Only recently it was hard to imagine a game in which people compete only with their minds. Today, you can play it. At the end of this year Mindmower, the first biological Internet game, goes into beta testing.

Players fight against each other not with joysticks, but with their minds.

A device connected to the fingers, deciphers the player’s physiological parameters and sends them to the server. Your thoughts have a key influence on your avatar and the course of the whole game.

This will be a real-time game, in which one can compete with people from all over the world.

The game is based on biofeedback principle, first worked out in NASA laboratories. At that time, biofeedback was applied in medicine, then in psychology. Recently it enjoys new applications as a tool for psychological sportsmen training and, in home version, as a method for brain improvement. There have been some computer games, thanks to which the player, through the course of play, acquires the skills of focus, motivation or relaxation.

Want to join the beta? Go to on December 25th.