Large interest groups get medicinal plants collected from the fields and thus they endanger the plant species in natural conditions and many medicinal plants have come in the category of endangered plants due to their overexploitation. One possible answer could large scale fermenter culture of medicinal plants (Ashwani Kumar, Shikha Roy 2006 Plant Biotechnology and its Applications in Tissue Culture IK international, New Delhi; Karl-Hermann Neumann, Ashwani Kumar and Jafargholi Imani (2009) Plant Cell and Tissue Culture - A Tool in Biotechnology: Basics and Application Springer Heidelberg. Several people have asked through this blog which plants to grow in our area of land . They write they have land, water and money but they do not know which medicinal plants to cultivate for commercial purpose. Mr Arjun Prajapati grows sena patti ( Cassia sena ) among other plants and exports it from Jodhpur. People of Rajasthan collect Aloe vera and send it to Hayrana for processing. Rajasthan has tremendous potential for Aloe vera cultivation. One erstwhile thikanedar ( or small town king ) of Maharaja having enough land cultivated medicinal plants on large scale but he did not find buyers for his products as the roots of ashwgandha did not have enough secondary metabolites. Now following questions must be examined before undertaking medicinal plant cultivation 1. Type of soil, its pH, Ec of soil and irrigation water. 2. Local plants of medicinal value or availability and suitability of exotic plants to local conditions. 3. Proper timing for sowing and harvesting 4. Market potential 5 .Quality control 6. Government regulations for export 7. Management practices. Plant drugs are largely secondary metabolites and their production is inversely proportional to plant growth China and Korea export more crude drugs than India A better management system has to be evolved and international market should be assured of quality. Make survey study for agro technology and botany of medicinal plant before you plunge into cultivation. Medicinal plants are different . Try them they can get you money and reputation both.