Back On The Market

AUCKLAND, NZ – This week, I missed Wednesday.Normally, the perils of crossing the International...

Tall, Dark, And Successful

BOSTON, MA—“The trees are certainly shorter out here,” said Luke.The East Coaster in me bristled...

The Days Of The Dead

With Halloween just around the corner, storefronts, lawn ornaments, and general décor have adjusted...

Measuring Up To The Happiness Standard

By all accounts, my friend Lori has a fabulous sense of style. Plus, she really knows how to find...

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ST. HELENA, CA – It’s a fine Saturday, and the traffic lines up on Highway 29 as the day’s crop of tourists meander from vineyard to vineyard along the road that bisects Napa Valley. 

By year’s end, 4.5 million people will have passed through, sampling vintages from the state that grows 92% of the nation’s grapes and supplies 60% of its wine. More than 200 million cases of California wine are sold within the United States each year; a further 250 million find their homes abroad. California is the world’s fourth largest wine exporter, after Italy, France, and Spain.

And Napa Valley is at the heart of it all.