I now make 10 times more compost with 1/50 the work and energy compared with how I did it over 35 years ago, when I turned it everyday. I reuse or recycle everything I can, and picked up some field fencing someone threw away. I made a bunch of cylinders out of the fencing as large as I could easily move around. The most work and energy wasted is moving the compost. Put the cylinders where the future garden beds will be and layer them with small cut brush, organic material, manure, and dirt. Do this layer after layer , when they are done cover with dirt this will filter through the pile introducing anaerobic bacteria when it rains. Then walk away and leave it alone and do nothing with it. Start another and finish, and keep doing this, after awhile you will have 2-3-4 or more cylinders full. Now in a years time use the first one, and then the next and if you continue this cycle of building and using, you will have compost forever with the least amount of work. Thinking out the garden can save you lots of time, money, energy, making it a pleasure not so much of a chore. We love our garden and get all or produce except apples and citrus out of it, we water with free rainwater.