Mother’s Touch Formula claims to be all of the stuff that the anti-science community loves; prebiotic, probiotic, Non-GMO, whatever.

The problem is it also claims to be FDA approved, and that is a lie.

Ignore the weird schism in culture that people who buy holistic goopy nonsense think FDA and most science is a Vast Corporate Conspiracy while seeking out scientific legitimacy, this stuff is fraudulent.

Alternative Medicine Proponent in Chief Bill Clinton did exempt a whole lot of products from FDA oversight, because his constituency then embraced folk medicine and hated vaccines (they flipped on that vaccine stuff last year and now supposedly support them), and that is why supplements and organic food are huge industries leveraging the placebo effect. Yet being exempt does not mean you can claim FDA approved you.

FDA has not. And never will, because they lack the stuff needed to get approval. So not only will your baby not get proper nutrition, it may get toxic amounts of other things FDA worries about.

They do have supplements, maybe they thought that allowed them to call themselves responsible infant formula. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (ARA) are fine supplements, but the demographic that opposes naturally vitamin-fortified rice for brown kids in poor countries endorsing supplements in formula for rich white elites is shockingly hypocritical.

And Cronobacter being given to infants is never a good idea. FDA is worried about that from the company also.