SUNNYVALE, California, November 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Telegent Systems, the company that makes television mobile, today introduced the TLG1180, the world's first single-chip mobile TV receiver supporting ISDB-Tb and analog broadcast TV standards with an integrated H.264 decoder. The solution is targeted at handset manufacturers that want to differentiate their mobile devices with live, broadcast TV capability in Latin America and other emerging markets that have planned or are undergoing transition from analog to the ISDB-Tb television standard.

Addresses strong TV handset demand in Latin America

Latin America, along with Southeast Asia, is one of the dominant regions driving mobile TV growth. Analyst firm Techno Research Systems estimates that 31 million TV handsets will be purchased by Latin American consumers in 2010 and that this number will grow to more than 76 million units by 2014 for both analog and digital TV handsets. Gartner estimates that total handset shipments in the region will increase from 133 million to 144 million units during this timeframe.

Enables low-cost digital TV handset designs and lowers solution cost

The TLG1180 dramatically expands the types and price points of phone models capable of carrying digital TV with its integration of an H.264 decoder in the single-chip solution. This innovation enables ISDB-Tb to be added as a feature on low-cost phone platforms in which the mobile phone baseband processor does not have embedded H.264 decoding capability, which is the majority of baseband processors today. The solution's H.264 integration enables all video decoding to occur within the single-chip system, reducing power consumption, simplifying the design cycle, and reducing the overall solution bill of materials by more than 50% relative to designs that incorporate analog and digital TV and the H.264 decoder as discrete components.

Delivers broadest coverage to regions in transition from analog to digital television

The TLG1180's support for analog and digital television standards in a single-chip design also provides consumers with the broadest television coverage. Although the transition to digital TV has begun in Brazil, with commitments to ISDB-Tb from other countries such as Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Venezuela, analog TV will remain prevalent throughout Latin America for some time. The hybrid analog/digital TV support ensures that consumers will be able to enjoy the quality of digital TV where it has been deployed and the broad coverage of analog in the regions where it has not.


The TLG1180 will sample to customers in calendar Q4 of this year and is the first in a family of ISDB-Tb mobile TV receiver solutions supporting different customer configurations and requirements.

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