This is big! Scientist have been puzzled about the fertile land of the Amazon that has been producing for after 500 years since the original natives were decimated by the Spaniards. After analyzing the soil they discovered it was full of charcoal.

A little bit about carbon: If you burn a tree or let it rot or compost the same amount of carbon is released. But if you turn it into charcoal then work it in the soil you lock the carbon up! Producing fertile land for centuries! Can you imagine fertilizer for centuries! This is exciting.

A bit about charcoal: It is used in water filters to take out toxins. If you were poisoned one of the treatments is to take charcoal to absorb the poison. Charcoal is good for us and the earth.

In chemically polluted farm land charcoal added could possibly help clean it up. The charcoal helps slow bacteria from eating the nutrients supplying more to the plants.

If we could get all the dumps now burning waste wood and brush to create electricity with the heat from the beginning process of making charcoal and then producing a detoxifying charcoal fertilizer what an improvement for us and our planet.

If farmers here and across the world would employ this process it would be of great benefit to mankind and our planet.

You can make your own charcoal for fertilizer and improve the earth and your garden. Start looking at your brush piles and waste wood as the great resource it is.