Arrive at your In-Law's unprepared at Christmas and you may find yourself sitting in someone else's living room, unable to get to the remote control, and nothing but "The Wizard of Oz" on the TV.  Not that that could be bad (the movie), we're just saying.

A good majority of us end up away from home for at least one night staying with relatives. Like anything in life, Christmas is what you make it. So when packing your overnight bag for the festive season make sure you take enough entertainment of your own.

Here are our top survival tips to make it through Christmas:
1. Pack a book. Michael Parkinson's autobiography at 412 pages should take a couple of days even for the most prolific reader.

2. A stack of DVDs is obvious for Christmas entertainment. Mamma Mia is likely to be the most watched Christmas DVD this season so avoid putting that one in your bag.

3. A laptop and a 3g card (because then you can avoid asking what the WiFi password is).

This is so you can be first in to start selling your unwanted gifts on PlayTrade and eBay.

4. An MP3 player, but you won't get away with those bright white headphones, so swap them for super discreet black skullcandy ones. Avoid funny audio books, just in case you laugh at the wrong point during the Eastenders Christmas special.