In 1994, President Bill Clinton listened to his constituents who said Big Pharma was a corporate conspiracy and instructed the FDA to waive away any real control of the alternative-to-medicine industry. Unless they will kill someone, as long as the $35 billion industry writes a tiny disclaimer noting that there is no scientific basis for their claims and that therefore FDA doesn't agree with any nonsense on the label, they could be set free on a gullible public.

Dr. Mark Hyman, one of the Four Horsemen of the Alternative, was pleased that his future "patient" did all that for those who think powder made from endangered species has magical properties. It's Big Business now.

It can still be risky. Most of the time this overpriced garbage is just a placebo but when it does do something, it is invariably because it has been adulterated with known products. That all natural erectile dysfunction pill either does nothing or it illegal contains viagra. There is no middle ground.

Throw it in the garbage. And since I am stuck underwriting your health care, stop being so stupid.

Diet pills are a similar scam. When they aren't a scam, they are dangerous. That's the case with Nuez de la India (e.g. Nut Diet Max brand.) They call it nice stuff like “botanical food for weight loss, it comes from Asia and American alternative medicine believers long to think Asians have some secret that actual science is suppressing, It's not Indian and it will only cause weight loss due to the vomiting, diarrhea, and hospital visit you may need because it is actually a toxic plant from Mexico; yellow oleander.