Brivaracetam In Epilepsy: Added Benefit Not Proven

Brivaracetam (trade name: Briviact) has been approved since January 2016 as add-on therapy for...

Vismodegib In Basal Cell Carcinoma: Added Benefit Not Proven

Vismodegib (trade name: Erivedge) has already been approved since 2013 for the treatment of patients...

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Genomic Study Tracks African-American Dispersal In The Great Migration

An assessment of genomic diversity in the United States of America clarifies the role of pre-Civil...

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Successful aging and positive quality of life indicators correlate with sexual satisfaction in older women, according to a report in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society which also shows that self-rated 'successful' aging, quality of life and sexual satisfaction appear to be stable even in the face of declines in physical health of women between the ages of 60 and 89.

The study used 1,235 women enrolled at the San Diego site of the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) study, an ongoing program funded by the National Institutes of Health which has addressed causes of death, disability and quality of life in more than 160,000 generally healthy, post-menopausal women since 1993.
The authors of a new study in Nature Neuroscience studied mechanisms used by the brain to store information for a short period of time. The cells of several neural circuits store information by maintaining a persistent level of activity; a short-lived stimulus triggers the activity of neurons, and this activity is then maintained for several seconds. The mechanisms of this information storage phenomenon occurs in very many areas of the brain.
A robot named MABEL was created in a University of Michigan lab but 'she' can run like a human, up to 6.8 miles per hour.

Unless HYDRA and SHIELD exist in secret underground lairs, MABEL is the world's fastest bipedal robot - with knees, that is.
Science, history and a little detective work?  Yes, please!  

Tony Lupo, professor and department chair of atmospheric sciences at the University of Missouri, and Mike Madden, a meteorology student,  pulled together bits and pieces of global meteorological flotsam to compile a Missouri weather forecast from 150 years.

They created their weather forecast for the Battle of Carthage, which took place early in the Civil War on July 5, 1861.  Why that one?  Well, they live in Missouri.
2007 OR10, nicknamed Snow White by the graduate student who discovered it because it would presumably be white due to breaking off from icy fellow dwarf planet Haumea, turned out to be red.

Well, it still turned out to be ice also but the surprise is it may have methane slowly dissipating into space, which means it may have once had an atmosphere.
A study on activity in a the parahippocampal cortex (PHC) found people will remember a visual scene when the brain is more active.

The PHC, which has previously been linked to recollection of visual scenes, wraps around the hippocampus, a part of the brain critical for memory formation. However, this NeuroImage study is the first to investigate how PHC activity before a scene was presented would affect how well the scene was remembered.