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La Bonne Vie?

La Bonne Vie?

Apr 14 2009 | 0 comment(s)

According to the World Health Organization, China and India have the highest suicide rates in the world.  Surprisingly, La France, the supposed home of la bonne vie has a higher suicide rate than dreary England and the morally depraved United States.
C'est la vie?
That question, specifically, is: "What if a cuttlefish attacked an octopus?"

And the answer can be found here.  It's a pretty amazing video.

Given Scott Adams' history of being confused by the whole intelligent design/evolution debate, I'm curious to see how his simplistic understanding of evolutionary psychology leads to Dilbert not getting laid, again.

Grizzly! We reach the end of Babcock Lake, the sixth body we will cross in completing the Bowron Lake circuit, we get prepared for our next portage. After packing up, I get my camera out to take advantage of the angle of the sun and the eroded rounded hilltops of the Quesnel Highlands that stand as backdrop.

A fierce debate is in progress. Human slaughter or natural demise....

Giant beavers, oversized ground sloths, and huge armadillo-like creatures all disappeared within a couple of thousand years — a mere heartbeat in geological terms. Was it just hard living on cold ice or were humans to blame for this massive loss? Scholars hotly dispute whether or not we were solely responsible for these extinctions. We certainly played a role.

This time I am going to have to declare an interest before starting. Autism Speaks is not an organisation I particularly favour, for the most part because of the nature of their publicity and advertising, which is not what I am dealing about here.

I have to acknowledge that Autism speaks do have a lot of money and influence which is why it is impossible to talk about the ethics of autism research without touching upon them somewhere.

Happy Birthday to you, the sweeties who don't even eat cake! I am honoring here three sweet ones. One that just turned one today. OK I don't even know her but she must be sweet like all baby girls.

The other is Barbie who is 50 this year. She surely does not eat cake. She allegedly keeps her figure by not eating.

Until a few months ago, the only connection that I was aware of between archaeology and Lego was the fact that I like both of them. But apparently other people do too.

I recently played the Lego: Indiana Jones game for Wii. The point of the game is to re-enact all three classic Indiana Jones movies (please, the Crystal Skull belongs in the same place as the Star Wars episodes 1-3: in a galaxy far, far away, or in a tomb deep underground where no one can see them). Playing Lego Indiana Jones with a bunch of archaeologists is even more fun than watching the movies with a bunch of archaeologists.

In the game you get to re-live all your favourite parts of the movie, and the cinematic scenes are sometimes shot for shot reconstructions: