Vaping Is More Popular Than Opioids Among Young People - And That's A Public Health Win

Too much caffeine is bad for you. It's very risk to buy powdered caffeine for that reason. But...

Predicting How Plant Species Might Respond To Climate Change

Though CO2 emissions have plummeted in the United States, as developing nations achieve prosperity...

For The British, Bans Increase Happiness

In 2007, there was a ban that increased happiness for married women, but not men, according to...

Making Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Treatable Again

Transport proteins called efflux pumps, and their role in creating drug-resistance in bacteria...

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Researchers have developed a cloud-computing platform,  the RoboEarth Cloud Engine, that allows robots connected to the Internet to directly access the powerful computational, storage, and communications infrastructure of modern data centers for tasks and learning.

This continues their work towards creating an Internet for robots. The new platform extends earlier work on allowing robots to share knowledge with other robots via a WWW-style database, greatly speeding up robot learning and adaptation in complex tasks.

Research and Markets has released its "Life Science Research Tools Market Size, Growth and Trends 2006-2016" report. 

Viruses and genes interact in a way that may increase the risk of developing schizophrenia significantly - even in a developing fetus, according to an international team which scanned the genomes of hundreds of sick and healthy people to see if there is an interaction between genes and a very common virus, cytomegalovirus, and to see whether the interaction influences the risk of developing schizophrenia.

And it does, they concluded.

Women who have been infected by the virus - around 70 % have - will see a statistically significant increased risk of giving birth to a child who later develops schizophrenia if the child also has the gene variant. This variant is found in 15 percent.

The risk is five times higher than usual.

Scientists met this week in New York to discuss recent scientific evidence regarding abortion as a form of growing violence against women and girls. Indiscriminate practice of abortion is correlated with coercion, a history of sexual abuse, violence during pregnancy, intimate partner violence and with psychological consequences that may lead to suicide.

Who says you can't go home again?  Not evolutionary biology. Well, sort of. There is a supposition with the proper name of "Dollo's law" which states that evolution is unidirectional and irreversible and once an organism has evolved specialized traits, it can't return to the lifestyle of its ancestors. It hasn't really caught on.

If you've shaken your head at MTBE or ethanol, you know we do a poor job of projecting the real effect of energy sector alternatives accurately.  Advocates are happy to make up numbers but that doesn't work as well after four years of government-funded alternative energy optimism.