The “Om” from you tube is profoundly pleasant. I agree with the traditions, thoughts and expressions presented here. Obviously based on Sanskrit’s from Buddhism and Hinduism I still agree with the content while technically labeling myself a practicing Christian. To some this may seem ironic if not hypocritical. Unlike many, I have never thoughtfully felt a conflict with the obvious clash of some radically interpreted fundamentals within these belief systems. While the majority of believers in these respective religions or philosophies towards life would argue against me, I see the similarities as the ultimate truth. At the very least a common goal of trying to make sense of the world.

I have had a theory which is undeveloped but involves applying science to the above. For example the “Om” video states “all creation begins as a vibration” and different vibrations manifest themselves into reality as different objects, things or even thoughts. There have been strong correlations between science, religion and philosophy for years. But I think we are entering a new understanding of why this is the case. Let me take the opportunity to point out this is not scientology nor is it new age thinking. I, as others, have and are trying to find a common ground with these age old ideas of our place in this vast universe and our latest understanding of it through science. In doing so we are never disappointed when keeping an open mind. Contempt prior to investigation will lead to dogmatism and simple ignorance. It can be stifling to the mind and soul weather you are a priest or a scientist. In quantum physics it is proposed in string theory that all subatomic particles are made up of tiny vibrating strings. While I am simplifying these ideas for the reader one does not need a PhD in physics to understand many of its concepts. The equations are as elegant as the philosophies that preceded this new found knowledge. But how could it be that pure science would unravel the mysteries of nature that compliment the concepts of philosophers, mystics, monks etc. from thousands of years ago.

I could provide much better examples of such similarities in Science, Philosophy and Religions given enough time. As a matter of fact I am know there is are many books written on the subject. The evidence of commonalities between these approaches to understand who we are, why are we here and where are we going is extraordinary to say the least. I submit this is no mere coincidence. While I cannot factually state there is a divine providence behind this conjecture I am not ruling it out either. But it could have something to do with we are a product of nature form the most complex to the most simple form. Therefore we have no choice other than to observe and interpret reality (or nature) as it is for there is no alternative. We are wired by the very thing we are trying to describe therefore influenced by it, an element of it and simply a product of it. This wiring or genetic predisposition of humans will always and ultimately lead us to the same convictions I’ve mentioned above. This may sound as if I am taking the romance out of our story. But in actuality it may be the beginning of an even deeper understanding of the ultimate truth and reality of our very existence.

More later…….