What exactly should they do when a despised English monarch is found under a provincial car park?

He wasn't buried under a car park, of course.  He was buried in a monastery, which was disbanded by King Henry VIII when he created the Anglican Church so he could get a divorce.  Richard's story came at the end of the War of the Roses, he was the last Plantagenet king, so the people of York think he should be buried there.  A minority contends he should be moved to London to be with his wife but Leicester is saying they should keep him where he has been for more than 500 years.  Reburying him as a Catholic is far less controversial today than the potential tourism money.

Will a new war break out over his remains? Richard III would be delighted. DNA results won't be available until December so there is still time to speculate what will happen.

Tug-of-war over king Richard III's bones By Agence France-Presse