Mars Feels The Sun's Angry Wrath Too
    By Hank Campbell | October 27th 2011 10:57 AM | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
    Ol' man Sol doesn't just screw with Earthlings.  Earth got "epic" geomagnetic storms during the last few days, allowing southern states to see the Northern Lights, and now Mars is on the list.

    But Mars does not have Earth's protective magnetic shield, it has more like small umbrellas, and a much thinner (100 times thinner) atmosphere, so if there are alien critters hanging out on Mars, waiting to use their Green Lantern rings to steer Comet Elenin into Earth (or prepping an attack for December, 2012) they are not going to be happy.

    Giant solar eruption for them Sun. Credit: NASA

    Mars Feels Sun's Wrath By Ian O'Neill, Fox News