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Best argument I have heard yet for aging research . . .
In a recent piece entitled Politics in the Guise of Pure Science, John Tierney asks whether scientists can be "honest brokers" on controversial and politically charged issues like global warming and climate change.  

Citing various instances in which he casts various scientific authorities as backpedaling on their own initial catastrophic predictions, he criticizes the role scientific authorities establish in the political community.   Among other things, he argues that scientists should acknowledge the promotion of their own agendas.   

Sending stuff into space requires it be lightweight and functional. And people seem to really like their lightweight, functional iPhones. But if we just sent an iPhone to Pluto, it wouldn't be able to do stuff. It hasn't the range or survivability. On the other hand, using the DSN to transmit data to a New Horizons-sized PDA isn't feasible either. But why am I making these silly comparisons?

Dr. Henry Throop of SWRI started it. He made an interesting comparison of the iPhone versus the New Horizons mission to Pluto, as part of his PPT on "The New Horizons Geometry Visualizer: Planning the Encounter with Pluto" at the IDL User Group (Oct 16 08). To this I added some cost figures. Here we go.

The Paleontologist community in China and around the world are all aflutter over a recent find in the Erlian Basin of Inner Mongolia.   

Known more for its heavy oil potential and favorite export - pollution, northeastern China is the preferred stomping ground for the savvy petroleum geologist.

As a complete aside, it also boasts the prettiest portion of the gene pool, or so says one of my stomping friends having explored much of Asia. So, h
ome to pretty women today and, as it would seem, an enormous bird-like dinosaur some 70 million years ago.

Fancy that.

We're 54 days into the International Year of Astronomy, and what better way to celebrate than to peer at the heavens through your very own Galileoscope? Orders begin shipping in April.

Until your telescope arrives, grab a pair of binocs and check out the Green Comet. No, not a new summer blockbuster superhero franchise, but the comet Lulin. (I assume Bruce Willis and his team are standing by in case NASA calls.)

Sunshine, salt air, the bark of seals and... fossils await for those lucky enough to beach comb the fossiliferous shores near the fishing community of Sooke on Vancouver Islands' southwestern edge.
Energy technology is not only the next big thing but it also is attractive in being leveraged on real science and technology.  ET presents potential for real social, political and environmental change.  Bail out or innovate?  Transformational investment is the only way out.  Amidst the debate regarding the stimulus plan, Thomas Friedman is a voice of truth, vision and clarity.  
A few months ago I did a bit of thinking about gravity from a different angle.  I asked the question... How would the equations of classical General Relativity look if Planck Units were used.  Let me make it clear I am not not talking about the Planck Scale.. just the use of it's units at the classical scale.  Of course anywhere near Planck Scale Quantum effects dominate.  I have already written a book about that.  "Quantum Space-Time Dynamics"