Eco-Feminist Dr. Vandana Shiva: Farmers Who Use GMOs Are Like Rapists
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    Dr. Vandana Shiva, eco-feminist - whatever that means - philosopher and environmental activist does not like that Mark Lynas has changed from being an anti-GMO crackpot, like her, to accepting science.

    On her Twitterfeed, which is chock full of lunatic rantings for the 17X as many followers of her nonsense as I have, she provided an extra-special treat for her acolytes: she said that allowing farmers to use GMOs was the same as telling rapists it is okay to rape.

    No GMOs are safe, she has declared with her awesome knowledge of philosophy. But she is on a committee with Jeremy Rifkin, who popularized the 'it takes a gallon of gas to grow a pound of beef' pretend metric that is one of the many goofball claims I debunk in Science Left Behind (with Dr. Alex Berezow, Public Affairs 2012), and Ralph Nader, so she must know what she is talking about regarding food science. 

    She also claimed for her PhD thesis that hidden variables and locality in quantum theory were explained by philosophy - philosophers love science-y jargon, as we all learned in the Sokal Affair - so physicists know to listen when she speaks as well. Now she has again let biologists know how stupid they are - nothing new, every crackpot tells biologists they are stupid - but also that they are like rapists.

    She is using emotional hyperbole, of course. That was a key weapon Lynas cited in his 5,000-word lecture on how he undermined GMOs.  Ironically, for a feminist she clearly loves plants more than she loves women, since she just demeaned and devalued rape victims - including the victim of a horrible crime that just occurred in her home city of New Delhi last week - but maybe she felt the analogy was legitimate because she hears about rape so often. It happens every 20 minutes in her city while she makes up nonsense about plants instead of trying to fix the problem. Strange behavior, for a feminist.

    'You are a rapist if you accept science' not all you can read on her Twitterfeed. You can also be treated to statements like "Plants also have integrity . We need to move from an patriarchal ,anthropocentric worldview to one based on #EarthDemocracy" (sic), which has meaning to people who are batty enough to pay any attention to what she says.

    H/T Becca Harrison via Twitter


    Would this make farming of plants slavery then--confining them in a space and making them produce for us? And killing them at harvest time...well....

    This is such a blatant attack piece, with no attempt to even be credible...typical. What Vandana Shiva has done and continues to do is work hard to keep the murderous monolith Monsanto and its attendant entities of Profit-at-any-cost from destroying any diversity we have left; from totally cornering the world's food; from destroying our topsoil.

    Sounds like this article came...let's see...from another planet? Or perhaps from the same type of folks who inhabit the Talking Heads arena: spew the vitriol, so those who do no research can believe whatever you spew. Sad.

    If you had the cure to world hunger, wouldn't you be flying banners? Blitzing the airwaves? DEMANDING that our food be labeled with this life-saving method? Let's get real, yes? No, instead, they pack agencies with all their own people, pay off the congressional whores who serve them, and find folks to write articles like this to demonize those who spend their lives working for the everyday person. This article is a very bad joke.

    P.S. To twist what she said like has been done, is well-worthy of someone like that fool Aiken. Stunning.

    What did I twist?  I simply took a screenshot of her own words on Twitter. Did she devalue rape victims with her childish attempt at emotional verbage?  Yes, she did.  So should you be defending that attitude or should you be getting her back on the path she should be on? If her statement is legitimate - that GMO farmers are like rapists - what does that make someone who trivializes rape? Something far worse.

    Mindless zealotry is exactly what you accuse scientists of but you are doing it for her.  I don't see how you can claim to be superior in your belief.
    > If you had the cure to world hunger, wouldn't you be flying banners

    It's called "capitalism". Check it out sometimes.

    Can assure you that Dr. Shiva and Mr. Rifkin are not on a standing committee of anykind. You think these folks organize? While humorously untrue, it shouldn't be included in your post.


