Ancient DNA Study Finds Phoenician From Carthage Had European Ancestry

A research team co-led by a scientist at New Zealand's University of Otago has sequenced the first...

Female Meerkats Compete To Outgrow Their Sisters

Meerkats live in groups of up to 50 individuals, yet a single dominant pair will almost completely...

Scientists Discover How Supermassive Black Holes Keep Galaxies Turned Off

An international team of scientists has identified a common phenomenon in galaxies that could explain...

Out Of Tune: Mismatch Of Vascular And Neural Responses Suggests Limits Of FMRI

In an article published online ahead of print on May 25, 2016 in Nature, investigators at the...

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Professional athletes suffer from sleep disorders more frequently than generally thought, however, systematic examination, counselling and individual treatment planning can improve the quality of their sleep. Published in the Journal of Sports Sciences, a new Finnish study clearly shows for the first time that systematic measures can improve the sleep of professional athletes.

The results of a new survey published in ecancermedicalscience indicate that a majority of oncology professionals believe that writing condolence letters to the families of deceased patients is an important component of cancer palliative care.

The study explored whether institutions should consider changing policies to raise condolence letters to a more official standing.

But because this practice is a personal grace note, it has rarely been studied or discussed. In particular, this issue hasn't been researched in the UK, where cultural practices surrounding grief are often private.

Amsterdam, May 19, 2016 -- Dirty laundry smells bad because of certain chemicals called volatile organic compounds, which can't always be washed out on an eco-friendly 20?C cycle, according to a new study in the Journal of Chromatography A.

Consumers' awareness of the ecological impacts of washing - the temperature of the wash and the detergent they use - is increasing, so it is important to understand why dirty clothes smell, in order to find the best way to clean them. The researchers behind the new study, from Northumbria University, say the chemicals they identified could be used to test the effectiveness of washing at different temperatures.

Neuherberg, May 19, 2016. One year after the introduction of the Bavarian pilot project Fr1da, the Institute of Diabetes Research, Helmholtz Zentrum München has published the first results in the BMJ Open journal. None of the 105 children who have been diagnosed with An early stage of type 1 diabetes have suffered from metabolic imbalance so far.

A new USC-led study identified a "sunscreen" gene that may help stave off skin cancer.

The researchers found that the "UV radiation Resistance Associated Gene" is a tumor suppressor for skin cancer, which is the most common form of cancer in the United States. Melanoma is the deadliest skin cancer. In fact, melanoma rates have doubled over the last three decades, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.