Let me introduce myself an environmental activist when I was young now older I am a scientist solving problems. I work every day in my field environmental agriculture lab. I am an expert in various fields, potato field, flower field, melon field just to name a few. OK that was a stab at humor, not only do I know my stuff I experiment hands on with practical applications. The humidity and heat has kick me back to the house where I now find time to share my findings.

Things are changing right now and we need to keep an open mind to new ideas that will solve problems and create opportunities. I have to be the luckiest man in the world I have come up with the solution for global warming, doubling fuel mileage, advanced systems, and one of my latest discoveries which will end world hunger and solve the carbon problem at the same time. I am just good at this it seems to be a gift, just falls in my lap and there it is. The more you know the more you will discover.

I am creating a 1000+ year super fertilizer out of charcoal. The process is simple, get yourself a burn barrel with an air tight lid. Make sure your barrel was used for food processing and not something toxic like petrol. Fill it full of brush and set it on fire, the smoke will be mostly water vapor as soon as it burns clear put the lid on and smother it. Wait a day take it to where you will be making your raised beds, dump and spread it in the bed on a bottom or lower layer.

Now for bit of the science I love: If you cut a tree and burn it produces carbon, If you let a tree die and rot it produces carbon. Basically it's the same amount of carbon. If you didn't know this it should be a revelation you have just increased your knowledge of the problem of carbon release to the atmosphere. Now if you take that same tree and create charcoal you have locked up the carbon and created a 1000+ year fertilizer. You have removed carbon which was going to the atmosphere and put it in the earth where we all can benefit.

Now I know some of you think your smart and would argue this, but you don't have enough knowledge you only understand what you've read or heard and that's old misinformation. I have field tested this and the yields are 5X compared to the compost beds. This is amazing! You have to try it, if your any type of gardener you owe it to yourself to create this 1000+ year fertilizer and start to solve the carbon problem right now.

Charcoal is used to filter water, treatment for poisoning, upset stomach, just to name a few applications. I believe if we worked it into chemically polluted farm land it would reduce the amount of chemical exposure which is responsible for some cancers.

Think about it 5x yield, 1000+ safe fertilizer, solution to carbon problem, and pretty much free. Brilliant.

Russell Ade


Environmental Agriculture Lab

Founder: Independence County Science Society