogroup C1, a lineage that was involved in the settlement of North America over 12,000 years ago, from four different families.   No problem, they moved there recently, right?

    Maybe not.   Carles Lalueza-Fox said, "But when family genealogy was studied, it was discovered that the four families were descended from ancestors who lived between 1710 and 1740 from the same region of southern Iceland. 

    "As the island was virtually isolated from the 10th century, the most likely hypothesis is that these genes corresponded to an Amerindian woman who was brought from America by the Vikings around the year 1000."
    The 'Icelandic' C1 is not one of the four known Native American (C1b, C1c, and C1d) or Asian (C1a) subclades of haplogroup C1 so they consider it a new subclade, C1e.  

    But it's still speculation at this point.

    "While a Native American origin seems most likely for C1e, an Asian or European origin cannot be ruled out," they write.

    Citation: Sigríður Sunna Ebenesersdóttir, Ásgeir Sigurðsson, Federico Sánchez-Quinto, Carles Lalueza-Fox, Kári Stefánsson and Agnar Helgason, ' A new subclade of mtDNA Haplogroup C1 found in Icelanders: evidence  of  pre‐columbian  contact?  American  Journal  of  Physical  Anthropology,  DOI: 10.1002/AJPA.21419


    Now we can rename Columbus day to "Murdering Spaniard Day".
    Columbus should be remembered for what he really is, a murderer, a thief and a liar.

    With proper spinning, anyone could be labeled that though I am not sure where you get your information.    You don't even get his nationality correct so it's no surprise you got the rest wrong also.  

    'Discovery' of America was always understood as something of a patronizing misnomer but that wasn't limited to Columbus.    Perhaps if the people who migrated here before Columbus had developed writing within 3,000 years after the rest of the world had, we would have some knowledge of what they were like.
    It was a reference to the stupid tradition of dedicating a special day to a murderer liar.

    I referred to him as a Spaniard simply because that's where the inbred little Portuguese prick lived and the flag he sailed under.

    He was Italian.   Like many people he moved where the jobs were.   There is no evidence of him being a murderer or a liar, beyond the extent that every civilization 500 years ago were murderers and liars, including the natives he found.
    I stand corrected on the location of little scumbags birth place.
    I've found that nationality doesn't really play a part in being a genocidal monster responsible for the direct murder of over 20 million people. (read up, it's easy just do a google search :-) Columbus rates up there with Hitler, and Pol Pot. There is NO excusing him, the time line is very straight forward. Columbus arrived, the South American culture declines to nothing, and what's worse they poisoned them with religion... the gift that just keeps on taking, kind of like a tape worm crossed with a blood sucking leech.

    Columbus the Italian was nothing but a monster of the first order. He had no honor ever.

    and what's worse they poisoned them with religion
    Okay, you got most everything about Columbus wrong and then tell me how easy it is to do a Google search to find 'evidence' that is written by people with a cultural agenda, then you insist the S Americans were wholesome, atheist natives before evil Christianity was introduced by a European explorer.    I am starting to think this is just a prank on your part.   Every culture in the America's had a religion, the S American ones most famous for wholesale slaughter of hundreds of thousands in ritual sacrifice.

    Why blame Columbus for every death that occurred after he arrived?  Why not go back farther and blame Caesar or Alexander the Great or Neanderthals?   I get that you hate Western civilization but it's no different than some Tea Party person with an irrational zeal for economics and no knowledge.
    Your right, the west is always best. I forgot my dose of Kook-Aid this morning.

    Who am I to put Columbus down, he was just demonstrating capitalism at its purest form.
    No restrictions, no nasty government oversights... Just rape pillage and then get a day named after you.

    You are soooo right, those nasty Indians only got what they deserved... nasty heathens....

    Gerhard Adam
    Sorry, but your rant is just off the charts.  If you want to level criticism, then at least be accurate in who your target is.  In addition, it's fairly obvious that you don't really know or understand the history of the Americas any more than other parts of the world.

    Columbus certainly wasn't the "savior" of a people, nor was he an unequivocal murderer.  To make the comment that "the west is always best" indicates that you aren't prepared to discuss anything, but rather you simply want your ranting to serve as information or twist things into sarcasm.  Neither does any service to the point you're trying to make. 

    In case you missed the memo, while I don't agree with many of the actions that various civilizations have taken throughout their histories, the REALITY is that they didn't behave any differently than any other people during periods of expansionism.  While that certainly doesn't serve as an excuse for many things that happened (not just in America), it also isn't an excuse to be intentionally myopic regarding how the world operates.

