On Water And Subsidence In Mexico City

Mexico City has the best hotel shower ever. I am not one to spend a long time in the shower, but...

Citizen Science Then And Now. Want To Play The Game?

Our cabin is situated in one of the most remote places in Norway. My family got the place in the...

World Biodiversity Day: Wetlands, Biodiversity And The Role Of Earth Observations

It is somehow ingrained in my body, I think. The appreciation of biodiversity. I know I love wetlands...

A Modern Explorer's Journey - Mobilizing Resources For Water Cycle Research And Earth Observations

New series of webinars on Earth observations and the water cycle – Check details at the end...

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Earth science expert and astrophysicist writes about Earth observation, geodesy, climate change, geohazards, water cycle and other science related topics.

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No, it is NOT a star! Several orders of magnitudes far from being a star actually. I am talking about quasars (quasi-stellar radio source) - often being described as distant stars. Oh, astronomers pain.

All men and women to the atlases!
I experienced the highest density of colleagues with background from astrophysics when I worked at the Norwegian Mapping Authority. Mapping seems like an earthly matter, per definition, but it never was and never will be. First of all our planet Earth is exactly that - a planet! So I say as an astrophysicist I do not discriminate against any of the planets, including planet Earth! Right now I focus almost entirely on this particular planet.
Our Earth observation capacity is growing. Not only are star satellite data providers such as NASA and ESA improving their high quality products, new economies such as China and Brazil invest parts of their new won wealth in remote sensing as well.
This is not a rainforest!

A story wherein I reveal resistant and deliberate ignorance.
Everytime I hear the word 'manhole' I think I have a hearing problem, or that my English is really, really bad. It sounds like a word I should understand, consisting of the two well known words 'man' and 'hole' , both of which give perfect meaning. The reason why I think 'manhole' is so weird, is that the combination doesn't give an immediate logical meaning. It is too ambiguous for that; a hole made for a man? or by a man? maybe even a certain hole in a man? For those of you who share my resistant linguistic ignorance, here is a picture showing what a manhole really is – so we all know what we are talking about in the continuing.