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The scientific method was formulated in the absence of Google when you needed to carry a library in your head. Now a five year old can gain access to information that was once kept hidden behind cloistered church walls and institutions that only rich men (often only rich white Christian men) had access to.  Printing hard-copies is nearly obsolete as the rate of discovery is out-pacing the rate of publishing.  Who needs an encyclopedia set when Wikipedia is updated daily and includes discussions regarding data validity, and if you really want a hard copy you can compile your own pedia on Pedia press and have it printed for less than what it costs to buy your office lattes?! Who needs a journal subscription when many researchers share their data freely on their own sites?!
Disclaimer:- This text is not meant either to question God’s existence or Religious rituals or preach Atheism (if there is such a thing). No, on the contrary, I hope, if nothing else, then this text does glorify my own personal belief that there is one Supreme Power in an indescribable form – A Force that exploded the universe into being– A Force so strong that the universe continues to expand at tremendous speeds as an aftermath of an explosion caused by The All-Conquering Force……


17th Century A.D
DISCLAIMER: This blog is neither a letter by a child to his parents nor a path to become a scientist (simply because there doesn’t exist one…....or maybe there exist infinite ways of equal probability). It is just a description of the present scenario in India and other countries concerning science as a career. Also, the text may bear resemblance to the blogger’s life….

Recently I visited the Museum of Sex in New York City.  I took a few photos, mostly of robotics and/or cyborg related exhibits.  There was also a comics exhibit (I didn't bother taking any photos) which was somewhat interesting, such as Superman co-creator Joe Shuster's racy drawings, including some copies of Nights of Horror.

The animal sex exhibit was quite interesting also, including a large model of a dolphin inserting its penis in another dolphin's blowhole.  Anyway, some artist makes these weird models (and movies) of robots:
I enjoyed a drink one time with a fellow who was, even for science blogging, left of left.    I won't name names because it doesn't matter, he is a talented writer and a good guy but I always feel like he loves politics more than science and his persistent belief that Republicans/conservatives/right wing neo-cons/Nazis/(insert your favorite term here) are anti-science and progressives are not seemed rather odd.   But I have written about the Democratic War On Science many times.
science online 2011
Yesterday morning I peeked., just a small peek, at Age of Autism, and saw this: 
British photographer Graham Ekins snapped one of the rare photos of squid in flight:

"Capturing the flying squid is one of the highlights of my photography career," he says. I can imagine it would be!

The Essex reporter may have gotten a bit over-enthusiastic, though, claiming in the story about Ekins that
These flying squid use jet propulsion to leap out of the Pacific Ocean and soar up to 65ft into the air.
I was contacted a few weeks ago by Bruno Arpaia, an Italian jornalist, translator, and writer of several remarkable novels. He explained that he had just finished a novel, "L'energia del vuoto" (the energy of vacuum) centered on the LHC and the research in particle physics, and that he wanted to thank me for supplying a lot of useful information in this blog, from which he had learned a few details useful for the writing of the book. I was of course quite happy to receive such a compliment, and to be proven that sometimes this blog may be useful.
Lab rats generally don’t live pleasant lives. Some are infected with diseases. Some are exposed to radiation. Some are sucked nearly dry with ticks. But occasionally a rat makes it lucky and is chosen to participate in a study on pleasure and rewards, where the pleasure and rewards are sex.  

You might think, as I once did, that initiating rat sex would be straightforward.  Male rat + female rat = GO! And… mission complete!