Environmentalists almost certainly cost Secretary Hillary Clinton the election and now they want to act as a violent alternative to President-elect Trump. President Obama had consistently sided with environmentalists over jobs - an example was the Keystone XL pipeline - despite science and smart policy and that came back to haunt Democrats, who couldn't get back control of the Senate, stayed a minority in the House, and now lost the Presidency.

On Keystone XL, State Department scientists, under Sec'y Clinton, had found no environmental  issue (it was, after all, 400 miles of new pipe among 20,000 miles of existing pipes) but President Obama vetoed it anyway. Some of that decision was politically practical; he had spent tens of billions of dollars on solar subsidies and wanted those to win to insure his legacy, which meant penalizing cheaper sources of fuel. Some of it was baffling in a more practical sense. Environmentalists were wrong on the science and there were high-paying union jobs to be had. Union members vote Democrat.

Regardless, the President sided with environmentalists over jobs and in yesterday's election 50 percent of union members instead voted for Trump. That's unprecedented. Granted, there aren't as many union members as there were 30 years ago, but while environmentalists trumpet their causes on surveys, they don't vote on them, they are voting for any Democrat no matter what. Not so with union members, where everyone from cops in New York to miners in West Virginia issued a rebuke to the Obama years that Secretary Clinton promised to continue. No one in 2016 was voting for or against a presidential candidate based on climate change statements or an official stance on GMOs, but jobs? Yeah, they vote on those. That's not to say science and health issues weren't important; at the state and local level food issues were certainly important. San Francisco passed a soda tax and Oklahoma rejected a "right to farm" bill. 

Those should all be considered wins for anti-science groups. Instead, they are acting like those supposed militias that mainstream media said were holing up in bunkers with assault weapons to start a civil war if their candidate lost.

President-elect Trump hasn't even woken up and Friends of the Earth issued their call-to-arms; "President-elect Donald Trump threatens our environment and we vow to fight him every step of the way."

Sierra Club wrote, "Trump better choose wisely, otherwise - we can guarantee him the hardest fight of his life every step of the way." 

Greenpeace was a little less over-the-top, stating, “Greenpeace and millions of people around the world have all the power we need to combat climate change and create a just world for everyone."

NRDC has yet to issue a statement but since their whole Action Fund was devoted to supporting Clinton and stopping him, we have to assume they won't be flattering in their appraisal of his outlook for them.

Environmentalists should be worried despite their eight years of success. They have been able to get their people hired inside EPA, inside the Department of Energy, and even FDA has hand-chosen winners and losers among journalists who agreed to use only government-approved sources. But those days may be done.