"Up" In Real Life: Jonathan Trappe Wants To Take Helium Balloons Across The Atlantic
    By Hank Campbell | November 9th 2012 11:00 AM | 2 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
    If you haven't seen the movie "Up", you should.  It's a cartoon but it tells a more authentic love story in a three-minute montage than every Katherine Heigl movie combined.

    And it has inspired a 2,500 mile trip for Jonathan Trappe. The only thing keeping him up? 365 helium balloons.

    Balloonists have wanted to cross the Atlantic for decades but there is a 'demon in the air' and five have died while no one succeeded. Trappe got attention flying across the English Channel so he is crowd-sourcing the funding for this new, much more expensive endeavor.  He also expects to set an altitude record in the process - 25,000 feet up.

    'Up' adventurer plans flight across Atlantic with 365 balloons - Telegraph


    My prediction: Darwin will be proved right again.

    Well, Darwin is misunderstood. Natural selection favors survival of the fitter, not the fittest.  He just has to be smarter than 365 helium balloons so he has a head start, we can assume.  He's also carrying a wetsuit and his basket is a lifeboat, so he is already fitter than other people who have tried.