    You may accuse me of being pro_European and an apologist for Columbus, but be aware, that if you jump to that conclusion you will only have demonstrated how little you know.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Hank, you make me laugh! and it is okay because MOST of America believes the same way you do and don't want to believe that Columbus was a doushe bag. I don't blame you for believing the way that you do about Columbus. Your education on the matter was romanticized and skewed from the very beginning. Look at a book written for children about Columbus and look at those images that are put in your mind about this man. Heck, do a google image search for "christopher columbus for children" and It is no wonder that you and most of America feel the way you do! I mean seriously, those images are a JOKE! They almost depict the man as a god or some kind of saint. I guess the true story is a little difficult for children to understand, but you are an adult and it is 2010. You have information and people like me imploring you to see all sides of the story, you can gather a more complete picture of events and see why most Native people despise the fact that there is such a holiday. You don't have to agree, but get your facts straight...

    I will say that the remaining few Taino Indians will tell you that Columbus began the first slave trade. Since he didn't find gold or riches in the Caribbean (which is where he ended up), not America as some people believe, he loaded up the ships with Native people and sold them into slavery.
    Secondly, Columbus made three trips to this area. After the first "visit" to the Caribbean where these Taino people once flourished, they were pretty much wiped out by the diseases that Columbus and his men brought. By the second and third visits, the population was decimated. Awful accounts of his actions are well-known and documented by Columbus's own crew.
    Due to the interconnectedness of Native people from the Caribbean to Mexico to South America to North America, disease spread like wildfire. Population estimates of Native people in the western hemisphere number about 20 million when Columbus landed. By the time pilgrims and colonists washed up on the shores of present-day America almost 200 years later, there were about 1 million Native people in the western hemisphere. Can you imagine if 90% of the population were to be wiped out today? Can you imagine celebrating the person who started that awful chain reaction of events that would lead to such a catastrophic event happening?

    Hank, you make me laugh! and it is okay because MOST of America believes the same way you do and don't want to believe that Columbus was a doushe bag. I don't blame you for believing the way that you do about Columbus.
    What belief?  I wrote about s haplogroup and a moron with no knowledge at all of Columbus besides what he learned in some rant publication got a bunch of things wrong and then implied I am a shill for the Big Columbus industry if I correct his lunacy.

    Columbus, like everyone else in the world, did plenty wrong then - as I stated earlier, had the natives in the America's learned to write we would know all the things they did wrong as well.
    Hank you are so ignorant. The Natives did have a writing system and many other achievements along with that. Read up on the Aztecs, Mayans, Anasazi, etc. In order to conquer these 'savages', Europeans had to force natives to adopt European views and practices. Nearly all indigenous records were destroyed and those who attempted to keep record during the American Holocaust had their hands cut off. Columbus and his Men had no honor. They conquered because they had nothing to lose, since all their white friends and family were safe thousands of miles away in white Europe. This was not a fair war. Imagine thousands of strange grown men invading your country and as soon as you leave your house to fight, they enter the house to rape your wife and daughters and turn the children into dog food. All you blue eyed devils are gonna die. You have no friends in the world. I'm considering converting to Muslim just so I can personally harvest my owndog food with Hank's babies

    If I don't have blue eyes, can I still be a devil?    Thanks for writing the funniest comment I will read today.    
    Gerhard Adam
    Well, I guess you don't have blue eyes.  It is rather funny to see the reference regarding conversion to Islam and then harvesting dog food.  Yeah, I think I have a good idea of who the ignorant one is in this post.
    Mundus vult decipi
    No, no, you have to write 'converting to Muslim' ... it is much funnier that way.
    Gerhard Adam
    You do have a perverse sense of humor. 
    Mundus vult decipi
    All of you are being unrational. Yes Columbus, like all greedy men was probably a cold hearted pillager, but generalizing and calling christians devils. Calling white men a pest, is no better than segregation and racism because that is exactly what it is. Oh how evil this world has become.

    This is a very far fetched hypothesis. The researchers' claim that "the island was virtually isolated from the 10th century" is simply wrong. Movement of people from and to the island after the 10th century is well documented (both with the european mainland and with norse people living in North America). There is no reason to assume that this asian/indian ancestor would have been brought to iceland by "vikings" around the year 1000.
    However, the researchers of course want to put up a far fetched theory that gets their results into the mainstream press. The findings are interesting, but the outlandish conclusions drawn from the findings are not.

    What a bunch of Ignoramus idiots! You watched AVATAR admit it. The Aztecs were eating poeple and cutting people's hearts out. THe Anasazi likewise were cannibals. There's cut marks on the bones. I know the Aztecs, Inca and the Maya practiced child sacrifice and they also practiced slavery. The way I see it Columbus just had better technology. So don't give me that ignoramus crap about the noble savages. They are just people, conquering and savage as everyone else. The Vikings saw them as another tribe. So give it a rest nobody believes your crap anymore.