Could Growing Internet Use Inspire More Democratic Uprisings?

COLUMBUS, Ohio - While events like the Arab Spring brought hope that the internet could inspire...

Human Early Visual Cortex Subconsciously Resolves Invisible Conflicts

Our visual system is constantly bombarded with complex optical information. The input information...

World's First Successful Artificial Insemination Of Southern Rockhopper Penguin

DNA tests have confirmed that one of the three southern rockhopper penguin chicks born at Osaka...

What Happens When You Steam A Planet?

The media often imply that the goal of the hunt for extrasolar planets is to find a rocky planet...

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36% of post-menopausal women who are treated for estrogen-sensitive breast cancer quit using drugs that help prevent the disease from recurring after four years.

Why? The first study to actually ask the women themselves reports those women quit early because of the medications' side effects, which are more severe and widespread than previously known. A new Northwestern Medicine survey reveals a big gap between what women tell their doctors about side effects and what they actually experience.
Babies love to communicate and they're great listeners, even early on.  

New research shows that during the first year of life, when babies spend so much time listening to language, they're actually tracking word patterns that will support their process of word- learning that occurs between the ages of about 18 months and two years.
A common belief among club-going men is that women choose less attractive friends to make themselves look better. See this clip from that important anthropological documentary "Hall Pass" for context:

Not so, says a group of scientists who have observed the opposite strategy in the Trinidadian guppy, a species of small freshwater fish  - instead, the uglier friends are choosing the prettier females to avoid unwanted male attention. 

Cellebrite, a developer and manufacturer of mobile forensic solutions, has rejected claims in the recent WikiLeaks "Spy Files" exposé that it is among companies that develop and supply equipment to governments and dictators "to spy on their citizens via mobile devices and computers." 

 The WikiLeaks page referring to Cellebrite states, "The Spy Files (open) thousands of pages and other materials exposing the global mass surveillance industry."

A new species of horned dinosaur, Spinops sternbergorum, was announced today by an international team of scientists nearly 100 years after the initial discovery of the fossil.
Queue the 'life on other planets' media buzz.  NASA's Kepler Mission has discovered the first super-Earth orbiting in the habitable zone of a star similar to our Sun.