    If Rifkin is not part of the International Forum on Globalization with Vanda any more, I have no way to know, but his bio in various places still lists him as an associate. You're completely forgiven if you forgot there was once an anti-NAFTA movement, since in hindsight it seems like that could only have been a problem on another planet. 
    Whoever wrote this article is beyond foolish and is actually a liar probably being payed by Monsanto or some evil corporation that stands to profit from poisoning us and mother Earth with GMO's!!! Karma will get his Hank Campbell, as far as actual truthful science it is apparent he Left it Behind long ago to instead speak only with scientific misinformation, and arguments that lie about organic and genetically modified foods...

    You left out 'environmental rapist', 'shill' and 'endorsed by Hitler and vampire babies'.

    You understand karma does not actually exist, right?  No magical deity in your agricultural religion is going to smite me for disparaging your cult.
    Wow, this is a new brand of ignorant for me on the internet, looks like i need to spend more time with some of you folks... Dr. Vandana Shiva is a nuclear physicist with a doctorate IN philosophy, so her knowledge OF philosophy and physics would be, um, awesome. Just because your brain cannot wrap itself around her thesis does not by default make her idea "wacky" it just means you are out of your area of expertise, or you are uncomfortable having your assumptions challenged.

    Right of the bat, please take the time to read the response to Lynas' litany of lies and deception there are more than 20 points of disinformation Lynas delivered and the press has been all too eager to gobble up without doing this old fashioned thing called journalism, like reporting that somebody said something is the news.... fact-checked and footnoted with peer-review published evidence...

    And let's substitute the term "Conservative" or "Christian" or "African American" for the time in your article you used "eco-feminist" and speak that dismissively and see how long it takes to turn your face red....

    Your understanding of Dr. Shiva's immensely influential and ground-breaking analyses could be sharpened in half an hour of watching interviews, don't even have to read. She speaks slowly and in simple sentences. Her analogy of rape is absolutely correct. You would need to be willing to entertain another world view, though, to see it, and before that you would need to recognize that your opinions are formed not by "facts" but by a specific world view.

    There is an excellent "debunking" of Lynas' disinformation campaign at the site above. You and your readers may want to know that Lynas' appearance is part of a PR machine kicked into gear in october 2011... It is funded by a biotech lobby group called EuropaBio (NO Lynas did not get paid to speak, his travel was covered, his byline written by the EuropaBio Sectretariat, his speaking engagements booked by the same trade organization, his talking points prepared by them, his interviews scheduled by them.... in their letter inviting further participation in their "Ambassador" program they stressed the need to maintain the appearance that the speaker and EuropaBio are completely independent, then go on to describe all the ways the Sectretariat will do all the work and the speaker simply needs to show up). Not that there is anything wrong with gathering up spokespeople- its the attempt to conceal that fact that is both painfully consistent and glaringly dangerous about biotech. Secrecy over transparency ought to concern you.

    In terms of your dismissing Dr. Shiva either due to your inability to grasp or entertain her insights or the company she keeps or her perspective, your dismissal does not render her ineffective. Dr. Shiva's institute in Dehradun has preserved over 700 varieties of "land race" rice; she works with hundreds of farmers across India to improve through science and local knowledge organic farm practices tot he point where she is able to deliver TWICE the nutrition per acre of monocrop systems, with NO pesticide, herbicide, fungicide or synthetic fertilzer "inputs" to speak of... Her tireless advocacy has helped protect drinking water, farmers' rights, womens' rights and the environment in India and abroad. What is your resume?

    It's interesting that no one in the anti-science food contingent dismissed the rationales of Lynas, starting with the entire Frankenfood nonsense, until he disagreed with you.  Now suddenly it is open season on his thought process.

    The 'he is chasing funding' meme is a little tired. It applies to 100% of organic and anti-science groups too.

    But this:
    In terms of your dismissing Dr. Shiva either due to your inability to grasp or entertain her insights or the company she keeps
    is actually pretty funny. I am sorry that I can't 'grasp' eco-feminist philosophy as well as her - and you.  And I further apologize that I can't see value in demeaning rape victims to make a political talking point.  I guess I am just not as nuanced as anti-science people are.