My Appearance On The Blaze Network
    By Hank Campbell | December 8th 2012 10:25 AM | 4 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    Last week I flew to Dallas, Texas to do a spot for a pilot program on The Blaze Network, started by conservative political commentator Glenn Beck.

    I had successfully managed to avoid television and instead took more than my share of radio interviews I could do in my pajamas, while my co-author Alez Berezow did the appearances on MSNBC, FOX, C-SPAN, etc. and invariably got insulted for it by people who never actually read the book. As a result, we had only done one radio appearance together (and that only 10 days ago) and no television.  But the folks at The Blaze really liked the book, so much they were willing to pay double the travel expenses and, since we didn't have any joint TV appearances, I got up at 4:30 AM and flew to Dallas for 3.5 hours, did the taping and then flew back.

    Why wouldn't I get a hotel?  I have talked before about this weird neuroscience glitch I have - though someone may tell me where I am going, I pay no attention until I am pulling up to the airport, and sometimes I even hear a different city.  Dallas was mentioned half a dozen times or more, yet mentally I heard 'Phoenix' and so I declined their offer of a hotel because Phoenix was a short flight.  Then the plane went to Dallas and so I rolled back in around midnight.

    When we got to their studios, they asked us to do an additional segment. The segment we flew there to do does not air until this weekend but the bonus spot aired that day and they sent me a clip I could embed here (the network itself, except radio, is subscriber-only).

    Stu and Pat are good guys with terrific senses of humor and the entire crew treated science like it should be treated - awesomely. And I thank them for showing us such a good time.


    Congrats. You guys are naturals.

    Great interview. Hank, you should use a screencap from that interview as your icon here. The "as seen on TV" Campbell looks much more serious and less cynical than the icon you're currently using. (3:50 in the clip would be a good frame.)

    Great performance, Hank! And decent behavior by the journalists also....:-)
    Bente Lilja Bye is the author of Lilja - A bouquet of stories about the Earth
    In the interview, I was hoping that Alex would mention the gender difference in the population of armpit bacteria, and the fact that women's noses aren't as easily fooled by stereochemical mimics of 3-hydroxy-3-methylhexanoic acid! :)