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    Mayans Upset at Blame for 2012.
    By Alex "Sandy" Antunes | October 13th 2009 06:34 AM | 7 comments | Print | E-mail | Track Comments
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    Okay, the world is not going to end in 2012.  The source of this info?  The Mayans.  The living Mayans.  You didn't think all that's left is stone tablets, did you?  In that AP news report, a Mayan Indian Elder named Apolinario Chile Pixtun, among others, gives the straight scoop.

    One.  It's not the end of the world

    Two, the supposed stone that dates an Apocalypse in 2012?  It's with some stones that cover events in 4772 as well.  So if there is a Mayan Apocalypse, it's, umm, a non-apocalyptic one.

    And three, my favorite quote from the article.  "But most archaeologists, astronomers and Maya say the only thing likely to hit Earth is a meteor shower of New Age philosophy, pop astronomy, Internet doomsday rumors and TV specials".

    Chile Pixtun, a Guatemalan, notes that the doomsday theories spring from Western, not Mayan ideas.  So read that article.  And, sorry to rain on your apocalypse, but it ain't gonna happen.

    2012 link.. is just another year.

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    Just as I thought.  The date in 2012 is just the turning of the Mayan calendar round to a new beginning in their calendar.  It is the end of a period known as 1 alautun about 63 million years.  Which is really interesting when you consider what else hapened about 65 million years ago in Yucatan no less.  It is this coincidence which makes people think 2012 will be a big date.  They ignore the error bars of give or take 2 Million years.  (Part of me likes to think that they somehow notice the subtle geologic signs of a big crater and somehow dated it then took this as a zero point for their calendar.  They Mayans were crafty but I don't know about that.)
    Science advances as much by mistakes as by plans.
    [HF] "They ignore the error bars of give or take 2 Million years. "

    I can accept that. Doomsday in 2012, give or take 2,000,000 years.

    Well, we have been through 2 million years already so it's only give.*  There are some scientist who think we are overdue for another big chixalub like impact on Earth.  So who knows.  
    *Funny that's about how long hominids have been on earth. 
    Science advances as much by mistakes as by plans.
    Gerhard Adam
    All these failures for the world to end are really messing up my plans.  Every time I think to get rid of all my possessions and just relax until the end of all time, the ultimate demise gets canceled.  How can one be confident in a future where even doomsday is an unreliable date?  :)) 
    Mundus vult decipi
    Hi Alex;

    Added a link to this post from http://2012hoax.org/links/

    Keep up the good work!

    Excellent, thanks for the link.  So we're a 'skeptical' site... cool!

    I'm pretty sure the Mayans lived further west than whoever you refer to as the originators of "western" ideas of the apocalypse (mostly derived from "middle eastern" religions I'd imagine).

    Unless you just mean Hollywood, in which case fair enough :-)