Holiday Card, 2013
    By Doug Sweetser | December 24th 2013 10:27 AM | 2 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    Another year, another card inspired by what I am thinking about in physics.

    Inside the card it reads...

    Time is not space,

    space is not time.

    Space-time is a marriage,

    complex and tense.

    In an empty Universe,

    time rotates into space,

    space rotates into time,

    but neither bends.

    With one particle,

    gravity causes a swing move:

    time grows, space shrinks,

    an exact inverse.

    Love is not life

    life is not love.

    Love of life is a marriage,

    rich and temporary.

    In an empty house,

    love looks for life,

    life looks for love,

    but neither connects.

    With one family,

    caring causes a maze of emotion.

    Love grows, life condenses,

    a complex harmony.

    The accompanying letter starts with some physics stuff...


    It was a rough year in a few ways.  I am fishing around for a new approach to gravity.  In last year's card, I needed to abandon an approach that had gravity working at the same level as EM because it was not consistent with the physics of spinning things.  What I am now investigating is something even simpler.  I understand why the even simpler approach that is in the technical literature has been rejected.  What the wrong simpler approach says is that gravity changes measures of time like it changes measures of distance: both go up or go down together.  As the card indicates, that is not true: one goes up while the other goes down.  What I am looking into is a twist to the simple approach that is consistent with that observation.  I will have to see if it pans out.

    Happy holidays. Good luck in your studies in 2014.


    As another look back on the year:
    I'm not sure what exactly changed, but this year after Henry's essay on seeing 'the big picture', you gradually seemed to become much more open to ideas and quicker to learn new things. Whatever caused your attitude/approach change, it is much appreciated. Thank you. I had been pushing this for a long time, but reading some of my old posts while looking for some old discussions (I wish these were easier to search), I see that my frustration often made me very harsh. So my 'holiday card' to you is an apology one. No matter my intentions, the execution was poorly chosen. The parable of the sun and wind comes to mind. I'm sorry for the harsh words and any stress they may have caused.

    I wish you luck in your learning adventure. Happy holidays to you and your family!

    The Stand-Up Physicist
    No worries.  Nature herself is both harsher and quieter than anyone else.  There are many things wrong with how we do gravity, and time will tell if we have to find new stuff (dark matter, dark energy, inflation), or there are issues with our math.

    The biggest change for me is not doing a blog every Monday night.  That was a valuable way for a while, it its time is done.  Despite my established track record, I still have hope.  It was a happy holiday.  Good luck to you too.