We are alone. Life as we know it will end. There is no god. There is certainly no pre-established meaning of life. Then again the previous statements could be wrong.

February 6, 2009 dates the FDA announcement of a new class of drugs made in living organisms altered by scientists as producers instead of chemical factories. ATryn signifies USA's first approval for a biological product made by genetically engineered (GE) animals. A therapeutic protein, ATryn, is derived from the milk of goats that have been genetically altered by introducing a segment of DNA (called a recombinant DNA or rDNA construct) into their genes for the animal to produce human antithrombin in its milk.



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Reality is deceptive. Life is all lies. We all live in subjective states of existence. One man’s truth is another man’s oppression. There is only one thing that is truly universal in life and that is the human need of empowerment.

The qualifiers of this universal principal are the different levels of empowerment. This is the secondary universality and it is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. From there universality breaks down and qualifiers spread to each individual and beyond.

Finding Evidence Without An Eyewitness

Hi, my name is Bernie Horvath, I am the author of The Home and School Science Activity Books, Volumes I and II. My goal today is to demonstrate by simple experiments that we can prove that things exist without seeing them. You just have to be looking for evidence and ask yourself some questions. Did you ever wonder how a person could be convicted of a crime when no one saw them commit the crime? Your first thought may be fingerprints, which is an excellent idea. What if the criminal was wearing gloves? Hmmm! In a science reference book, you can find this information:
  • 1. Heat makes molecules move farther apart
  • 2.  Heat makes molecules move faster

Following the earlier discoveries of Hypervelocity Stars (  HVS )   (Warren Brown Harvard cfa et  all ),  massive search programmes  revealed  some 19 HV `s  and  counting,   and more recently  this  search revealed  low mass White Dwarfs.*

The December '08 issue of symmetry magazine (http://www.symmetrymagazine.org/pdfs/200812/dec_2008.pdf) presents an interesting article about the benefits of particle physics research to society from an economic, social and education perspective.  

The ripple effect of basic research in physics such as elementary particles has driven development of technologies as far ranging as grid computing, superconductivity, cancer therapies and of course the World-Wide-Web.  Many of these breakthroughs might never have arisen under an incremental approach motivated purely by a corporate bottom line.  
We had an exciting two hours back when the STEREO solar telescope satellites were first launched. The first summed image of several hours of first-light data showed a clear distortion in one of the ten SECCHI detectors. Doom! Tragedy! Can we compensate for it?

It was almost like the sky was a bathtub draining to the lower left. All the light warped and bended in that direction. Opinions varied as to the cause... was it a bad CCD, misalignment of the scope, or satellite pointing issue? Was that detector totally FUBARed? Could it be saved!?!?!
Show Me The Science Month Day 10

A pressing grant deadline is going to keep today's evolution blog entry short, but the find is no less spectacular than yesterday's fetal proto-whale fossil. A group of researchers has discovered the fossil vertebra of the largest snake known to date. At an estimated 13 meters (about 42.6 feet) long, this monster, named appropriately Titanoboa, lived in tropical South America about 60 million years ago.
22 January 2009 marks a new day on the EPA watch according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO):