Why That New Year's Resolution Is Likely To Fail
    By Hank Campbell | December 27th 2012 09:50 PM | 5 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
    In western civilization, New Year's Resolutions are a big deal.  A new year means a new opportunity to meet goals - and losing weight is a popular one.

    But do they work?  People binge like crazy during the holidays and heavy people were not eating moderately before that. So dieters are already in the hole, weightwise.  And eating less food is hard.

    Writing at Policy Mic, Cameron English says 80% of all dieters fail to lose weight, and one-third even gain additional weight but their health loss may be psychology's gain.  The big question they want to address us: Why is willpower so useless when it's most needed?

    Why So Many New Year's Weight Loss Resolutions Fail by Cameron English, PolicyMic.com


    Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, they gorge themselves on delicious but unhealthy holiday food.
    What is all this supposed unhealthy food people are gorging themselves on? Are they really eating worse food and eating more of it?
    He must be talking about fruitcake, no one eats it any other time of the year.  I eat summer sausage and those cheese logs.

    I saw him a few months back and he had lost weight, which is pretty much enough to write a best-selling diet book.  I think I am going to write one on swamp cabbage. I asked a lot of questions about that when I was in Florida recently. I am sure that diet would make me lose weight.
    and those cheese logs.
    Do you mean you eat woodlice (sowbugs)?  Around Reading the local name for these crustaceans is “cheeselogs”.


    Robert H. Olley / Quondam Physics Department / University of Reading / England
    It reaffirms my belief that most English food west of London is based on a dare. But I mean these delicious treats:

    No, no I'm not. Fruitcake is arguably the worst food ever.