'Dirty Blizzard' Sent 2010 Gulf Oil Spill Pollution To Seafloor

Scientists working in the Gulf of Mexico have found that contaminants from the massive 2010 Deepwater...

Sorry Social Psychology, Mating By Education Level Not Affecting Genetic Make-Up

We've seen increasingly bizarre claims from social psychologists and advocates with confirmation...

Family History Is Why One Third Of Children Have Higher Levels Of Cardiometabolic Risk Factors

A new study published in Diabetologia finds that children with a strong family history of cardiovascular...

Wind Turbines On Galapagos Meet 30 Percent Of Energy Needs

Though wind energy is not viable everywhere, there are places it can work. The Galapagos Islands...

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In August of 2011, Hurricane Irene hit the Caribbean and and then traveled up parts of the eastern United States, bringing widespread wreckage in some places and, thanks to threatening midtown Manhattan, even more media coverage. The Category 3 storm whipped up water levels, generating storm surges that swept over seawalls and flooded seaside and inland communities. Some hurricane analysts suggested that Irene was a “100-year event”: a storm that only comes around once in a century. 
There's a joke that goes when a man gets married, his wife changes everything about him and then complains he's not the man she married.

While it isn't entirely true, the sentiment goes both ways. So if your significant other makes a romantic effort this Valentine's Day, give them some credit for trying instead of remembering all the ways they have let you down. 

A new Northwestern University survey/study says that the more you believe your partner is capable of change and perceive that he or she is trying to improve, the more secure and happy you will feel in your relationship. That is true even if you think your partner could still do more to be a better partner.
A Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute clinical trial showed that treating heart attack patients with an infusion of their own heart-derived cells helps damaged hearts re-grow healthy muscle.  Patients who underwent the stem cell procedure demonstrated a significant reduction in the size of the scar left on the heart muscle by a heart attack. Patients also experienced a sizable increase in healthy heart muscle following the experimental stem cell treatments. 
You've heard or at least read about the pledge of the United States Postal Service: "Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds."  Well, that was before government workers had a union because today they quickly note that unshoveled snow, icy sidewalks, or snow plowed up against mailboxes are all exempt from that credo.
You know it's true.  It's common sense.  Continue to exercise and you will have a better life. Muscle mass will decrease as you age unless you stop it but 12 weeks of training geared towards improving muscular power in older people were shown to be highly effective for improving their functional capacity and quality of life, according to studies carried out by the Biomechanics and Physiology of Movement research group at the Public University of Navarre.
In time for Valentine's Day, researchers have determined which champagne glass size will give drinkers the optimal experience.