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- Innovative NTRadmin Bots Make IT Easy to Automate Daily IT Tasks

From the enterprise to SMBs, NTRadmin - NTRglobal's software-as-a-service (SaaS) for automating IT tasks, monitoring, diagnosing and securing hardware and software assets via remote control - is doing more than simplifying the workload for IT.


NTRadmin and its Bots are game-changers for the business side, which is trying to save money and increase efficiency, and for IT managers and staffers being asked to do more with less, said Luis Font, CEO of NTRglobal. Customers are using NTRadmin Bots to automate, monitor and conduct device and software inventories, install patches and upgrades, run diagnostics and shut off and power on devices. This reduces demands on staffers and virtually frees them up.

NTRadmin's Primary uses: - Remote control for single or multiple computers: NTRadmin allows users to control any Windows PC running with an Internet connection, regardless of location. Common problems are solved via concurrent remote sessions. Privacy tools are included and all communications are encrypted by 256-bit AES. - Remote power on/off over the Internet: NTRadmin enables companies to embrace green IT management by providing energy-efficient tools that help companies reduce electricity use and save money. - Online inventory: Administrators can constantly check hardware and software details, including the status of updates, creating a real-time picture of the network with a simple click. - File management: A centralized repository stores and distributes any file type across the network. - WAN management: Regardless of how complex or distributed the network, NTRadmin's WAN management tools control every computer.

About NTRglobal

More than 17,000 companies rely on NTRglobal to deliver enterprise-grade security and reliability for on demand remote support with NTRsupport(TM) for their PCs, servers and Windows Mobile devices and remote administration with NTRadmin(TM) to manage and automate their IT tasks. NTRglobal secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) features point-and-click administration, flexible integration and scalability, customization and robust reporting for 360 degree visibility and compliance management. Offering a superior customer experience with dedicated regional, NTRglobal applications are offered in 15 languages, including those with double-byte characters. All NTRglobal applications are hosted from secure data centers co-located around the world with fail-over capabilities to ensure robust performance and reliability.

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