They Called Us Salisbury Steak? Oh, The Humanity
    By Hank Campbell | August 26th 2012 10:51 AM | 5 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    On-Cor Frozen Foods of Geneva, Illinois has the funniest product recall you will read today.

    Now, product recalls are not generally humorous. As Ian Froeb at Riverfront Times rightly notes, they are usually about serious stuff like listeria, E. coli, salmonella - and that is just in the organic food section. 

    On-cor instead is, the USDA states recalling 605 pounds of frozen boneless rib-shaped patties with barbecue sauce because they may have been mispackaged and labeled as Salisbury steak.

    Link and credit: USDA Food Safety Inspection Service

    That's food identity theft right there.  Froeb hits the homerun on this one:
    On-Cor is recalling frozen Salisbury "steak" (actually made from chicken and pork as well as beef) because the packages accidentally include "ribs" (actually processed rib-shaped patties).
    Well, you can bet consumers noticed their unidentifiable meat was in the wrong shape. See?  The marketplace fixed the problem, no pesky social authoritarians in California were needed to put arbitrary warning labels on everything and declare that meat parts shaped like steak may actually be meat parts shaped like ribs.


    Gerhard Adam
    Well, you can bet consumers noticed their unidentifiable meat was in the wrong shape.
    Well, if you wish to argue in that fashion, then I can argue that the only reason the consumers noticed that their meat was in the wrong shape, is because of the label on the package.
    Mundus vult decipi
    You're trying to introduce reason into a recall of meat parts shaped as a steak patty instead of meat parts shaped as ribs?  WHY??? It's isn't like anyone is allergic to meat parts in rib form but not patty form....oh wait, maybe that is a new thing.
    Gerhard Adam
    Well, I am. :) 

    For some reason, when I see meat shaped like ribs, I want to adopt it :)  It would be cruel otherwise.
    Mundus vult decipi
    Your confusion over what constitutes social authoritarianism continues. This is not social authoritarianism. It's economic authoritarianism. Liberals are social anti-authoritarians and economic authoritarians. Conservatives are the opposite. Get it straight.

    I am betting I know it better than you do.  Progressives are social authoritarians, no different than conservatives, just about different things.  Liberals I have no complaint with at all, but no one in that movement is a liberal, they just call themselves that in a fit of self-delusion.  Progressivism is plain old telling people how to think and live - the fact that you think only "The Other" does it is, ironically, compelling evidence you are afflicted.