Obama Blames Republicans For His Cancellation Of Keystone XL Pipeline
    By Hank Campbell | January 18th 2012 08:59 PM | 3 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
    At first, President Obama sided with science and smart politics - the Keystone XL project, a 1,700  mile pipeline from Alberta to the Gulf Coast that will produce 700,000 barrels of oil a day and employ over 130,000 people in construction and management jobs, could go ahead.  Environmental studies done by scientists in the administration showed no substantial harm and these were union jobs, an important liberal constituency.

    But then anti-science environmental activists, progressives rather than liberals, went nuts - apparently Energy Secretary Steven Chu's Nobel Prize only counts when he is wasting money on Solyndra and 11 other failed 'green ' energy companies and not on science they happen not to like.  Again, Obama went with the smart political move and delayed a decision - he needs every vote he can get and while union employees wouldn't vote Republican over blocking a jobs program that doesn't cost the government billions, environmental progressives would likely stay home in November if they were annoyed.

    Republicans apparently didn't want to let him play both sides; they demanded a 60-day decision.  Ostensibly so people could have jobs in a moribund economy but also to force his hand.  Result: he has canceled it outright.

    His kind of funny rationalization; it's the Republicans' fault.  Yes, the president is trying to spin it so it looks like he loves Big Oil and the environment and Republicans don't like either.  It's sort of silly, but not a surprise. Presidents have been doing this stuff for over 200 years.  Get used to another 10 months of it but it's the 130,000 people who would have had these jobs that suffer while politicians play games.


    About time we put an end to Obama

    I think he started to do well in 2011 - he had some bad luck and then some missteps likely based on hubris.  His leadership in Congress is more of a problem; when he had a huge victory they immediately told him they were not some rubber stamp Congress just because he won; and then they immediately started losing seats due to it.  Like Clinton, when (well, if) he dials down the arrogance and TV appearances ridiculing the opposition, he may do okay.  The last time a Democratic Congress and President did well together was World War II so the modern kind clearly do not function well together.
    With the last election he ever faces behind him and no need to placate the anti-science contingent in his electoral base, Pres. Obama has decided this latest environmental impact statement - which concluded nothing any differently than the others - is solid science, meaning we are a step closer to Keystone XL being approved. So much for the science not being settled when he had a campaign to run.

    Activists are still going to rant about it but they rant about everything - he is making unions happy and more jobs are not a bad idea. Sorry environmentalists, a few hundred miles of pipeline in an area that has 20,000 miles of pipeline is not killing the planet.